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Sheena Cosplayer
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Stupid newbie questions

Prepare for a bunch of questions that everyone but me probably knows the answer to.

Take a character like C.C. from Code Geas for example. You can go to lots of different wig sites and buy a long wig in the right color (that is not a C.C. specific character wig) without really having to style it. Do you get penalized for that?

What about characters with super generic shoes? If I already have a pair just like them at home, they aren't going to expect me to make a boot cover of a brown loafer are they?

Same thing for characters with super generic swords that I could literally walk into the kids section of a Toys R Us or something and find something that would work perfectly. Would I be disqualified if I did that? Because I know some places let you modify toy guns and stuff but...could I somehow modify a sword?

These questions are probably pretty stupid, but I just want to be sure.
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Eli Ebberts
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Everything you said should be fine. Check the rules for the contest you're entering. Most will have a percent of the costume that you will have to make as long as you follow their rules you should be fine. (:
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As mentioned most cons say you need X% made by you to enter. 75% seems to be the normal for that..
As for things like wigs and shoes, they realy only count if the rest of your cosplay is really simple..Like you won't be deducted points for making a crap ton of armor, that covers your body, then buying similar boots..
With CC, she has basic footwear that is easy to find and super hard to make..So you would be fine as her..But you will need to have MADE the cosplay though. Say her white outfit, you would need to make that whole thing, buy a wig and find boots..You would then be able to enter. Chances of winning with an outfit like that are slim, because you will be up against some armor and other hard stuff (even in the beginners area) so if you were to make those boots and style a base wig, the judges would know and you would have a better chance of winning..

WEll hope this helps.
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When in doubt, ask the director/cosplay staff of the convention where you plan to enter.

As a judge, I will say this. It doesn't matter where you get the pieces of your costume. We judges are cosplayers too, we KNOW you don't make wigs from scratch hair by hair (generally), nor cobble your shoes from the soles up with raw hardware. We're aware of this. It's not like we're going to penalize someone for not learning to be a cobbler or a wig ventilator just for the sake of a costume. If you didn't actually do any work whatsoever on a piece of your costume - no styling in a wig at all, not even trimming or spritzing it, no alterations or any work done on your shoes or prop at all - we just don't look at it. It doesn't count as a part of the costume being judges. We judge what you DID do work on. As long as the rest of the costume has enough work put into it to qualify for the rules of that masquerade (which vary from con to con, which is why I say to ask the director/cosplay staff first), then we don't look at your shoes, wig, or prop the same way we don't look at your store-bought bra and underwear. They contribute to the overall look of the costume and that IS important, but workmanship judges don't judge things that haven't had any workmanship done on them. We place a convenient mental blinder over it and don't take it into account.

Whatever you do, the overall costume needs to conform to the rules, so pay attention that first. Some cons allow you to even get only one part of the costume judged, like a prop alone or the fabric part of the costume alone. Some don't. Some are more strict than others when it comes to quantity of the costume handmade - some say 50%, some 75%, some more, some less. And only the director or cosplay staff/judges at THAT CON can tell you whether your costume qualifies for THEIR rules. If they say it's okay, then it's okay. Go in, be HONEST, don't try to snow the judges and pretend that you handmade a prop that's obviously store-bought. Like I say, we're cosplayers too. We KNOW.

And novices do get a lot more slack for relying on pre-styled wigs and completely un-altered shoes and pants and things.
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