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Unread 12-31-2012, 03:39 AM   #16
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I think that the last day is where you make a lot of new friendships. That's how it works for me, and many of the people I know who stay on.

Many cons, e.g. AnimeLA, will have a "dead dog party", usually in the consuite, with a ton (dozens, if not hundreds) of free and fresh, piping hot pizza and enough soda to drown an elephant as the convention tries to off-load as many of the perishable items as possible.

All the pro guests have left by that point, but what remains are the real stars of the convention; all of the volunteers and convention staff that sweated and sacrificed and worked hard for an entire year to make the convention a success. You get to meet those people. You get to hang out with them. You get roped in to volunteering for next year by them.

As the evening winds on, the excitement is over, the boxes are packed up, the rooms are emptied, the convention space is closed down, the hotel has returned to "normal" and is eerily weird to see it so devoid of convention life, but what remains are the true hardcore fans who just cannot let go; the time slowly ebbing away, telephone numbers and email addresses and Facebook contact details being swapped, impromptu hallway cosplay, nobody is "on display" anymore, and people let their guard down and you get to metaphorically peek beneath the costume.

Conventions aren't about what you paid for and is given to you, they are about what you choose to take away from them. Conventions are about you making your own fun. Conventions aren't a Disneyland ride on rails, they're a big box of LEGOs where you can make anything you want.

Stay the extra day (even if you head home late), help with tear down and load out -- which is always poignant -- go visit the dead dog party, tell the staff what a great time you had. You might just find it is the best part of the convention.
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The one time I stay until Monday I had a really good time. My friends and I explored the hotel and walked around the convention space after it was done. We actually walked away with some stuff that was left behind. It also allowed us to just chill which was nice because it isn't always easy to hang out with everyone.

Check out and departure was loads more enjoyable as well. No crazy waits for elevators or lines at the front desk. There was also almost no traffic which is extremely nice.

Even if you don't stay until Monday all the hotels I've been to don't require you to leave immediately after check out. You can typically leave your car in the parking garage until you're ready to leave. All we've ever had to do is make sure we check out of the actual room. So just load up all your stuff, check out and then go back to the convention. Just make sure you wear something comfortable since you probably won't be able to change out of it. That way you can still save some money but also enjoy the Sunday part of the con and just head out when you're ready/the con ends.
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It totally depends on the con. Some cons it's not worth it because there will be nothing going on. So why stay when you'll just sit there? Other cons, though, there are things worth staying for! For me, I always enter the AMV contest so I go to the award ceremony on Sunday, and we have a favorite panel called "Anime Improve" which is absolutely hilarious, and I would never want to miss it! So look at your cons scheduled and see if you'd want to go to anything.
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Unread 01-01-2013, 09:58 AM   #19
Witty Title...
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I like to stay until the last day as I tend to go shopping. I find the best deals in artist alley and in the dealers room. So if you're plan to shop and buy stuff, then I'd say stay. Plus if there is anything you wanted to see, panel wise, it's also worth it. Other then that, Sunday tends to be a very relaxed day. I find not to many people cosplay, or do simple cosplays.
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I always prefer to stay until at least Monday since as another poster said, checking out is far less of a hassle! I've seen the Otakon and Anime North hotels on Sunday morning and it's a zoo of people, suitcases and general mayhem... staying that extra night certainly saves that stress!

Plus for safety, I prefer not leaving all my valuable stuff in a car for an entire day as I'm paranoid.
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Unread 01-01-2013, 11:02 AM   #21
fruity goodness!
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depends on the con, some cons have epic lineups for Sunday, some don't... does this con have a Friday as well? Usually a 3 day event, Friday is the off day, since most everyone is just picking up passes... if its a 2 day, depending on how fast reg lines are, half the day can be eaten by waiting in line, so in that case, I think Sunday is definitely worth it... $40 for parking is quite a bit though, so its up to you, I'd say if you have the money, do it, if not, maybe try for one car, or leave Sunday out... to me personally, Sunday is always worth it... I don't go to cons part time anymore, as I always miss something when I do, so I go all days, for as long as I can!
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Unread 01-02-2013, 07:59 PM   #22
Ganbatte minasai!
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Avoiding the checkout madness is reason enough to stay the Sunday if you can. I love being able to fully enjoy the last day of the con and squeeze in an extra cosplay, usually an old favorite. I drive to cons, so it's also nice to begin the trip home were rested and glowing from having such a good time!
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I always think it's worth it to stay the extra day. You can squeeze in that last cosplay and say goodbye to con friends one last time! I also think it's a lot easier to haggle down prices since a lot of sellers want to sell out as much as they can before they have to pack up everything.
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Unread 01-05-2013, 02:12 PM   #24
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Thanks for the awesome advice everyone ^-^ I showed the thread to my group and we are now planning to stay the extra day, or at least most of it. Hopefully you were all right and it turns to be great. xD Thanks guys!

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Unread 01-05-2013, 02:24 PM   #25
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I usually skip out on Sundays at cons. Most, but not all, of the panels seem to be recycled panels from the previous days and not worth going to. If some of your friends wish to stay, though, I hope you manage to carpool so that those that want to stay have a ride back and those that wish to leave early can.

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Unread 01-06-2013, 12:30 AM   #26
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When I stayed in hotels, I'd always stay until the monday.. Mostly because I don't have a car, and with most hotels having a noon check out time, I'd have to carry my stuff around all day sunday..
The sunday deals are usually worth staying the extra day.
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