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Unread 01-18-2013, 06:42 PM   #1
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Buying my first real Cosplay [Tobi]

I wanna cosplay tobi but i really wanna look good so im buying all my materials and accessories. im not a seamstress so i cant sew, nor am i crafty. so my questions are...
what size cloak should i get? im about 6'1
Hooded or not.
What are tobis accessories?
i mean idk im new
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It'd help to know who Tobi is and maybe provide a reference picture for those who don't know what he looks like.

You might also get more help going to the appropriate board. If he's from an anime, posting your questions at the anime section might yield you more results from people who know the character and may have even cosplayed him.

As for the cloak, you'll probably want to check the sizings of who you choose to purchase it from as different manufactors may have varying sizings. A large from one may be a medium from someone else. Figure out how long you want the cloak to be on you, i.e do you want it to stop at the ankles or higher up or even drag on the ground. If you can get someone to measure you, this will provide you with a measurement to compare to the sizing chart.
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http://i.imgur.com/GticG.png he's wearing a black thing around his head (like a cloth mask i think. so u only see the short hair on the top not the hair on the back of his head) and then the orange mask.
well from here you can see he also has black gloves, and his coat has a big thing that goes up. its not a hood but well. u know. its in the pic. u can also tell what shoes(google akatsuki shoes if you cant tell too well) socks and pants he wears from this pic. his toenails are painted a dark purple. every akatsuki paints their nails that color.
this is tobi's ring. if ur into getting contacts for your first cosplay (highly doubt u r since its ur first but well just in case) notice the type of sharingan they are and look for a legit site that sells em and get a prescription or whatever its called. and yeah bada beep bada boop bada boom. i think i got to all of it.
also, when collecting things to get ur cosplay together, KEEP REFERENCE PICTURES!!! its a lifesaver. ull never forget something if you have em and they always show you what your aiming to look like. hope u have fun with putting ur first cos. together!!!
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Originally Posted by technicalityX View Post
what size cloak should i get? im about 6'1
Hooded or not.

If you are 6'1 you probably need to go with an XLarge or a Large, because you are so tall you are going to need more material so the cloak will be long enough, there should be a sizing chart on the website so you can be sure your cloak will fit you.

also I believe the Akatsuki cloak that Tobi wears has a high collar and not a hood, I think only Taka have hoods on their cloaks

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