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Unread 02-19-2013, 10:38 PM   #1
the trap maid
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beginning cosplay

I would like to get into cosplay. But i dont know were to start.
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Unread 02-19-2013, 10:51 PM   #2
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Congratulations! For starters, you just made your first leap into the hobby all of us here in cosplay.com love. And seeing as you're new here, may I welcome you into the forums! To start with, I suggest you figure out which characters you adore enough to cosplay and make a list. Doesn't matter how difficult the cosplay is as this is just a list. After you make the list, you'll need to think these over in your head.

Can I make this on my own?
Do I KNOW someone with the ability to make it?
How much would this cost?
Is it possible at my level?
Do I really like this character enough to go to the trouble?

As a beginning, if you don't have the money I'd start off with simple cosplays you can make with stuff from the thrift store or from your house. But if you do have the money, and you know you want to do this, go find a cosplay. But don't just go for the first you see. Beginners should try websites like Cosplaymagic.com for their first costume. But look around and see if you can find a website with a better quality/price for the costume.

But, before this if you haven't already I suggest trying to look for any conventions nearby your town. Why do you ask, since you don't have a first cosplay? Well, going to a convention your first time should introduce you to what the community is about. Just don't think it's terrible if something goes wrong in the first con.

Also, I'm ending it here, but again welcome to the community and remember this. Cosplay is for fun. The moment you step into the side where all you think is "I can make a better cosplay than so-and-so" or "She/he doesn't do that character justice." Step back, okay? take a step back, and think to yourself "Cosplay is a hobby. And everyone here is here like me: to have fun."
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That guy
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Wow, I think SirMary covered everything. I'm going to throw in a couple things that I found from my first few costumes.

Be very careful with iron-on stuff. Sometimes the adhesive sinks through and your costume looks like it's glued together. Sometimes the adhesive doesn't stick well and you need to sew the stuff together anyway.

Your wig does matter. If you go to your local party store/costume shop/halloween outlet, chances are the wig you get will be shiny and frizzy, and won't be as thick as you'd like. I suggest ordering a wig online. Everyone has their preference, and I suggest asking in the wigs subforum about what would work best for the character you're doing.

Use shoe inserts. Even if your feet are fantastic, walking around all day at a convention will likely leave you in terrible pain if you don't take precautions. Make sure to walk around in your shoes for at least an hour to get the feel of them. I've heard it suggested to vacuum in your shoes to break them in.

Anything else... Oh yes. Even if you don't do it in regular life (I sure as hell don't), you should wear makeup when in cosplay. If you don't, pictures will show as red-faced, blotchy skin, and the costume will completely overtake you. There's a makeup subforum you can ask questions in as well. I've asked some pretty stupid questions on here, and everyone's always been a great help.

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As a person beginning in cosplay, I agree totally with what's said above. Websites such as Cosplay.com has been a real help for someone like me. Don't be afraid to google 'how to', or 'tutorials'. Those were my godsends cause up until last Nov I didn't know any cosplayers. It wasn't until my last con did I discover some in my area.

Also if you are attending cons and they have wonderful boards that could help you further your education on cosplaying, attend them. I went to a cosplay 101 that covered all the way up from makeup to crossplaying (gender playing opposite gender) which educated you on how you hide your chest (to a point). Also, I discovered this little dittie, don't be afraid to approach a cosplayer. Being poliet always pays off, confessing you're new and asking your question always helps. My first approach was concerning their wigs. Learned a bit from them about it. Alot of cosplayers are really approachable and alot of fun.

God luck! It'll be adventure and an addiction.

And a weird thought, if you go into a fabric store (ex: Joanne Fabrics) and they ask you what you are making, says it's a costume for a cosplay at a Convention. (If you want) I met anime fans and people who know about cosplay there. At least two girls in my local store area aware/fans of anime and cosplay.

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Actually, if you're truly a beginner, this is the first decision you need to make:

do I want to make my costumes, or do I want to buy them?

The fact that a lot of overseas websites carry pre-made costumes is very tempting, especially if you don't understand the pricing and just how much a complete costume should or should not cost you. But if you're the type of person who really wants to learn to make their own, don't be tempted by sellers. Or even commissioners, I say being a commissioner - I may help people with advice but in the end I do still want the work.

There are advantages and disadvantages to either route, and in the end when you factor out things like money, time, and skill, there's one thing left: personal preference. Some people really love the craft side of cosplay, they prefer to make their own outfits for many reasons. You can get a better fit, you have complete control of the project, you are never limited by what is or isn't for sale, etc. But mostly, they enjoy the making. Other people really don't like crafting and don't want to make their own costumes, even if they could manage to learn how to be an expert. For some reason or another, it just suits them better to go to a website or to a commissioner to buy their costumes. Websites can be cheaper, but also harder to get a good quality, accurate costume for that cheap price. Commissioners can do your project to your exact measurements and specifications, but it's a little more pricey. At least a commissioner can make you those rare or unusual costumes that aren't carried on overseas websites.

Decide which route you would rather go. THEN start looking around for specific advice on how to pursue that route.
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Ron Jr
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Most important advice I can give is research your costume. Find every reference picture no matter how bad it is and study them. The devil is in the details.
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Lithium Flower
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Cosplay is a hobby. It's fun and exciting and sometimes you even meet new people, if you stick around CosCom long enough your sure to do just that.

But sometimes you'll find someone who really wants to tell you what to do. Sometimes they'll try to tell you that the way you have fun is wrong or bad and it's very important to understand that if your fun isn't hurting other people there's no reason to have someone tell you it's bad. It doesn't matter if your costume is made of spun gold or a garbage bag, your fun and enjoyment is what's important.

If your in the mind to buy a costume you might want to check out the Commissioner Review Thread and I myself recommend Fan Plus Friend if your not skilled in sewing or simply don't care to learn how. Cosplay.com has it's own wig store you can find the link to at the top and a lot of people really like Arda Wigs as well. I've gotten two wigs from them and both are excellent but I cannot personally say anything for the Cosplay.com wig store since I've never ordered from them.
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