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Anime North 101

Hey everyone! Its my Anime North lists! These lists are wonderful for people who are new to Anime North, or cons in general, or it can be a refresher for you seasoned experts.

KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS AND GUIDELINES AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BRING EVERYTHING! The ideas on here come from 22+ conventions and over 8 years of attending them in cosplay, plus some other ideas from further in this thread and my facebook feed!

We will start with some packing lists and then move on to etiquette and non-written rules.

Update: Thank you for the sticky!
List updated: may 5th 2014

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Things Everyone should bring, regardless of how long you're staying:

-YOUR BADGE or your confirmation email printoff if you don't have it yet. (this applies to pre-registration only. if you are buying your ticket at the convention, disregard this [though pre-registration is HIGHLY encouraged])
-YOUR OWN LANYARD WITH AN ID SLEEVE FOR THE BADGE (the ones at the con break easily)
-wallet and ID
-Carrying canvas bag or backpack
-hand sanitizer
-painters tape with or without initials to mark stuff as your's if it gets lost
-sinus, headache, stomach, sleeping and other medications
-comfy insoles
-change of shoes that you have worn already (everyday sneakers, sandals, something you're comfy with)
-cellphone and charger
-camera and charger, extra memory cards
-highlighter for the program book as a reminder
-refillable water bottle
-food, even if its just a snack
-money in cash form (you may want to bring more than $20, especially if you plan to buy things. most vendors do not have a debit/credit machine and the ATMs are prone to running out of money)
-a printout of the map and schedule list (print out your own off the site because they may run out at the door)
-list of panels and photoshoots you'd like to attend
-earplugs if you plan to go to a rave or if you're a light sleeper staying overnight
-change of clothes
-health card
-slip of paper with emergency contact information (home number, parent/guardian/room-mate/friend's cell phone number, usual doctor's name and the address you are staying at for the con.)
-anything you need for weather conditions (if its calling for rain, bring an umbrella, poncho, garbage bag, etc.)
-small notebook with working pen for taking down names and facebooks and skypes of new friends, song titles you hear at the rave, tumblrs, etc.
-merchandise you wish to get autographed
-a small note in your wallet that includes your cellphone number and either your hotel room or a return address it can be sent to.
-mini first aid kit: bandages, alcoholic wipes, blister cream and lip balm
-for all you women, bring stuff for emergencies, even if its not your time of the month. nerves, stress and excitement can trigger it early. bring some emergency sanitary materials so you don't ruin your costume or spend more money than you need to on lady papers.

Things people staying for the weekend in a hotel should bring in addition to these items:

-some form of alarm clock
-pillow if you prefer your own
-towels, especially if you're removing a lot of makeup
-SHOWERING MATERIALS*******(This is a very important one. soap, conditioner, shampoo, loofa or washcloth)
-Hairdryer in case the hotel's is broken
-Hair stuff (hair brush, leave-in cream, rollers, combs, clips...whatever you need for it.)
-Deodorant (try to avoid heavy colognes and perfumes due to allergies in tight crowds)
-Toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste
-Cooler with ice, snacks, drinks, non-cook foods
Some ideas: Water bottles, juice boxes, pop, poptarts, cookies, fruit-by-the-foot, apples and other slow-perishable fruits (peaches, grapes), vegetables you can eat raw (carrots, celery, cucumbers), sandwiches, salad, sushi boxes, cup ramen (you can make it with your hotel's coffee maker), chips, veggie trays, rice crispy squares, crackers and peanut butter, (DO NOT BRING BANANAS. If photography has taught me anything about food it is that bananas will rapidly speed the rotting process for other food, especially fruits and veggies. if you must bring bananas, put them farrrr away from other food)
-Directory list of all food places in the area
-bath robe or other dressing gown

Things COSPLAYERS should bring:

-Costume and everything you need for it; props, wigs, boots, nailpolish, bald cap, mannequin heads, bags, wig caps, makeup, bobby pins, hair spray, binder
-Emergency repair kit consisting of: needle, black/white/colored thread, small scissors, small fabric swatches, tape, safety pins, hot glue gun, gluesticks, colored paint and paintbrush
-final seal and spray bottle (it makes makeup last all day)
-Change of socks
-fixodent for cosplay fangs
-Makeup remover
-Comfortable non-chafing underwear
-Goldbond cream (for all your chafing issues)
-Small handheld mirror with magnification

