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Wink Issues with Weight loss

I've been trying to lose weight for a while. I'll go ahead and say I'm 240 Pounds...I've been eating right and working out and working and keeping track of portions and snacking in healthy things....But in the past four weeks I've GAINED 6 pounds.....Any suggestions at to what is going on?? I'm 5" 4" and 246......and I have no idea what's going on...I've been keeping it low calorie but ....yea.....Any theories (I don't know where this should be but It'll go here)
it's just frustrating is all

love all

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Did you actually take the time to calculate your maintenance calories and then create a deficit from there? If not, I can tell you that super guessimating is a good way to set yourself up for failure.
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1. How many hours do you exercise a week? You might eat like... 900 calories but if you only burn 800 calories, you're still gaining weight. To lose weight, there needs to be a deficit like rndmguy said.

2. If you really do eat 900 calories, then that's not good. Because it will make your metabolism slower. A normal body takes 1200-1500 a day and any lesser would probably lower your metabolism, maker it harder to burn calories.

3. The weight of the body does fluctuate, so if you're going up, then down a bit, then up a bit, that's normal. What counts is the bigger picture: in the LONG term are you losing weight or gaining weight?
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What is your normal day of eating like?
What is your average work out? Do you exercise consistently?
Do you make sure you drink more than enough water?
Gaining 6 pounds in four weeks should not happen, unless you have excess water weight or somehow gaining a lot of muscle really fast, which I sincerely doubt.
Although, I do have to say, when I was 245 lb, I had times in which I gained when I was working the hardest to lose weight, and then when I relaxed I lost. Which I still do not understand.
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huskies4ever basically nailed it.

Underrating won't do you any good. You'll probably only lose muscle underreating. You can (and probably should be) eating at least 1500 healthy calories every day (possibly more depending on your TDEE) as well as a good amount of protein (and possibly less carbs). But you can't just eat right to fat sear, you need to be working out to balance out the calories you are consuming and gain muscle. that means you need to do proper amounts of cardio and resistance training--preferably weight-lifting. if you can keep up a healthy diet (oats, chicken breast, almonds, vegetables, etc.) and keep exercising you're gonna make it. Just remember that fat loss and muscle development is a slow process.

We're all gonna make it brah.
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