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Cosplay items for sale/trade (updated)

-I accept paypal and cash ONLY (cash at your own risk).
-NO REFUNDS!! if you have questions ASK BEFORE BUYING!!
-I WILL hold, but ONLY for one(1) week. If i don't hear back from you, too bad..Not my fault.
-If you send cash, I will ship it the next business day (meaning not on sunday lol) after I get it.
-Read the sizes listed, if you don't read them, then buy them, don't be mad if they don't fit..
-I accept trades. They're listed at the bottom.
-Serious buyers ONLY. Please stop wasting my time by never replying..It get really annoying..

On to the items:

Kingdom Hearts 1 Cloud Strife
I am hesitant to sell this, but I need the money..I will look at all offers, but this cost a LOT to create....Anything under $160 including shipping will NOT be accepted but I would like more..It was only warn to a con ONCE for about 5 hours..It got too hot for me so I had to change..It has been washed and dose not stink.
Size is for men's large, but the pants were tight in the waist, so smaller is better..

What you get:
-ALL belting (4 calf, 1 thy, 3 hip)
-metal leg armor (attatched to one of the hip belts)
-wrist and bicep things..
-shoulder armor

If you want the wig, let me know, it'll be an extra $15

You DON'T get:
-Sword (MINE lol I took to much of my time to want to sell it..)
-Black arm band on the right arm (that's for my other cloud cosplay actually lol)
-Boots (these are my personal work boots, plus they aren't accurate anyway..)
-wing (welp, I don't HAVE one, so you can't have one if I don't even have one lol)

This cost me about 200 in total for just the parts that I am selling..

X-Mas Town Sora:
Only worn to the photoshoot in the pictures (about 2 hours) and the pictures in my mirror which is only like 5 min lol
Looking for best offer, but NO loss then $100 shipped (not including the shoes).
I hand sewed the shirt and hat 100% out of the expensive black velvet, hemmed the shorts with elastic, hand made the leggings, bult around shoes so in a way I made those too.
Sizs is at MAX a men's Xl but it can easily be altered to be smaller. Shorts are male 32 (smallest) and stretch to about 40....I think..

What you get:
-Shirt thing
-All three crown pins
-Wig (the wig is not styled like sora under the hat..It is pretty messy and flat, but if you have patiance you can restyle it like his for non hat use..)

If you want the shoes you will have to pay an extra $40. That includes shipping..
I am selling the keyblade, but it's so heavy that I feel you shouldn't buy it off me, because shipping it actually seems to cost more then you can they cost on ebay..Sorry..

Squall Leonhart FFVIII Version
I have worn it once to a con and a couple times to try on.
I just put up the whole costume page. I decided to sell the entire thing..The only thing NOT for sale, is the black belt holding the pants up because I use it for other things.
I would like to get at the least $125 including the wig.

This includes:
-Brown Belts
-TOTALLY FORGOT!! I have a set of 25 Tripple Triad Cards I will put with the cosplay for free if you want them. There are 25 cards (quite a bit of doubles but they have different number sets):

I Do hae a Jereth wig from arda in the same color as my old Squall wig, and I can style it for FREE if you want it with the cosplay. The wig that is used in my pictures was styled using the EXACT SAME wig and color.

If you want the gunblade, Give me a reasonable offer including shipping (it needs to be shipped by itself) It is 48in, and made of wood and very VERY detailed. It cost me $300 to get please keep that in mind when offering

If you want the boots Give me an offer..They are pretty nifty though..I have to ship them by themselves though so remember that in the offer. Boots are Male US size 12.

The belts were commissioned and cost me a lot of money. They are included. They were hand cut and dyed leather to be right. The buckle is sculpted on a buckle blank. ALSO keep this in mind when offering.

Also the jacket and shirt are male size Med-Lar. And the pants are a male size 36-38

In all, I'd say I spend close to $250 on the entire cosplay (NOT including the gunblade) so please also keep that in mind if you want all of it)

Cloud Strife (FFVII) shirt (the blue ribbed sweater thing) and gloves that gan be used for him (they are for the KH1 version but all you have to do is take off the fingers on the left hand and put silver circle things to match the FFVII version, which I can do if you want..)

This one doesn't show the color too well but it's what it looks like style wise:

This one shows color. This is very VERY close to what you will see in person:


If you buy ANYTHING I have here, and want both the of these Cloud parts, you can have them for FREE, but remember, that's if you buy something

Fenrir Keyblade
I paid about $75, on ebay, but It costs about that much to ship it..No idea why..I mean it's heavy so that's why, but Yea..Anyway, I basically can't sell it because I'd have to highball so I would like if someone in Washington State could meet to pick it up..Makes like easier..

Cloud Strife main blade (the middle blade of the fusion sword):
It's in this album..I don't have a picture on here with JUST the blade so yea..It's the one I am holding obviously lol
Cost me $100 so shoot some good offers..

AS mentioned in the title, I accept trades. I will trade for ONLY these:
Sweet lolita items-
This includes rings (must fit a male hand), Hair bows of all kinds (meaning small and large) in sweet lolita pastel colors, Fake nails (really need these) in pastel pink, and white. Preferebly ones I can put on and take off a few times that have lolita-esque looks, and stockings (white and pink).

-Kirito (SAO) dualblades (the black one and white one)

Cosplays (must be pretty much plus sized, it's for crossplay)
-Mikuru Asahina battle waitress
-Haruhi Suzumiya school outfit with wig for either Mikuru, Tsuruya, Haruhi or Ryoko
-Mikuru or Tsuruya maid cafe outfit with wig and stockings
-Akaito style shoes (red and back) in male size US11
-Sweet Lolita plus size things (dresses, wigs, hair stuff, rings, stockings, etc.)
-Minako maid dress from the Sailormoon manga
-Sailor V (no not Venus, the original V)
-Neko-maid full outfit (any, in black and white)

Let me see other things you have and I'll consider them. Please be ready to show pix and give measurements before anything. Thank you.

Any interest please PM me here or email me at sora-sorous@hotmail.com
Thank you
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