Some other ideas:

- a folding chair (for waiting in lines or just hanging out with friends. pocket stools or other folding chairs are handy. i just hope you have a place to store them when you don't need them!!)
-Ds and games, particularly pokemon or if you play on streetpass.
-magic cards
-yu-gi-oh cards
-glow sticks
-board games
-mini fan with spray bottle
-handheld paper fan
-umbrella or parasol for the sun or rain

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These are the non-written but socially demanded rules of conventions

-SHOWER. SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHOWER. There is nothing worse than the smell of 'con stank', especially when you are in line, pushed up with other people. no-one wants to smell your pit cheese and it accumulates fast at conventions. Shower at least once for every day you are at the con and be sure to get your chest, underarms, feet, neck and any other nooks and crannies that accumulate sweat.

-If you are going to draw with sidewalk chalk, remember there are children attending the con too. Draw responsibly.

-Cross at the crosswalks. The road Anime North buildings are on is on a blind hill with two highway off ramps. Either cross at the lights by the doubletree or the ones by the Sheraton.

-ASK before you snap a picture. People may be running to panels or have a broken costume. Candids are rarely flattering.

-Try to avoid asking people for a photo when they are eating or sitting down because they are having a break.

-Avoid stopping for pictures in high traffic areas as it creates congestion. (people who see you taking a picture will want a picture too, effectively blocking the walking area around you)
Such spots are: the hallways at the doubletree, artist's alley, the dealer's room, at panels and indoor lines. . Outside is a really good spot for pictures. If you must, move off to the side so you're not blocking foot traffic

-Do not bring or wear signs that do not go with your cosplay. (Will yuri for yaoi, hug me and you lost the game signs are some examples) PINS COUNT.

-Do not stop in high traffic areas for any reason. Don't stop to look at your map, loiter or talk to friends. If you must, move off to the side where you're not blocking people.

-Drink water frequently. This sounds stupid, but people have passed out at AN before, including your's truly. There are water stations, vending machines, drinking fountains, treat vendors, ice cream trucks and all sorts of accessibility to water and other fluids. You have no excuse.

-Do not be the guy who uses the special needs stall in the bathroom, as it is frequently populated by people who actually need it.

(This next bit is about the respect!)

-Respect authority. When security or someone on staff tells you something; listen and do as you're told.

-Respect and appreciate the people running the convention! There is a lot of hard work, a massive percentage of it volunteer, and without the people to run it, there'd be no con at all! These people include but are not limited to; the patient hotel and restaurant staff, security, con aid, registration people, artists, weapon masters, clean-up staff, guests, panelists, vendors, the people in the maid and butler cafes, game masters, traffic officers, ice cream vendors, masquerade runners, bands and DJs.

-Respect people running the photoshoots. A lot of time and preparation goes into planning the shoots and it takes a lot of courage and stamina to deliver one properly. They don't have all the time in the world. Try to be quiet when its being run so everyone gets a chance to join in! You may miss your turn to pose if you don't pay attention.

-Respect other attendees. If you dislike a fandom, you can walk by their photoshoot without a snide remark. If someone ships something you dislike, you don't need to start a fandom war over it. If someone's costume is not as high quality as your own, don't be a bully and put them down.

-ANYTHING MARKED WITH 18+ IS NOT FOR ANYONE UNDER 18. Do not bother trying to sneak in because staff people check ID. If you are interested in the panel or event and are over the age of entry, BRING YOUR ID WITH YOU OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INSIDE. No exceptions.

-The above rule also applies to plastic wrapped, often marked merchandise in the dealer's room, especially Dōjinshi, mangas and animes. The vendor is, by law, now allowed to sell it to underage people. People buying it for younger people (and being asked by younger people to buy it) who get caught will be dealt with.

-Allergies can be very serious with other con goers. Please keep nut products, shellfish and oranges and all foods in your hotel room or in the car and wash your hands after eating.

-Also be courteous with perfumes and body sprays, spraying in your room for no more than two seconds for body sprays and no more than two squirts for perfume. It may not be noticeable to you but it is noticeable to people with allergies to perfumes.

-Do not start free hug lines or encourage ones that have begun. Its a great way to get groped and spread germs. Use your own discretion about high five lines but be aware of the germs still.

