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Coveralls, Flightsuit or..?

(I apologize in advance if this isn't in the right place or turns out funky. I think I've used a forum twice before ;;; )
So I recently started working on my cosplay for Geek Boy/ Brief from Panty and Stocking, and for the first time ever, I think I actually have everything planned out nicely.
Except the outfit.
It's obviously some kind of coveralls or a flightsuit- and I really dont know about the properties of either of those. I really don't know the difference, or which would be better, if there's some alternative, or even were to get them relatively cheaply. A lot of army surplus stores are expensive. Money's not really an issue right now, but I'd still like to not spend too much on it.
Suggestions? Opinions?
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As far as I know coveralls and flightsuits are pretty much the same thing, just with some different pockets. It's near impossible to tell what exactly that character is wearing as the outfit isn't detailed enough, so you could go with either. However, the outfit looks like it has a hood, which may prove to be a problem... I've never seen a pair of coveralls or a flightsuit with a hood.

As for where to get them, a surplus store may be your best bet. You could also check out Dickies as they sometimes have sales
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Any company that produces work clothing, like Dickies, Wrangler, Sears etc. generally make coveralls in a variety of types and colors. A military surplus flight suit will probably be more expensive that a work coverall due to the materials used to make it and higher specs for it's construction.

Adding a hood won't actually be that hard, most hoods are just a really long rectangle folded in half. A work coverall will be easier to match fabrics for adding a hood.

This isn't bad, you could over-dye it to get the olive green color pretty easily.
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I bought an inexpensive painter's coveralls from eBay as a base for my Franken-Stig racing suit. It's cotton so it accepted dye very readily. I think it cost me about $15? Doesn't fit very well (torso too long, legs too short) and we had to sew in pockets - but since I was going to ruin it anyway, it was a good find. I didn't want to ruin a more expensive piece.

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most brief cosplayers just buy them without the hood
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Okay the differences between a Flight suit and a jump suit or coveralls are a flight suit is made to keep a pilot warm in high altitudes, it's more durable and might save said pilots life in a crash, and it has a lot more pockets.
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