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Unread 01-09-2013, 05:42 PM   #1
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Smile Need Ideas for Black Hair and Red Hair?

There's a local convention coming up in two weeks and my boyfriend and I really want to cosplay something together.
Trouble is, we're VERY limited in time and money. ^^; I have some sewing experience, but I'm nowhere near skilled, haha. That, and school starts next week for us, so I'll pretty much only have a week to work on things, maybe less, considering how hard this semester may or may not be on me.
If anyone could give me some simple ideas for us to cosplay, we'd really appreciate it!

Because of the lack of time and money, there's just no way either of us can get a decent wig, so we'll have to deal with the hair we've got. ^^;
I've got black hair that reaches down to my chest and I'm fairly flexible as far as styling my bangs goes. Tan skin, but we don't really have to incorporate that into a cosplay.

My boyfriend has natural red hair that is long enough to cover his ears. It's like, a generic anime boy haircut already.

Our first idea was genderbent Ash and Misty from Pokemon. My boyfriend's would be really easy to put together, but mine not so much. ^^; I could try to put together the vest to the best of my abilities, but the gloves and the hat are something I would have to buy, and online, at that. There aren't any stores around here that would even sell a plain red/white baseball cap to alter. I just want to avoid any sort of online ordering at this point.
But this one will just have to be saved for another day.

So... we'd really appreciate any ideas. ^^Couple things would be nice, or if you've got any ideas for each of us separately, that would help us out too!
I mean, it'd be great to put together a list as well for next time.
Anime, video games, western cartoons, anything is highly appreciated.
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If you were willing to trim your hair a bit, you could do Rukia and Ichigo from Bleach?
Or curl it like crazy and do Beast and Joker from Black Butler. Or Drocell Keinz?
You could do genderbend Rin Okumura and Shura Kirigakura from Blue Exorcist?
Uhh. Genderbend of Shinji and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion?
Seo Higasa(Utauloid) and Mew, or Avanna or Prima? OH! Or Mirai Kokone? (Most of these are Utauloids, if you know what that is. If you know what Vocaloid is in general, then you might understand)
Genderbent Ponyo and Sosuke?
Neku Sakuraba from Kingdom Hearts TWEWY has Red hair too.
Style is right and you could do Wakka and Lulu decently from Final Fantasy?
I dunno! Just giving suggestions. I don't normally work with those hair colors or lengths combined like that. But, I hope This helped the slightest bit. xD
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