-Taking this from a documentary I watched: Voice actors are guests, not parrots. Do not bother them with a thousand requests for character delivery. Some are, by law, not allowed to say them while others get annoyed with the constant requests. Instead, think of a few questions you might ask them before going to the panel.

-Don't horseplay. There's a lot of people who would rather not be smacked by a weapon or tackled in passing.

-Indulge in alcohol and narcotics at your own discretion. Security from both the public eye, hotels and convention will deal with aggressive, brash and moronic behaviour and there's nothing worse than missing a fun convention because of a hangover or lack of sobriety.

-DO NOT HUG/GRAB SOMEONE UNEXPECTEDLY OR WITHOUT PERMISSION. There ARE people who will reflexively react with violence, or people with breakable costume parts that do not appreciate them being snapped, OR in the worst case scenario, people with epilepsy. Congratulates, you've just triggered a seizure. D:

-Do not wear anything that connects you to another person. Leashes, handcuffs, rope, anything that can snag people between two other people is dangerous in a busy convention. You could clothesline or trip someone. If its for a picture, like Light and L's handcuffs, put them on out of the way and only keep them on for the length of the picture being taken.

-If someone asks about an anime and it has both an english and japanese name, please mention the english one. Its not disrespectful to the series if you say Black Butler instead of Kuroshitsuji. And Hare+ Guu is a lot easier to remember than Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu.

-Try to keep large props and costumes out of the dealer's room and other buildings. It cannot be avoided in some cases, but it really clogs up the flow of traffic, plus creates a lot of people wanting to take your picture (see rule above,) If you are going into the dealer's room, put the costume away for a while, or take off the biggest parts and have a friend watch them outside.

-AN is not the place for newborns or even toddlers. It is unavoidable in some cases but it may be a good idea to arrange for a sitter. Lots of long hours, germs and hot conditions are strenuous on their little bodies. They have no developed immune systems. It can also be a pain for other con-goers. (IE: trying not to trip on a child running around, being blocked behind a stroller or having a child crying during a panel.)

-Be courteous with music. Loud music is not polite in hallways or hotel rooms and should be enjoyed in designated areas like raves or outside at the band stage.

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These are not really rules but just nuggets of wisdom accumulated from 22+ conventions and 8 years of cosplaying:

-IF YOU DID NOT PREORDER A TICKET (or if you are picking up a pre-order on the day of the actual convention) , ARRIVE EARLY. I cannot stress this enough. There are times where arriving at 10:00 means you wait in line for two hours and miss out on the con until 12 pm! The earlier you get there, the earlier you get in! Also bring a pen in case they hand out registration forms in the lineup.

-Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep personal belongings close so they do not hit people or get stolen. The dealer's room and other indoor part of the con are extremely packed and the con grounds are going to be crowded. Try to avoid stepping into pictures, bumping into people or tripping.

-Go to con aid if you need help. They're around for a reason! Try to not bother security with inquiries because they have other things to do.

-When getting your picture taken, put your bag where you can see it. You can keep an eye on it, especially if there's a lot of people who want your picture at that moment.

-BE PATIENT. There's a lot of people at the con besides you and everyone is trying to have a good time. There may be a long line or an hour long wait for something, but just remember that everyone in that line has to wait too.

-Take advantage of the convention's shuttle. It loops all day long between the three buildings if you have a pass to ride it. You can get on at the front of the double tree, the sheraton or by the lineups for tickets at the congress centre.

-Read the schedule and plan your days before you go. The con releases a PDF of the schedule two weeks before, so map it out. Ask friends what they're doing and schedule in time for food and breaks. Mark places on your maps and make sure you're prompt.

-Plan a meeting spot. If you have friends all over the con but you all want to hang out at a certain time, or if you are in the dealer's room and a wave of people separates you from your best friend and the wifi in the convention will not let a text go through or your phone dies, a meeting spot is a great place to meet back up. Some good meeting spots are: the flag poles, the south building entrance, by the outdoor stage on the opposite side of foot traffic, the low wall in front of the double tree or at either side of the big bridge.

- PLAN YOUR SPENDING. A great way to do this is to total your money the days before you go and divide it up. Friday has the most selection, Saturday has the biggest crowd and Sunday has the most sales. Put the money into three envelopes marked with their days and put them in a safe place. Put extra money in an envelope called food and make sure it covers all three days. Do NOT use Sunday's money as extra for Friday. (You can do the reverse though, if you have leftover money!)

