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Losing Arm Fat

I know that sounds really weird, but hear me out. I weigh about 180. I am working on losing my tummy fat and leg fat by playing intense DDR for an hour a day, and taking 8 flights of stairs up and down to get to and from my classes or wherever else I go. Well, that takes care of toning my legs and belly, but what about my arms? I still have super pudgy arms. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of that fat and start toning them?

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You can't spot reduce fat. Keep on losing weight and it'll come off where it wants to come off.

If you'd like some development in your arms then there's a few things you can do.

Doing compound movements will hit your arms nicely. If you really want to do isolation exercises then you can look up different lifts for the biceps and triceps.

It's imperative that you train your shoulders.

But really, playing DDR and walking up and down the stairs isn't going to do much for building muscle. I mean, I have some pretty nice calves but I attribute that more to genetics than DDR. Go down some bench presses and squats and you'll be fine.
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When you do cardio like DDR, it doesn't make you lose fat in the areas you are working.
When you burn calories and lose weight, the fat will come off from where it wants, not from the part of your body you are using.
Most people find that they tend to lose weight or gain weight from certain areas first, then other areas, and this varies from person to person. So it may be that you tend to lose fat from your legs and stomach first. If that's the case you just need to keep working on weight loss and eventually your arms will also lose fat as well. You can't choose where to lose the weight from.
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Alright. Thanks guys
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I know you can't spot reduce, but you might consider investing in a punching bag. It's a great way to work those arms muscles while getting in some good cardio. I picked one up at a GNC that came with a jump rope. Nothing special, but I have a lot of fun with it.
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bicep curls and dips work the arms!
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^ i hope for the love of all that is holy...you are joking lol but ya its true all that works the arms but ya just gotta lose the body fat. genetics unfortunately play a big part in fat distribution and its in your arms.
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