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Unread 01-23-2013, 12:26 AM   #1
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Shin splints : (

Hey all!

So I've got a bad habit of pushing myself too hard with my running. I'm training for a quarter marathon that I'll be running this summer - which is GREAT motivation to keep yourself consistent with a workout routine, by the way - and am following my friend's training schedule but the combination of her training being for her next half marathon and the fact that I can only ever get to my gym with only enough time to get the miles I have to do done by pushing myself faster and harder... Well, the result of this has been the accursed shin splints!

For the record, this also happened to me this fall, when I was jogging/walking long distances with a friend 3x a week while training for a 5K. I've switched shoes and traded running outside on sand/track/cement for the treadmill, but I think it's just a matter of pushing myself too hard.

Do you guys ever get frustrated at being unable to go as hard as you want with exercise? I guess I'm looking for advice as well as interested in hearing your stories too!

What about your motivation? My super secret cosplay that I'm planning on debuting in April or May will put me in a bikini and I want to look good and feel confident!

(I realize that probably the best advice is to take it easy and get to the gym earlier, but I'm stubborn and today specifically got caught up playing FFIX and lost track of time ^^; I'll try to work on that!)
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What shoes did you switch to? I used to try running/jogging every so often while wearing regular running shoes and every time I destroyed my shins, putting myself down for a week. I switched to a pair of 0mm heel drop/barefoot running shoes and I've been able to run 5k's no problem since then. If you haven't already it might be worthwhile to put in some time researching the different kinds of running shoes to suit the contours of your foot. I just kind of stumbled into a pair that suits me by pure coincidence.

I get frustrated all the time, my lifts are very (I think so at least) disproportionate so I cannot train my squat any further until my OHP gains strength or I manage to pick up a rack. It's a maddening thing to be stuck/stalling on something for months.

And my motivation is being able to dress up as women! Mainly Kohaku from Tsukihime.
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Shin splints can be a symptom caused by either a muscular problem or a skeletal problem (stress fractures). The muscular problem is usually not too serious and is just overworked/unbalanced muscles in the lower leg. Proper stretching and training progression can help alleviate the problem until your calves become strong enough to support more running. It really helped me while was starting up running.

Have to tried changing your stride when you run? Part of what can cause shin splints is striking the ground with your heel when you run. Try running with more of a toe/forefoot strike, this stops you from overpronating your feet and forces you to use your calf muscles more.
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Unread 01-24-2013, 11:40 PM   #4
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honestly endurance athletes like yourself push it just as hard as any power lifter. but maybe just taking more rest should help. and also ya stretching and strengthening your calves should help
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I agree with the foot strike advice. A heel strike KILLS my legs. Also my stride is really small. If I want to go faster, I work on increasing my cadence rather than the length of my stride. A longer stride makes it harder to avoid landing on my heel

Shoes do make a difference too. Go to a running store if you have one near you and get someone to help figure out a good pair for you. Every foot is different! Mine have to have some cushioning in them because of my weight. I can run in "my" sneaker right out of the box without breaking them in. They work so well for me.

Treadmill is fine for now (especially if it's reeeeally cold where you live right now), but consider running outdoors on pavement and sidewalks again once you feel you can. If your races are on pavement, you should train on pavement (or sidewalks) eventually.

Also don't push yourself too hard in your training. I don't mean that in a coddling sense. I'm dead serious. The gain you get from your pain has a limit before it become a baaaaad loss. Your shorter runs are for pushing yourself. Your long runs are for no purpose other than to complete the distance. It's one thing to hurt after a run...it's another to hurt 3 days after a run.

My motivation is to run the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2014.
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Lay on your back and wrap a towel around your toes. Pull down while letting your toes naturally fall back due to the pressure. After about 30 seconds, repeat after a small break. Then wrap the towel around the ball of your foot and repeat. Also Motrin helps because this is typically a inflammation issue. Hope this helps!
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