-If you are in a room you may want to consider a potluck with your room mates. Everyone brings one meal and one snack to share with everyone in the room. This can eliminate the need for food money at all as long as everyone chips in. (Make sure you learn allergies and plan who is bringing what beforehand though. If its your only source of food you want to be sure you'll be able to eat it. It would be bad luck to be starving on the saturday night with all your money spent and all the restaurants full only to discover you're having Surströmming sandwhiches.)

-BROWSE BEFORE YOU BUY. Someone may have what you want for cheaper a few booths down. Someone might have a shirt you like better than that one just on the other side of the dealer's room. Yes, that my little pony plushy is home made but its $200. What's to say there's something else you won't like better in 15 minutes. (After one lap of the dealer's room if you can remember exactly what you wanted it might be worth your money!)

-If what you want is in high demand or is a one-of-a-kind item (like that my little pony plushy I mentioned above) ask the vendor to reserve it for you. Tell them you will be back after a lap of the dealer's room and then decide if you want it or not when you get out.

-If you are an IMPULSE BUYER than a con can be tough. Have a friend chaperone you in the dealer's room and make them hold onto your money so they can help you get over the urges to spend and keep you moving along from booth to booth, as well as keep track of what you really liked. They can also help you put things down when you get grabby. (Impulse buying is an expensive bad habit where you see something and you have to have it then and there and nothing will change your mind until you buy it, walk away, see something else you want and then have to have it. It is a really good way to blow your money. This buddy system requires trust and previous knowledge so don't just pick a random person.)

-Do not try to cross the grassy area infront of the TCC by going through the ditch. Its a bayou and it eats children and shoes.

-Wear sunscreen, even if the sun isn't shining. It peeks out sometimes or the weather can change and a burn is the last thing you want.

-Try to sleep. Try to get at least 6 hours each night. Or, try to sleep a full 9-12 hours the day before the con, at least 6 hours on the friday night, 4 hours on the saturday night and another 9-12 when you go home on sunday.

-There is a pre-reg pickup on thursday. Try to get there early so you don't need to wait longer than usual once the door opens. Bring any weapons that need to be checked, too. GROUP LEADERS can pick up for their whole group, or you can bring friends' confirmations and pick their badges up. NOTE: Once the badge has been claimed, it is your job to get it to whom it needs to go to. Con will not replace lost or unclaimed badges.
Note: the weapon's wielder should be the one to get their weapon checked. there is a face photo that is documented with the weapon.

-Speaking of badges, make sure its visible. If its messing up your cosplay, find a pocket you can tuck it into when a picture's being taken. Also make sure its ready and face up when passing into the dealer's room or artist's alley as it keeps the line moving.

-Arrive early to all panels and events you want to go to. Some places, half an hour early will do. Others may require longer. Its all about room size and availability.

-Bring a seperate bag for art. Lots of art vendors do not supply bags. A plastic bag with cardboard in it, or a manilla envelope will work well.

-Make sure you have enough hands to carry your things. Drop bags off in your car or hotel room as you go.

-Take breaks. Rushing all day isn't good for longevity at conventions. You'll exhaust yourself. Sit down on the grass and talk, go to your hotel room for a twenty minute nap or a mid-day shower or sit down at a food place or a panel for a spell.

-If you're planning to eat out at a restaurant for dinner (Montana's, etc.), make sure to arrive early. Many eateries don't allow reservations on con weekend, so its really luck and chance.

-Bring energizing snacks! Granola bars, fruit, and nuts (indulge in the hotel room for both), are rather hard to procure. It'll save you a lot of money/time to bring your own snacks, plus it gives you a boost that potato chips won't!

-Beware of over indulgence with new treats. Some japanese or imported candy/ food may taste delicious, but it can be a bit of a shock to the stomach if you've never eaten it before. Try it and eat it sparingly to avoid unwanted side effects.

Some places to eat
There are a lot more than just this, but some popular ones are:
-Grand's Chinese Cuisine
-Ginkgo Japanese
-Boston Pizza
-Tim Hortons
-Jack Astors
-Swiss Chalet
-Fox Bistro
-Pizza Pizza
If you have a car, drive from the convention. You are much more likely to get a table and eat quickly.

