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Plays With String Knitwear (including sweaters!)

ON VACATION UNTIL JAN. 14TH! I'll keep the communication lines open but responses may be slow.

I'm a 28 year old SAHM living in New Jersey. I've been knitting for about a decade now. I have a lot of experience making knitted clothing and I've got a pretty wide set of skills including cables, stripes, intarsia, fair isle, and double-sided knitting. I adore colorwork. I can make scarves, hats, cowls, vests, mittens/gloves, shawls, socks, sweaters and more.

I am open to using a variety of fibers in a variety of weights. I'm no stranger to fine yarn and tiny needles. I'd be more than happy to talk about what would be appropriate for your project and hear your ideas. Some fibers require more care than others and are not machine washable. For those who are on a tighter budget or need something machine washable, I don't mind knitting with acrylic at all. Hopefully we can find a yarn that is both soft, comfy, durable, and not wallet-breaking

I am not allergic to any fiber so I can take all possible allergies into consideration. All work will be done in my smoke-free, pet-free house.

How long does it take for you to make something?

I'd feel most comfortable with 2 weeks to work out the details with you and order the materials if necessary, at around 4 weeks to actually produce the item (yes I can make a sweater by hand in 4 weeks), and 2-4 weeks to make sure it gets to you safe and sound.

I also own a simple knitting machine to help get some jobs done in days instead of weeks. If I can use it for your commission I certainly will! Things made out of tubes (like socks, gloves, and yoke sweaters), and some cable designs have to be done by hand but I knit most tubes by hand almost twice as fast as flat pieces. If I can't make it on the machine, I'll let you know.

How can I contact you?

Email is fastest and preferred. You can reach me at playswithstring42@gmail.com .

What do you need from me?

If you are interested in hiring me I will need to know the following information from the beginning:

- Your real name OR your primary online alias (in due time I will need your real name)
- Reference pictures of the item. The more the merrier.
- The date you need the item by (inquiry must be sent at least 8 weeks before for most work)

And some measurements. Please provide these at the time of your inquiry so we can get right down to the fun part. Please use this site as a guideline on how and where to measure.


For all clothing worn on the upper body I require all measurements listed with the exception of the head circumference and all foot measurements.
For ankle socks I need all foot measurements.
For knee highs I will also need the circumference at the widest part of the calf.
For thigh highs I will need the calf measurement and the circumference at the point on the thigh you want the sock to end.

For everything else I'll specify over e-mail.

But what can I expect from you and how much will it cost? Reference pics please?

My normal rate is $10/hour plus supplies and shipping. The supplies cost will always be calculated at regular price. Waiting for a sale wastes time (and sometimes gas). If you see a great sale near you and want to ship the supplies to me you are more than welcome to do so!

Before I start, I need the estimated cost of supplies plus the first 3 hours of work for a small project or the first 6 hours of work for a large or complicated project. The cost of supplies alone can confirm your slot in advance but payment for the first 3 or 6 hours will be required before any work is started. Once a slot is confirmed it can only be moved if it does not conflict with another commission. No exceptions. Delays in payment will result in delays in shipping. If you need time to make the final payment, itís better to ask your job be completed ASAP rather than close to your deadline. Iíll hold your item for you up to two months after the deadline if necessary.

Unless you instruct me otherwise, Iíll provide you with a progress pic with every three hours of work or every completed milestone. Additional shots or closeups of specific areas will be done by request.
A gallery of my most recent work can be found here: http://playswithstring.deviantart.com/

My "works in progress" blog is here: http://playswithstring.tumblr.com/

Because I have so few cosplay related samples of my work and no business references, I'm going to offer you something I will never offer again. Should you choose to hire me I will only ask that you pay for supplies and shipping. I ask for the cost of supplies as a non-refundable deposit and the rest to ship the item assuming it is to your liking.

I will only do this for <s>three</s> two unique jobs. Three people requesting the same item doesn't help me very much. I am looking to do portfolio pieces...stuff I would not otherwise have the opportunity to make. I have very few friends or family that cosplay and I don't like to knit anything without a wearer in mind.

If you donít see anything in my gallery that indicates I can handle your job, please ask anyway. Iíve been doing this long enough to know what I can do, what I know I can easily learn, and what I should learn on my own time first.

Even if your project is not the first of its kind for me I still need the reputation and experience (i.e. recording how long a job takes). Send me an email and we can work something out to compensate for this hole in my resume. This will take the form of a maximum dollar amount (including shipping and supplies) no matter how many hours are put into the job.

How about your return policy?

If labor is free, I cannot give any refunds for any reason once the project is completed and shipped. If you really are unhappy with what you are seeing in the progress photos, I will refund the cost of the supplies up to $50. In most cases this should cover everything anyway. I'll finish the garment on my own time. It is still worth something to me as a portfolio piece.

If labor is not free, I cannot give any refunds for any reason once the project is competed and shipped. You will receive photos of the garment as soon as it is finished. If you really are unhappy with what you are seeing in the progress photos and donít want it anymore, send me a email. I will waive the unpaid balance and our transaction will close. The email is important so that I know these was a genuine problem with my work and not that you simply disappeared. Please understand that I canít get my time back.

If at any time before shipping you decide you want the materials for yourself, I will ship them to you with a refund on the supplies up to $50.

What can't you do?

-As of now I canít accept rush orders. If communication is really quick and payments are prompt, the bare minimum of time I feel comfortable with is 6 weeks for a machine knitted item and 12 weeks for a hand knitted one.
-I canít do amigurumi (knitted or crocheted). I can do a lot of things but designing custom knitted/crocheted sculpture is not one of them.
-I have no experience at all working with dye other than Rit in my washing machine, which is NOT GOOD for handknits. If your garment requires dye, Iíd rather you ask someone with more experience in that.
-No full costume sets or wigs (yes I have seen this)
-No lingerie or tights/pantyhoseÖyet.

What else?

If you are not paying for labor, I will be taking pictures of your commission and post them on the internet. Most photos will be posted on my knitting blog and the finished results on my blog and DeviantArt.

If you follow the blog, you may see entries for projects that have nothing to do with cosplay at all. In order to keep an accurate record of how long a commission will take, I will be working on your project in the evening when I can knit for a few hours uninterrupted. During the day my knitting time only comes in short spurts making an accurate time impossible to get.

For now I accept payments only through Paypal.

I will ship items with tracking numbers whenever possible. International shipping is fine. I canít deliver a commission personally unless it is at one of the following conventions:

AnimeNext 2013


January 2013: Nearly Full
February 2013: Open
March 2013: Open
April 2013: Open
May 2013: Open
June 2013: Open

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This was not a commission and not even an actual cosplay (that's me totally not in costume) but still a very recent sample of my ability.


Before someone goes "bluhbluhnomakingmoneyoffHomestuckbluhbluh"...here is the chart and some of my notes so you can knit your own!
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To anyone who has a tumblr I am currently in the middle of a giveaway. Since 1st and 2nd prizes feature a free knitted article of clothing (including supplies and shipping) I thought I'd let you all know.

Plays With String knitting and crochet commissions (specializing in sweaters)
Website - DeviantArt - Tumblr

Next conventions: AnimeNEXT, Otakon, Anime Weekend Atlanta
Currently working on (commission): "Rainbow Star" Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
Currently working on (personal): Mother's Sadness (Inside Out)
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