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Unread 01-04-2014, 08:12 PM   #1
Crystal Empress
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Quitting cosplay?

Right so I'm thinking of quitting cosplay because I think I'm not good enough for it, as usually I ask people I know and they're biased so I would like to know are my cosplays good enough? And should I keep cosplaying?
Here are some examples of my cosplays on my cosplay page on dA (and one on facebook):
These are all my cosplays and I want to know, are they good enough, should I keep at it?
Thanks in advance
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Unread 01-06-2014, 10:43 AM   #2
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Regardless of if you're good or not, you shouldn't quit!
Cosplay is a fun hobby, and it shouldn't be treated as a competition, but rather something you enjoy doing. Sure, there are elite cosplayers who do it for a living.. but how long have they been cosplaying?? Probably a very long time. If you want to quit, do it because you don't enjoy cosplay anymore, not because you don't think you're good enough.
I've only been cosplaying for a year, and although sometimes I get down on myself for not being as good as others, I remind myself that I'm doing something I love, and I have little cosplay experience compared to others.
I think you're a great cosplayer, honestly. And even if you don't think so, don't you at least enjoy dressing up as a fictional character you like?
Remember that it's not about being good.. it's about having fun. I mean it's cosplay for a reason Don't give up
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Unread 01-06-2014, 11:57 AM   #3
Yandere Chaos
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Never quit cosplaying because you feel you aren't good enough. This year will be my first year cosplaying, and I'm excited yet simultaneously beating on myself because when I get my wig, I'm afraid I won't look right in it. But my mom says I'll look great, and my mom is ALWAYS right. Lol! And if I really thought I wouldn't look good in the wig, I wouldn't have bought it. I know that I'll do fine because I'm really going to embrace my character.

Especially for a person like me who has TONS of goals and whose aim is to be the best, my appearance is important. But I know there are tons of people I'm competing with. And experts are NOT people you should compare yourself to. Just strive to be like them. Being the best in appearance is just a personal goal you can set for yourself as it shows you're simply determined to fully embrace (this is a word I use a lot nowadays -_- XD) the whole idea of cosplay. It's always nice to simply have fun as a cosplayer, but to want to improve as a cosplayer is even better!

I personally think, from the cosplays I see on your Facebook page, that you are a wonderful and beautiful cosplayer who seems to have a lot of fun being different characters. You don't know me so I can't be biased. And if I were really just trying to be nice, I wouldn't have typed this much. XD

But no matter what, the truth is: if you love cosplaying, then it's your universe and you own it! If you could repost or link the pictures not on the Facebook link, that would be great. Because I can't see them, but I really would like to.

Keep cosplaying!
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Unread 01-06-2014, 03:42 PM   #4
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...What? Why would you quit just because you don't think you're good enough? All you're doing is just dressing up in a costume. If you're having fun, who the heck cares about anything else? Honestly no offense, but it sounds more like you have to work on your self-confidence some more instead of thinking the issue is with your cosplays.
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Unread 01-06-2014, 06:18 PM   #5
a serious undertaking
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What is giving you the feeling that you're not good enough? Self-critique? Critique [often unsolicited] from others? No attention from others when you go to meetups or cons [that can make you feel invisible and crappy when you work hard on a costume]? Please explain so we can help you out!!

Sometimes it gets a little tough if you're not getting recognized or if no one else is asking for your photo- if you feel that's the case, then it's time to gather some friends and do groups! Groups usually get more attention as it's more likely to register in the average congoer's mind than a single character.

Your costumes look great, very recognizable. Maybe try to make friends with a photographer so you can have your hard work properly commemorated? I know that always makes me feel better. But seriously, don't quit unless cosplay has truly lost its spark for you.
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