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Other tips

These are more for first time cosplayers!

-BE SEASONAL. Anime north is in spring but the temperature is more like summer, so try to pick a costume suited for the heat. Baggy sweaters, knit clothes and anything with lots of layers may be too hot to handle!

-Be sure you can manage all parts of your costume. (Make sure you can carry all pieces of it comfortably and easily. This includes props!)
-BINDING SHOULD BE DONE RESPONSIBLY. (Binding is the act of securing breasts down with the intent of eliminating their appearance under a shirt. Females cosplaying male characters do it often. )
Responsible binding= Sports bra a size too small or an actual certified binder. They can be bought online or if you are of legal age, some adult novelty stores sell them. You can find them either in the form of shirts or corset-style. Either form is safe but make sure you practice a few times before the con as they do take some getting used to.

Ace bandages may work for some people with a smaller cup size, but test it before the con and make sure its not going to cause bruising or pain for extended wear and be sure to adjust it often at the con as bandages tend to tighten over time!

Irresponsible binding = duct tape over a piece of fabric or directly applied to the skin; rope, belts, etc.

The risk of irresponsible binding: Chaffed skin or skin removal, stomach illness, bruising of the ribs, stomach and breasts, breaking of ribs, rupture of stomach and lungs, blisters on the outside and ulcers inside and in worst case scenarios, suffocation and death.

-Don't eat or drink with cosplay fangs. Take them out or you risk swallowing one. Bring fixodent with you for easy removal and application.

-BREAK IN YOUR CON SHOES. This is a biggie. Once I wore my cosplay shoes for the first time at the con. There was a lot of walking. When I took off my boots that night there was nothing but blood, pus and a huge blister that went from my toe to my heel on both sides.

-TEST YOUR COSTUME BEFORE YOU BRING IT TO THE CON. Wear it around the house for a day to make sure nothing rips or pulls or comes undone easily. It keeps it from happening at the con. This includes your makeup, wigs, wig caps, binders and everything your costume needs.

-Contact lenses: Test yourself before you buy them. They are not something everyone can just pick up at the con and wear. It requires touching your sclera, the white part of your eye, not just to get them in but to take them out too. If you can't get them in, its a waste of $40 non-refundable dollars. Go to an optomitrist and ask if they can help you with them before you buy your own.

Masquerade and Skit Contest

One of the highlight events, the masquerade is the convention's competitive fashion show! As I have yet to be in one, this space remains empty for tips and advice. (Someone please fill this space <3)

Skit Contest
ne of the highlight events, the skit contest is the convention's competitive acting show! As I have yet to be in one, this space remains empty for tips and advice. (Someone please fill this space <3)

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Lingo Alphabet

Anime: (A good place to start…) Japanese Animation relating to movies or television.

Artist's Alley: The place to buy prints of original artwork, hand-made plushies, figurines, commissions, pins and other artistic mediums; hand-made and often one-of-a-kind. Support your local artists and give it a look because a lot of it is really phenomenal. (But don't be afraid to say you're just looking.)

Baka: Stupid.

Canon: Something in the series that is proven true by unquestionable events or confirmation. (Nepeta and Equius from homestuck are moirails, The Doctor's TARDIS is a blue police box, etc.)

Caramelldansen: A very popular dance and song played at conventions.

Dealer's Room: Contains merchandise like anime, candy, manga, t-shirts, factory made plushies, swords, leather craft, toys, cds and video games. Corporations and established businesses usually sell from these.

Fandom: A group of people who create a community of fans around a particular show. Some examples are Bronies/Pegasisters (my little pony), Trekkies (star trek), Minxlings (fans of Mangaminx) etc.

Furry: A subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Gijinka: A human mixed with something else. (Animals, pokemon, electric appliances…) NOTE: This name is not commonly used. Neko is the more used term, at least when it comes to animals.

Glomp: A act of flying tackle hugging. (Person A runs as fast as they can to Person B and jumps on them with the intention of a hug.) They are not only discouraged but also against the rules.

Head-canon or fan theory: Ideas from the minds of fans that could make sense in the series but are not confirmed. (Pokemon takes place in the mind of a child in a coma, Ms. Cheerilee and Big Macintosh from My Little Pony are dating, etc)

Husbando: A (usually fictional) male character in media that someone may have an attraction to. (I love Rin! He is my husbando!)

