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Procosplay.com review

I am completely nervous about posting this, because I've never done this before but I've been itching to post this review after sometime and making sure I got everything down correctly. If anything you've read sounds off, you can always ask questions.

Name of Product: Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Aino Minako Cosplay Costumes For Sale
Where Purchased: http://www.procosplay.com/
Product Description: "Accessories: 6 sets,Dress, pendant, collar bow, bow waist, gloves, X2, headgear[br] Product material: Stretch cotton, uniform cloth[br] Apparel Gender: Women[br] Size: 8 yards from 2XS-3XL"

* Not sure why, but I was getting popups from this site, but before I didn't. Just thought I'd let you know just in case.

- The only senshi costume that I've found to be the most accurate
- Most affordable senshi costume I've found
- Merchant speaks decent English
- Have all of the the other senshi outfits as well for anyone else looking for it + the accesories
- Costumes not mass produced, they actually make the costume
- Fast shipping considering where you're buying from
- Was supposed to be received back on November 29th.
- Shipping was a bit steep (especially if you live in Canada*)
- Out of $84
- Has patient customer service, handled my questions well but yet to send out my costume

I actually don't remember how I came upon procosplay. I think I just googled the costume to find an accurate-looking reference image to use so that I could make the costume myself. I clicked on the link that brought me to the one I posted above, and thought it was perfect. I browsed the rest of the costumes because I found that they had the other senshi outfits as well and I finally decided to go with Sailor Venus' outfit. Then I decided to Google them to find reviews so that I could see how other people did with this site. There actually weren't many, but what won me over on buying from them was their Etsy store (which is now gone for some reason) with the reviews I found there. Someone had actually bought the same costume as me, and I found it to be useful so I took that into consideration so that I could decide to buy it or not (they said they got an extra gem for the tiara and was blown away by the attention to detail, basically). They had other reviews on other costumes as well and those who had left reviews were happy with that they got, so I thought, okay, they're safe to buy from. Reviews said things like "attention to detail" and "shipping was fast". I kept doing research on them just to be sure, because with so many reliable cosplay stores to buy from you can never too be sure, and I've read horror stories too.
So I bought the costume on November 4th, through PayPal. One thing you should know is that their shipping is crazy. I paid $20 for shipping, but I thought it was worth it because the costume looks crazy accurate and worth paying the $84 I did (in total) instead of it being $100-something plus the shipping. I'm Canadian, so that's probably why I paid so much. I did a little test and put U.S. for shipping quotes and it was a little more than $3. So shipping depends on where you live.
After three weeks (because they actually make the costume that's why it took a while so props to that) it was shipped out on the 22nd. I checked the tracking number they gave me to be sure, and they sent it out with Hong Post and said it was shipped. Sweet. So I waited.
A while later, on the 29th, I checked the tracking number on Canada Post and on the page it said expected delivery that day.
I was happy at first, and waiting for it to arrive at my house but then I read the timeline again to be sure and it said that the item was being returned, because the address wasn't complete.
I was a bit taken back by reading that, since I wasn't expecting this. So I e-mailed them and told them what happened. All the e-mails I sent were answered timely, so that was good. The merchant handled my questions well, and spoke decent English. They said that once they got it back, they'll try to send it out again. A week later I figured I should have heard something so I e-mailed them again just for good measure asking if I was going to get a new tracking number and wondering what was going on. They told me that it would take a while to send it again. Since I didn't know what needs to be done, I just went along with it.
At the end of December I still haven't received an e-mail saying anything and I e-mailed them again asking again if I should be hearing anything soon or anything like that, and just told me they'll check it. It made it seem like he forgot, though I know that maybe he had other orders to deal with but I at least needed something to go on.
A day later though they sent me an e-mail saying they got it, but it will take a while for me to get it back (again). They offered me a discount, free shipping and sending it out with DHL so I would get it sooner. So it would have been $75 in total, but I didn't get a refund.
I thanked them for that, because it did seem like a nice offer but I just wanted the one I paid for, and asked if I could get it by the end of February. They pretty much said ok. I would have ended up paying for two costumes and I only need one.
It's now March. I had to e-mail them yet again on the 28 (though we we're still in February) telling them that about how we talked in January I asked for my costume to be received by the end of February and hopefully the issues are resolved. And I'm still waiting for a reply.
I'm not even sure if I should keep waiting now. Looking through the e-mails again, it seems like they were only trying to make it up to me; and no foul play seems to be found, but after sometime being told that "it would take a long" time got old. And because they still have yet to reply to my last e-mail sort of speaks volumes considering that they got back to me as fast as possible before. Not that I expected a reply right the next minute or anything like that.

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent)
I would give them a 6/10. Some points for fast shipping, that I can vouch on seeing as how only after 3 weeks considering where my costume is coming from; and that they actually make the costume, that's pretty fast. And points for customer service where he answered my concerns and e-mailing me back as fast as possible. But I can't speak for a costume on how well the size is, or the quality of the costume that I'm still waiting for (or at this point not anymore). Plus they still have yet to send it out. I would have given them a 7/10 or 8/10 or customer service, the quality of the costume being decent and the costume sizing being ok as well and sending it out as promptly as possible even if the same thing happened. And I would have given them a second chance, but not anytime soon.

Final words
I'm not going to kill myself over a costume, but it's the fact that I am out of $84 and a whole costume. I don't mean sound like I expected the package to be at my doorstep right the next day; or too demanding or completely annihilating them. With the screen caps of the e-mails I took hopefully back me up somewhat, but all in all no Sailor Venus costume from them at the moment. I was trying to be patient and holding out but after January it went downhill.
If you check out their site and see the costume you're looking for, by all means you can go ahead and buy it. I am not saying that this is what will happen to you or everyone else if you've already bought your costume from here. This is only what happened to me and I was hoping that even though this did happen that they would pull through and I end up holding the costume in my hands; showing at least this is one cosplay site that doesn't steal off someone else (generally speaking, though somewhat ironic).
But it's not the end of the world, so now I'll head over to the fabric store and make it myself.
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Can't believe that you had wrote sooo much.
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