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Where are you staying?

I am trying to book my hotel reservation for next year and it's been like trying to pull a tooth from a wild stallion without an anesthetic!

First trying to compare rates has been almost impossible sense no one wants to give me any information on what they charge. Then once i find a hotel that is in my price range and close to where i want to be I can't make a reservation because it says 'dates are not available'

So if you are going this year or next year, where are you staying? How much does it cost and how do you get to Atlanta, fly, drive, bus, what?
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Sheraton, driving, costs way too much. I earmark a significant portion of my annual bonus from my day job for Dragon Con.

For the host hotels, they generally open up reservations for next year during this year's con, or immediately after. If I recall correctly, we got our reservations for this years con on the Monday after last year. Some of the host hotels will open up additional blocks of rooms over the course of the year. They go fast. You just have to call often and be persistent.

There are a couple of social media groups (a LiveJournal and a Facebook group) for finding roommates or buying rooms that other people reserved but can't use.

Sometimes the con rate is not the cheapest rate that you can get.

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Most hotels won't have any info for DragonCon 2014 yet. The earliest of the host and overflow hotels (ie, the ones with the convention rate that will be posted to dragoncon.org once DragonCon 2013 is over) usually don't start taking reservations for the next year until the week of con this year. I think the Sheraton opened their reservations up for DC 2013 a week or two before DC 2012, if I remember correctly, but the others all typically open up during or shortly after the con. The Hyatt and the Marriott have typically not opened their room block at all until a specific date and time in late September to mid October, and usually sell out completely within the first 15 minutes. The main LiveJournal community will have all the info about booking for 2014 starting around mid September 2013: http://dragoncon.livejournal.com/

This will be my fifth DragonCon, and I've always stayed at the Hyatt, in the Radius Tower (which doesn't have the elevator problems that plagues the rest of the Hyatt, as well as the Marriott). For 2013, the con rate for a double occupancy room was $217 per night, and I think the other four host hotels (Westin, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton) are in a similar range. There are overflow hotels with lower rates, but you won't get DragonConTV. The con rate goes up a few dollars per night every year, but I wouldn't expect it to jump dramatically.

My husband and I fly in from southern California, and since Atlanta is a hub for a major airline, it's pretty easy to find non-stop flights. From the airport, we take MARTA, which is cheap and direct and (I've heard) faster than taking a cab in traffic. The end of the line stop is basically in the Atlanta airport, right next to baggage claim, and from there all trains only go one direction, and they all stop at Peachtree Center, which is directly beside the Hyatt, Marriott, and Westin host hotels, and just a short walk from the Hilton, Sheraton, and various overflow hotels. It's a couple of dollars for a round-trip fare, no transfers, very easy to use.

Best advice I can give for booking for next year is to join the DragonCon LiveJournal and keep a very close eye on it once the posts about 2013 have calmed down. They'll post the info there on when the various host hotels are opening their reservations, and have links to rate info for all the host and overflow hotels. Book as early as you can, and if you want to get a room at the Hyatt or Marriott, set your alarm for the day the room system will go live, and make sure you're at your computer with all the info you need (how many nights you're staying, dates, names, addresses, credit card, etc) at least 5 minutes before reservations open up, then when the site goes live go straight for the room type you want, paste in all your information, and get through as quickly as possible. The Hyatt and Marriott landrushes are notoriously bad, typically crash the reservation servers, will time out in the middle of you trying to book, and sell out in 15 minutes flat. If the Hyatt or Marriott aren't your first choices, I recommend avoiding the insanity and booking with far less stress at the Westin, Sheraton, or Hilton, or any of the overflow hotels. Things do tend to sell out early -- just not quite this early.
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I used to stay at the Days Inn (now Hotel ATL), which was EXTREMELY expensive ($160 a night) for what it was but at least easier to get into and out of than the host hotels (and a LOT cheaper too). This year, I'm staying at the Embassy Suites with a group of friends.

My husband and I drive down in our station wagon. It's not too bad of a drive from St. Louis because we stop overnight in Nashville to see family and friends.
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My husband and I are staying at the Westin this year (our first), which is awesome since many panels we want to see are in the Westin. We will be driving down on Thursday - not flying, too many costume pieces that could get messed up in luggage.

We made our reservations the week after Dragon*Con 2012, which was good, because it was apparently a pain to get them. I don't remember the initial cost for the room, but it is about what we expect to pay for a decent room at a good hotel.
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A good rule of thumb is that the con rate for the host hotels will be about $200, usually about $225 depending on the number in your room. GlassCannon answered with all the details, but here are some other resources:


And here are some reviews of the hotels:

I'm driving into Atlanta since it's only a four hour drive. (Well, five if you count the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey time change.) I've stayed at the Westin twice before, and will again this year. I also stayed at the Hilton last year. It's not that I like the Westin that much, but I've been able to get a good rate thanks to Hotwire.
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Anyone staying at the Motel 6 just north of the Hilton? Seems like a nice place, except they don't serve breakfast.
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