J-Rock (J-pop, K-pop, Any music genre with a letter before it, usually a J or K at anime conventions): Music from across the sea! The J stands for Japanese and the K stands for Korean. Several bands perform these musical styles Live at Anime North! Dir en Grey, X Japan, Gazette,

Japanese names: you may know more animes than you think! If someone says their favourite anime's name in Japanese and you're unsure, ask if it has an english translation. Several popular ones include Kurshitsuji (black butler) and Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Kawaii: Cute
Kawaii-desu: Very cute!

LARP: Live action roleplay. Similar to the other styles of roleplay, but they are acted out, often with costumes and props.

Manga: Japanese comics or graphic novels. They are usually printed in the opposite direction to western books. (the cover page is where the back of a western book would be)

Neko: The unofficial name for a person with animal ears and a tail, sometimes paws! A common costume at cons. (Usually a cat but it has become a generalization. Other terms you might hear are Kitsune for fox and Inu for dogs. )

OC: Original Character. Usually used for roleplaying, comics, fan fiction, shipping ideas and costumes, these characters may fit into pre-made universes and usually represent and individual's personal portrayal, but not always. (For instance, a steampunk original character is not from any anime, show or movie. however, a fan of my little pony may make a pony that represents themselves that lives in the land of Equestria, which is the world Hasbro has already created. )

Otaku: A person who is skilled in their knowledge of anime and manga.

Roleplay: Either a dice-based, written or tabletop style of game, each with different rules, where every person controls their own character and goes on adventures. All actions are usually decided by dice rolls or decisions made by the game master. Its similar to a video game but all the situations take place in one's mind and are verbally narrated. (Dungeons and dragons, world of darkness, war hammer are all examples) Another style is two or more people, each controlling a character, typing paragraphs back and forth to eachother and writing out a scene.

OTP: one true pairing. If someone says "so and so is my OTP" that means they ship the characters and its their favourite pairing.

Panel: A group of people (usually experts, voice actors, guests or hardcore fans), host a meeting in a secluded room. Depending on the panel, it could be a Q+A, a general discussion, an address to the media, a fundraiser or idea promoter or a how-to demonstration. Questions are encouraged, but raise your hand and be quiet if there's media playing.

Photoshoot: Usually referring to the large scale ones at the convention. Photoshoots are large gatherings of cosplayers that meet in an area to hang out and pose for pictures. Anyone is welcome to attend or take photos but unless you want a photo with someone only costumes matching the photoshoot's theme are allowed to pose for pictures. (Themes are usually certain animes, cartoons, games, genres or fashion types. Respective examples: Kill la Kill, Adventure Time, Mass Effect, Disney Movies/PC games, Steampunk)

Pocky: Crunchy, dry cookie-like stick, coated in different flavoured dried cream. Many flavours to choose from!

Rave: Either an indoor or outdoor dance party with electronic music. Usually accompanied by glowsticks, trippy lights and heavy bass.

Sake: An alcoholic drink from japan.

Shipping: Either real or made up relationSHIP pairings of characters in different mediums that fans enjoy. (Russia x Japan from hetalia, Finn x Flame Princess from adventure time, Undertaker x Grell from Black butler

Steam Punk: A sci-fi genre, usually relating to clothing and technology featuring steam-powered technology. Lots of modern ideas mixed with victorian styles. (A great example of Steampunk is Disney's movie Treasure Planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4K_pjwPZLQ )

Vocaloid: A synthesizer effect added to all sorts of music to give it a very new sound. When people mention vocaloids though, they may be referring to the humanoid persona application developed by Crypton Future Media. (Google is helpful here. Too in depth to go further!)

Waifu: A (usually fictional) female character in media that someone may have an attraction to. (I love Mako! She is my waifu!)

Weapon Master: The person, male or female, who checks weapons and other props to make sure there is no breach in con rules and no threat to other people.

Weapon Check: Where the Weapon Master is! Go there to get your props checked.


Dōjinshi: Original comic, usually with canon characters. (you may find a pokemon one, for instance) These have fan-made untold stories. Keep in mind that many of these are also written in Japanese. Warning: some of these are light hearted and beautiful, others contain very shocking, uncensored things to the uninitiated or unwarned. (They are marked, usually in plastic wrap in their own bins and most vendors know what they are selling.)

