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View Poll Results: Why do you crossplay? (Pick the reason closest to yours)
A: I just happen to enjoy characters of the opposite gender more, so I like cosplaying them. 65 47.79%
B: I feel more comfortable in the clothes of the other gender. 39 28.68%
C: I am a transgender/transexual so I enjoy all things the opposite gender. 13 9.56%
D: I have friends/lovers/family that force the role upon me, and it has stuck. 5 3.68%
E: I look more like the opposite gender, so why not? 9 6.62%
F: I tend to cosplay whoever I like, regardless of gender. If they happen to be male or female, so be it. 76 55.88%
G: Because I am a Yaoi/Yuri fan, and I love doing Yaoi/Yuri things in the name of the fanbase! 9 6.62%
H: I live for the "WTF?!?!" faces when people realize my gender. (EnTRAPment) 17 12.50%
I: I am androgynous. I don't look as either gender, so I can pass off as both easily. 12 8.82%
J: I do it as a challenge to myself in cosplay. 27 19.85%
K: Other 11 8.09%
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Unread 01-29-2013, 08:46 PM   #16
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I may not be transgendered or transsexual, but I will say I am willing to cosplay as any character I want to see myself as regardless of gender. I also see it as a way for me to gauge how well I am coming along by trying to see how well I can pass until I open up my mouth, exposing my obviously masculine, deep voice (As much as I want to, I have no current plans to force myself to sound girly as I know from several instances that it takes inhaling helium for me to sound "normal."). The reactions I occasionally get from people upon realizing my true gender are actually quite rewarding to say the least.
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Unread 03-01-2013, 11:54 AM   #17
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Unread 03-10-2013, 06:38 AM   #18
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While my profile here on Cosplay.com is basically all female characters, I do cosplay Link, and I have Kirito (SAO) upcoming.

Usually I cosplay as guys to help fill in a group-- my friend was being Asuna, I volunteered to be her Kirito. Another friend wanted to be Princess Zelda, I was more than happy to be her Link.

While that sounds like I'm sort of 'forced' into crossplay, I'm definitely picking these characters because I like them/their designs. It's just a nice added bonus to match with others in my cosplay group, and I tend to favor cosplaying with other people over flying solo with an outfit if I can help it.
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Unread 03-10-2013, 03:35 PM   #19
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I crossplay because I like the characters and don't see their gender as any kind of barrier.

Also I guess in some ways I do sometimes feel better crossplaying because I'm not expected to be pretty looking in everything I do, which is often expected from female cosplays.
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Unread 03-10-2013, 06:14 PM   #20
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I don't really care if a character is male or female. If I like them, I'm dressing up as them. Also, lately, it's been for the challenge aspect as well, between contouring and binding and minimizing, etc., so to me...crossplay and cosplay are the same thing. I dress up as whoever I like.
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Unread 03-10-2013, 07:18 PM   #21
Kazuto Kirigaya
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I crossplay because I've never been feminine and girl cosplays just aren't that appealing to me. But mainly because I really love the characters I cosplay.
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Unread 03-11-2013, 03:53 AM   #22
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A few reasons

-Most animes I watch are more male cast orientated such as Kuroko no basket, hetalia and yugioh to name a few.
-I tend to prefer males as I struggle with finding good female characters. Most annoy me.
-I'm not confident enough in what most females tend to where when I do end up liking a female character. (Example, Mai Valentine)
-I only cosplay characters who I really, really like and so far every single one has been male.

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Unread 03-11-2013, 11:27 PM   #23
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Because why not! You're dressing up to have fun. Just like Halloween as a kid when one year I would be a princess and the next psycho doctor death I now go from magical girls to kick ass guys.
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Unread 03-12-2013, 07:44 AM   #24
Axel. Lev.
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Certain female characters I really enjoy and fit my body type = 3=
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Unread 03-12-2013, 01:28 PM   #25
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I cosplay both genders, I just perfer to cosplay the opposite because I feel kinda...girly-ish (?) when I cosplay a girl. Of course there's nothing wrong with cosplaying females, it's just my preference to cosplay males more often.
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Unread 03-12-2013, 03:19 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by Noize View Post
For as long as I remember, I've been doing more crossplay of male characters (I am female). I am not against of female characters but I feel more comfortable when I cosplay as the opposite gender. I'm not very girly. I am very tomboyish and I have always felt more comfortable where I wear boyish clothing also since my personality drifts off to the boyish side. Their are times where I do cosplay as a female character but not often.
^ Pretty much why I crossplay. Most of the time I act too tomboyish so I feel comfortable cosplaying male cosplayers. There are occasions where I cosplay a female character but thats because the females I cosplay are tough nature.
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Unread 03-12-2013, 11:10 PM   #27
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My husband likes to tell me that I am the manliest woman he knows, and truthfully I enjoy it. When I was young I always fantasized dressing up as a boy and pulling it off. I can think of three times in my life I had done this. One of those people that thought I was a boy was my mom.
I like to dress up, but I spend most of my days in hand me downs from my brother.
In fact I will be crossplaying for Kitsunekon.
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Unread 03-13-2013, 01:17 AM   #28
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I used to say it was because I just tend to like guy characters more than females, but after 4 years of cosplaying, in which only 2 are female, I don't think that's the whole story. I had a friend suggest I might be gender-neutral and that crossplaying is a way to express that, but I really haven't looked into it.

Basically, I'm female every ordinary day of my life. Cons are times in which I can be something else entirely.
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Unread 03-13-2013, 02:43 AM   #29
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Originally Posted by Kell-chan View Post
Basically, I'm female every ordinary day of my life. Cons are times in which I can be something else entirely.
That's exactly how I feel about it. I'm quite happy being biologically male, but sometimes it's fun to try something else for a bit.
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Unread 03-14-2013, 06:22 PM   #30
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I haven't started crossplaying yet...but, I plan to start because there are a lot more interesting female clothes than male clothes (which is why I started genderbend cosplaying) and there are a lot of characters I would like to see cosplayed, but either the anime that they come from are not popular enough, so as much as I want to see a girl cosplay those characters, that is something I cannot expect, so I started thinking that I might as well crossplay those characters.
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