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Unread 02-20-2013, 02:22 AM   #46
Starlit Rose
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I haven't experienced it first hand, but I know it happens a lot to people in this hobby.

As was previously stated, cosplay as a hobby has a heavy focus on the individual. And of course everyone wants attention when they've spent countless hours of labor making their costume, so I think conventions can end up as places where things come to a head.

Mostly, what it comes down to though is the people themselves. It may be that cosplay attracts those who have a tendency to seek attention more than other hobbies, but it's all about the personalities of the people involved. The drama that I've seen unfold has been friends getting fed up with each other over misc. things and it just happened that they were all one big group of friends who also hung out at conventions as a group. So when they fought, they all kind of went separate ways and found different cosplayers to associate with. The fights themselves, as far as I know, had nothing or little to do with cosplay. It just sucked for someone like me, who was friends with several people in that group who weren't speaking to each other anymore, lol. Had to practically make appointments one weekend just to see each person without awkward run-ins with the others.

I've been in the situation where someone in the group wouldn't pull their weight when it came to making their costume and practicing their part in a skit, but rather than turn it into a mess, I just worked around it. If they don't want to make their costume, and you aren't willing to pick up the slack and make it for them, then so be it. It ain't gonna happen and I'm not going to stress about it. Cosplay isn't worth losing friends over, and if you're fighting with your friends about it, you've lost sight of what cosplay should be - fun!
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I've never been in cosplay drama myself, but based on what I've only heard or read before I wonder if cosplay can possibly be the cause of drama because I think it's the problem of people and their personalities rather than their costumes. If there ever were drama going on in my group, then I would try to avoid it like the plague, just as others already said in this thread.

I saw earlier in this thread about how people viewing cosplay as some kind of competition cause cosplay drama, but I'm quite skeptical about that. You could view it as some kind of friendly rivalry, keep the criticisms to yourself, and focus more on having fun with friends. By competition or friendly rivalry I mean something like learning from the good qualities/bad qualities or mistakes of people who cosplay as the same character as me. I generally don't make critiques unless the other person asks for it. That way I can avoid stirring up drama and what not. The people who still do stir up drama through said competition usually make mistakes like 1. Thinking that they have the exclusive entitlement to being the only cosplayer of a certain character, and 2. Simply showing contempt of others' cosplays over mistakes or some problems with the cosplay.
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Drama, from my perspective, are just people's personalities clashing. It's just on all how they act when somethings goes wrong. Luckily for me, my life is pretty drama-free and I haven't experienced any problems at conventions. I've been going with the same people ever since I started attending cons with the addition of a few more a few years after, but my group is around 6 people. Tightly knit buddies :3
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I think it's because we're humans, there will be drama with anything.

I did have my friends hide a prop I was going to use for a day and I freaked out. Other factors played into my mental break down. I was running my first panel, it was getting close to that point in the womanly cycle, and little sleep. I didn't speak to them for a good chunk of the day but I have forgiven them now.
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Viking Metal
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I keep trying to start cosplay drama, but nobody will oblige me. Consarnit!
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Oh, little tip for those in cosplay drama:
If you cosplay a character from the same series as someone who is causing drama in your life, either re-arrange your costumes so you aren't wearing them at the same time (even if you miss a photoshoot, it'll be worth it to avoid the drama and there will still be chances to find people cosplaying the same series as you)
That, or try to find other series and do different cosplays first temporarily. Eventually they'll fade out of the series or you'll make up and you can jump back in when that happens.
This helped me, at least, and even got me to make new friends at cons from branching out to other series before going back.
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I basically go through only two real kinds of drama when it comes to cosplay.

One has to deal with an issue I honestly cannont help and was born with, but that has yet to be brought to the forefront by others.

The other...well, I'll just say this: Take a good look at me, and you'll know automatically what main drama I go through on an all too regular basis when I attempt to cosplay, whether they say it to my face or behind my back and assume I don't hear them. If you're not catching on, it's the overly used "Oh...ew...(insert character name here) isn't black, so why are YOU cosplaying them?" thing. Yup. Just...yup.
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