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Unread 01-13-2013, 04:47 PM   #46
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Mine is kinda obvious. i've been in anime since i was 11. i just let go of the past. ^_^"
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Unread 01-13-2013, 09:30 PM   #47
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I'm on here as Quinzy, but my DA is QuinzyCobweb.

It's super deep. Like, super-duper deep. Ya ready?

So my name starts with QU, and I've been told I look like Minzy from 2ne1, so Quinzy. Cobweb is because when I made the username my basement (aka my work studio) had a spider infestation, so we had a lot of cobwebs everywhere.

See? Ain't that super deep? It's like, 6-7 feet deep.
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Unread 01-21-2013, 04:01 PM   #48
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I first saw the name Maegwyn in a book that I read along time ago (can't remember the title anymore) and I loved it. I once used it in a fanfiction. I quickly forgot about it though until my boyfriend started calling me Meaguin (Cause I'm is penguin and my first name is Meaghan). I liked the nickname but changed the spelling of it to what it currently is
~Proud to be strange
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Unread 01-21-2013, 04:12 PM   #49
That one cosplayer
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Was originally made for a comic that I was drawing based off real events. It was based off myself and friends and the villain of the major story was also a real person. I didn't know what to name characters so my friends wouldn't be internet prey so I started moving letters of our names in different orders. I came up with a system. The last 2 letters of the first name and the first 2 letters of the last name and put those together and I became Nagu online for a while. Sadly, that name was taken quite often so I decided to add the last 2 letters of my middle name Naiagu was born.

I tend to use it in games I play too and I like the ring of "Nai" or "Naia" when people talk to me. :3
Cosplay plans for 2014/15:
Ruby Alt Outfit..........Progress 100%
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Unread 01-22-2013, 08:05 PM   #50
Evil Midget of Doom
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I am 4'9" and when I was a kid I bit kids so everyone called me the little fairy piranha. It has kind of stuck. Naiagu, did you ever finish it?
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Unread 01-22-2013, 08:30 PM   #51
sam vimes
A real live wire
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Explained here.
Raising respectable and dignified ferrets since 2009.

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
SV is the most awesome man I know that I'm not married to.
Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
If this weren't tje internet id hug all of you guys right now.
Especishillly you sam.
Like a woodpecker with a headache...
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Unread 01-22-2013, 08:47 PM   #52
Evil Midget of Doom
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I love Terry Pratchet, I personally got into disk world via wee free men, but thats just me Cool name though
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Unread 01-22-2013, 08:50 PM   #53
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Since I was about 10 I was known as 'Miracle' on the internet. Fast forward 6 years and I added the first letter of my first name and 'Mirakuru' to the end.

I think when I first came up with xMiraclex37 (my username for about 5 years) I was reading a Manga called MagicalxMiracle, and so I just derived it from that..?

Yeah I'm not that interesting hahahaha

WORKING ON: 2-Star Goku Uniform Mako; Kill la Kill, Princess Agitha; Legend of Zelda: TP
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Originally Posted by sam vimes View Post
Kōhai. Her name is now Kōhai.
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Unread 01-22-2013, 11:21 PM   #54
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The name was actually a group effort, but it comes from the fact that my name is Kat, and I shot guns competitively in Olympic style 22s for 8 years.
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Unread 01-23-2013, 03:11 PM   #55
Yarrrrn Pirate
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I needed a character name for an original story I thought out at well over a decade and a half ago. She had a very watery feel so I named her "Cyanna" by taking the blue color "Cyan" and femming it up some more. It's been my online alias ever since especially for the anime world (I make AMVs under this name too).
Plays With String knitting and crochet commissions (specializing in sweaters)
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Unread 01-23-2013, 07:42 PM   #56
Prince With No Crown
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My dA name: MouhisTea, only basis was it sounded neat in my head. I regret that decision and wish I could change it without going premium.
My Facebook name: My first name, then middle and last name from my two biggest fandoms at the time; Vocaloid and Kuroshitsuji. I might change it soon, not sure.
My CosCom name: Originally was PapercutSenvy, simply because I missed the capitalization. It was supposed to be PapercutsEnvy, since at the time I really envied PapercutxPerfect. Non original and mean xD So I changed it to my imvu alias while I was still obsessed with Kuro. Ironic that shortly after my love for the series started fluctuating..I could go for a name change again x.x
Originally Posted by Miss Miri View Post
Come to the dark side. We have freaking gorgeous character designs.

Nanami Chiaki (Super Dangan Ronpa 2) {Waiting/ 90% DONE}
Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata) {Planning/ 0% DONE}
Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai!) {Planning/ 0% DONE}
Grell Sutcliff and Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) {Revamping/ New Version}
Upcoming Cons
Momocon 2014, AAD Fall+Winter 2014, Seishuncon 2014, AWA 2014
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Unread 01-25-2013, 06:06 PM   #57
[SHSL ???]
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Lurdoc was the name I gave to my troll rogue back when I played wow. Then I got really good at arenas and felt handicapped due to racials in higher end arena. Traded accounts, got an undead rogue, worked hard to get all the arena gear, was pretty easy, though, but I had 0 resilience running double dps 2v2.

I name changed the second account's rogue to Lurrdoc (by adding an r). Voila.

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| Rock Lee - 90% | Relius Clover - 85% | Gunha Sogiita - 65% |
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Unread 01-25-2013, 09:18 PM   #58
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I like anime, my favorite Pokemon is Luxray, my favorite number is twenty five...yep...I'm also AnimeLuxray25 on Serebii and Youtube, I believe.
I no longer cosplay.
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Unread 01-26-2013, 08:25 AM   #59
Shut up and move!
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I used to love warhammer. Stuck to the name.
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Unread 01-26-2013, 08:09 PM   #60
Weird is my normal ;D
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I made mine like years ago back when I was watching Tokyo Mew Mew XD I think the tv was spazzing and saying a bunch of numbers so I just wrote the first 3 I heard and then backwards *wasnt a creative kid *
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