Rule 34- The unwritten internet rule that "if it exists, there is porn of it." Some vendors will have Rule 34 art.

Rule 63- If a character exists, there must be art of it displayed as the opposite gender. Also known as gender bending, crossing or Fem!name here or Man!name here. Rule 63 extends into cosplay too, such as Fem!Levi or Man!Pinkie Pie

Shōjo-ai: Literally translating to 'girl's love', this is a genre of anime and manga usually circling two homosexual female characters and the romance of their relationship. There is often heavy censoring and almost no sex scenes (many fade to black or have black boxes), leaving the rating a touchy PG 14!

Shonen-ai: Translating to 'boy's love', this is a genre of anime and manga usually circling two homosexual male characters and the emotional romance of their relationship. There is often heavy censoring and almost no sex scenes (many fade to black or have black boxes), leaving the rating a touchy PG 14!

Yaoi, Yuri and Hentai: 18+ genres of anime and manga with explicit nude scenes, little plot and little censoring. These are not sold to minors by law. Hentai involves a straight couple or anything outside of the homosexual spectrum, yuri involves lesbians and yaoi involves gay men. ( Be aware that many people think yaoi is the same as Shonen-ai and yuri is the same as Shōjo-ai. They are not.)

Thanks for your time! Sorry for the text wall! Add whatever you'd also like to suggest! :3

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fruity goodness!
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Just a word on the binding... Using a tensor bandage is NOT irresponsible binding, i dont know why this is a thing... everyone always thinks it is and if you're bigger busted, then yes, its probably not going to work, you'll be falling out everywhere or you WILL break a rib because of how tight you have to go to get flat... but everyone is always saying how it tightens over the day... my smaller busted friends went and got actual binders not because they were more comfortable or safer, but because the tensor bandages actually LOOSENED AND FELL OFF SEVERAL TIMES A DAY... ducttape is stupid (I've tried it), but tensor isn't as bad as everyone seems to think... i have a friend who cries in pain wearing her Underworks Tri-top but is fine all day in a tensor with adjusting it 3-4 times... she uses tensor all the time rather then the top because its much more painful to wear the top for her (and yes, its the correct size)
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I meant more for the larger breasted women. I've used the tensor bandages before and they've caused severe bruising which I had to go to the hospital for. But it may have to do with the brand of bandages, the heat conditions and other things. As I said, these are just personal suggestions and experiences and may not work for everyone. I just know tensors were a bad idea for my E cups.

However, i did edit my post to include the option. c:

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Great list! I don't think I can add anything to it. Please don't go crazy with the perfume... Some of us has allergies. And be mindful of your baby stroller.
When in doubt: Duct tape it.

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DAYUM, I don't think there's even anything I can add! Great guide, it even helped me out a bit!
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Just a tip I'd like to add for cosplayers:
- When taking a picture throw your purse/bag in FRONT of you where you can keep an eye on it.
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good one! o0o never thought about that, but i guess anyone really can just walk up and take it. updating the list!
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Originally Posted by thychi View Post
Just a tip I'd like to add for cosplayers:
- When taking a picture throw your purse/bag in FRONT of you where you can keep an eye on it.
Or hide it under your skirt/dress, if it's a long one. That's what I did when wearing my Schala cosplay the last two years. Or sandwich it between you and the person you're posing with if you're in a group.
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Originally Posted by Moofingham View Post
There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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really really random and may not apply to everyone hotelling but...
bring door stoppers o A o

2 years ago my group disturbed a few people on our floor because we were traveling between 3 rooms for help and such xD
and last year we had two conjoined rooms but we often ran the risk of opening the door into someone who's using the common area sink (or in one case, a kettle with hot water. ouch)

also another random thing would be pillows and towels. every hotel we stay at always seems to run out of these things...
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Originally Posted by thychi View Post
Just a tip I'd like to add for cosplayers:
- When taking a picture throw your purse/bag in FRONT of you where you can keep an eye on it.
Or have a pack mule haha! Or if it is possible you can make something to hold your stuff that is incorporated into your cosplay.
When in doubt: Duct tape it.

Zapdos, Moltres with light up elements
Revamped Scalemaille Gyarados (depending on heat)
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Future Plans in the Works
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