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Unread 07-03-2015, 02:16 PM   #1
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Male Chest Piece-- Nux

All right all right. Hello everyone!

I want to make a Nux (Mad Max: Fury Road) cosplay, problem is I am female.

However, there is a point in the movie where Nux is wearing Max's jacket (just a jacket), so I was considering wearing that. I was thinking of doing the open chest binding with medical tape (but that will hurt, won't it?) but I'm afraid of a malfunction and then my boob popping out in the open (not an ideal situation)

SO I was looking about and I found this:
It's a latex piece made for bodyforms for Halloween.

Now... I was wondering if it would be possible to adhere this to myself (with spirit gum or what have you) since I doubt it would wrap entirely around my body but the jacket would cover any obvious seams and whatnot. And I figured it'd be easier if I had something I could apply to my body so I could put his scars on his chest there as well.. rue

Or would it just be better to do open-chest binding??

I'd love to hear all your opinions. c:
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Opinion: Instead of trying to crossplay a screen-accurate version - binding, chest prosthetics, bald cap, and all that uncomfortable stuff - do a feminized/genderswap version of the character.

One of my favorite performers just last weekend did a stage routine using this concept, and it worked really well and looked great. I can't link directly to the photos from here, but they're in an album on my FB fan page. Look for the album that says "BBB Cabaret 20150626 Sci-Fi", there are some posed portraits at the beginning of the album, and the photos of the routine near the end of the album (she was the last performance).
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I think that both could work, depending on how you go about it. For open shirt binding, here is an excellent tutorial on how to do it comfortably and safely. Please note the chest sizes that are capable of doing this without risk of injury and proceed accordingly.

For the prosthetic, anything with Latex is able to be adhered to skin. The problem lies in the fit of it. If it is loose in any way, it WILL come off as the day progresses, usually sooner rather than later. Spirit glue, which is the usual method of latex prosthetic assembly, can hurt and tear the skin even when applied over a small surface if removal is done incorrectly. You MUST have proper removal procedure and instruments/chemicals if you're going to be using spirit glue all across your chest, side, and part of your back.

The advantage of the prosthetic is that you can do detailed realistic scarring that can be adjusted and fixed with ease, and will stay on as long as you don't pick it off. The disadvantage only lies in the potential for the base piece to come off as you stretch, move, and sweat throughout the day, and the damage it can do to your skin, but only if you do not remove it with care.

The advantage of open chest binding is a hell of a lot less hassle with trying to make something stays on (I've never had an open chest binding wardrobe malfunction), breathability for your skin, and being able to adjust the scarring without potential damage to a base piece of latex. The disadvantages are non-permanency with the scarring, potential harm if you do the binding wrong, and possible wardrobe malfunctions. Essentially you just need to decide which you want to try first. If one doesn't work or is too time consuming, try the other!
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Yay! Mad Max cosplay!
Another alternative is to buy/make an airbrushed form fitted shirt that has the look of a male chest. Meaning this, Male Chest Suit Tutorial. I have seen a few shops around that sell similar things Male Airbrushed shirt.
So in essence with the muscle shirt you would just bind normally as if you were doing a regular crossplay (not open binding crossplay) to flatten your breasts and slip on the shirt, wala, manly torso.
As for the scars you could paint them on the shirt normally or if you wanted them raised paint them on using puffy paint, the puff paint will make a nice raised edge and should have enough give to move with you without cracking. (Note: If you paint the scars on with puff paint make sure the shirt is on you, a friend of similar size, mannequin, etc. Don't paint it flat or the puff paint may crack.)
Good luck!
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