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How to make a mohawk for Tavrisprite?

I'm planning on cosplaying Tavrisprite from Homestuck, and I'm not sure how to go about her hair.

This is the official reference, which I'm interpreting as this.
This is the wig I'm planning on getting, but that's subject to change if I find something better or if it won't work with the method I choose for whatever reason.

I've done research, but I've found a lot of conflicting information on what the best way to make a mohawk is. People have said you can cut out the sides and glue it onto a bald cap, but someone told me that could make it fall apart. She said I could pull the hairs out of the sides and just cover the netting with make-up or something? That doesn't seem like it would cover the texture though, maybe I misunderstood her? I've seen some people with really great mohawks who just cut down the sides really short, and that's actually the look I like the best. However, when I try to look up information about it, all I find is people warning that it looks really bad when done wrong, with no advice on how to do it right. The one method I for sure don't want to use is chopping my own hair, because one, just no, and two, how would I attach the horns.

I haven't worked with wigs much at all, so all this stuff about wefts and skin caps and such is kind of new and abstract to me. I can sew and I'm patient and good at following tutorials, so I'm not too worried, but I might not know some things that seem obvious to long-time cosplayers. I really want to do this right, though! I'm willing to spend an extra thirty hours or an extra thirty dollars or whatever I need to on this wig, I just have no idea what. I would normally be fine with experimenting and figuring it out myself, but once you take scissors to a forty dollar wig it's impossible to undo and expensive to replace! I've thought about practicing on cheap party city wigs, but the quality and thickness would be so different..

Haha wow this is long. Sorry. So, has anyone tried any of these methods before, or know of one I haven't mentioned? What works, what doesn't? Any warnings or advice? Am I insane for attempting this?
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This may help.

Also, I'd just cut the mohawk out so the sides are just short instead of shorn. It's what I'll end up doing if I do Tavros.
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I know it's not quite the full mohawk but would this help at all?
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If you go with the rufio you can buy large wefts and sew them down to get more height
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Here how yo attach a wig to a bald cap.

The plats for your horns stay under the latex bald cap glued/pin to you skin/hair.

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Yeah, I'm already planning to use that horn tutorial. It's pretty great, isn't it!

Thanks for the suggestion! The sides are too long for my tastes, it makes the mohawk not stand out as much, but I can keep it in mind as a back up plan.

Thank you! That tutorial seems perfect!

I think I'll try cutting the sides of the wig short first, and if that doesn't work, I can cut them off completely and use a bald cap.

I decided the wig I was thinking about buying is too dark, and I'm looking around for another one. There's so many mixed reviews though! Like every single store has a bunch of people saying the wigs are awesome and thick and a couple of people saying they suck. But which store is the most awesome and thick? I wish I could buy them all and see which has wefts that are closest together and return the rest, but I'd have to pay for a bunch of shipping and some would probably have terrible costumer service and bluh.
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