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Unread 12-13-2012, 11:53 PM   #1
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Saying no to photos

when people have asked about their first time at a con people will always say that most people will be happy to have their photo taken if you ask nicely. And I was wondering if anyone actually says no to a photo

I have'nt had a situation like this personally but i wanna know if anyone else has.
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Unread 12-13-2012, 11:58 PM   #2
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I have done it once. A snap had popped off my Gakuko cosplay, and it holds up the overdress so yeah, that needed to be fixed. I explained to the person that I was having a cosplay malfunction and that she could find me later and I would love to pose for her.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 12:05 AM   #3
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I personally haven't, though the only time I've heard of people saying no is because they have a place to be and they are running late, or as touchmon said because of a cosplay malfunction.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 12:43 AM   #4
made you look.
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I've done it myself a few occasions, for a few different reasons actually.

- Running late and have to be somewhere
- I'm busy doing something else (in line for ATM, eating, using the phone, or buying stuff)
- I'm not comfortable being photographed without my group (usually only happens when I'm wearing something skimpy)
- I'm in the dealer's room and don't want to block traffic - normally I just politely explain that I don't want to inconvenience the flow of traffic and people are pretty understanding. I don't hold myself above the convenience of the general mass of attendees just because someone thinks I'm pretty. (Which is AWKWARD when other people in my cosplay group don't see it the same way.)

Costume malfunction isn't one that's happened to me, but it's still certainly a reasonable motivation for declining a photo.

Honestly, if people are reasonable, they'll acknowledge that you are a human being with general functioning needs and can live without the photo. And if they're not reasonable and fault you for declining when you have the option to do so, it's not my problem they're seriously that needy. Cosplayers don't actually owe other attendees anything outside the event rules that everyone is expected to follow. Posing for photos is entirely voluntary, after all.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 08:13 AM   #5
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I have many many times. But I'm also a con-staffer.. So I can't have people photograph me when I'm in the middle of checking badges, patrolling, running around like a mad man.

Most people understand since I am helping the con out and its not like I just don't want to take one.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 11:47 AM   #6
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jukebox hit most of them for me. For the record, I think I've only turned down a photo once, when my arms were full of Subway sandwiches I was carrying back to my friends. Generally unless I'm hurrying somewhere or having a costume malfunction, I always say yes to photos.

Although my bro was once asked to "do something sexual" with his prop. He politely declined and we all felt rather awkward for a while.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 01:10 PM   #7
probably a frackpants
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I've refused a photo request when I was in the middle of doing prop repairs; she took the photo anyway. I asked her why she'd even bothered to ask and she shrugged awkwardly.

Don't be that person.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 06:54 PM   #8
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In seven years I've only refused a photo once, when I was sitting down to eat. I hadn't eaten very much that day and really needed to get something in my stomach. The girl was really nice about it and I told her I'd be happy to pose for a pic afterwards. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. He was in costume (I wasn't) and kept getting stopped for photos when we were walking to Subway. Eventually he just yelled out "Sorry guys, I really need to eat" and just kept walking. No one gave him flak for it.
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Unread 12-14-2012, 07:46 PM   #9
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I refused once, and the guy snapped a picture of my face and ran off :/ It probably was a very bad picture. I don't refuse, but I try explaining to them why I am not ready, when I will be ready and so on. And if they want to snap a pic, I warn them it's not going to be as good as it can be X3
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Unread 12-14-2012, 08:03 PM   #10
Mr Zero
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There has only been a few times I refused a picture and it was due to having to be somewhere or costume malfuncion problems. I did let those people take a picture of me later though and they understood
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Unread 12-14-2012, 08:50 PM   #11
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My friends and I did once. During a panel my friend got tired of her wig and just took it off, we exited and about 3 dudes came out of no where(the anime we were cosplaying wasn't super well known, so we didn't get stopped for photos very often. It is my very favorite cosplay, though) and asked for our pictures, I kindly told them that my friend had to fix her wig, but we'd be happy to pose for some pictures when she was done. We came back in like five minutes and they took our picture, so I think everything went fine!
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Unread 12-14-2012, 10:07 PM   #12
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So far I think only once our group had to say no, well when I was personally there at least. Since actually this has become a problem in the past. But we had good reason. We were in the middle of a parade and we couldn't stop unless we wanted to end getting run over by the next float. We were marching on foot dressed as Star Wars characters, full force out and this the type of parade there weren't barricades and some people would actually run out into the street and say "hey hey quick photo buddy!" Yeah...that threw me off when I got told to watch out for that and actually seeing it happen really threw me off.
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Unread 12-15-2012, 12:52 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by Mangochutney View Post
I've refused a photo request when I was in the middle of doing prop repairs; she took the photo anyway. I asked her why she'd even bothered to ask and she shrugged awkwardly.

Don't be that person.

I personally have never declined one, but my friend did once when the photographer asked her to do a sexual pose. It was way outside of her comfort zone, so she politely told him so. Thankfully, he was understanding and ended up taking a normal picture of her, so there wasn't any conflict or anything.

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Unread 12-16-2012, 08:20 AM   #14
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I have declined many a photo for most of the reasons already mentioned. And even when told no, or please wait, many people take the picture anyway. As Mango said, do not be that guy. I also have the distinct pleasure of being the rare cosplayer that actually dislikes photos of myself, so depending on my mood, I might just turn everyone away. Everyone gets something different out of this hobby, my enjoyment is not hinged on people getting pictures of me.
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Unread 12-16-2012, 09:42 AM   #15
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I'm a photographer and I have been told "no" once because the cosplayer was running late to something. She kept apologizing and I just said something along the lines of "No worries, maybe we will see each other later."

I always laugh when I see people miffed at the fact that a cosplayer said "no" to them. Cosplayers have lives!
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