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Unread 03-08-2014, 04:47 PM   #76
Chibi Lenne
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Information for the Friday Night Skit Contest are up on the webpage now

Info can be found Here === > Anime North Skit Contest
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*D* !! <3 thank youuuu
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This is my fourth straight Anime North weekend, and I still refer to this guide every time before attending.

I've also got some family and friends going for the first time this year and I made them worship this..er, read it.

Thank you for taking the time to put together this wonderful topic.
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Unread 04-28-2017, 06:08 PM   #79
Zombie the Hedgehog
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Thank you for the info! I like the 6-2-1 rule: 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and one shower per day MINIMUM!

In regards to this:
"-Indulge in alcohol and narcotics at your own discretion."
Alcohol is only permitted in designated areas (like the hotel bar). Use common sense and drink responsibly. And aren't narcotics illegal without a prescription? If you're gonna do drugs, do them AT HOME and not at the con.

Moving on, "Neko" means Cat. (Urban dictionary can be so... Annoying?) People with cat ears, tails, paws, etc. are called "Nekomimi" or catgirls. (Or cat-boys, I suppose, but it's usually girls.) Whoever shortened it to just "Neko" needs a smack...
[Edit: My sister reminded me that nekomimi actually means "cat ears", but just type "define nekomimi" into Google and the results should back up. Maybe just call them cat girls and cat people like most other people. :P]

I agree with everyone who says to say English words in English. (How do you say ice cream in Japanese? Answer: ice cream. Not ai-su-cree-mu. Seriously.) Other than that, I have no problem with people using Japanese words as long as they are used correctly (and not overused)

Dojinshi is better described as "fan comics" and most (if not all) will be imported and untranslated, as well as 18+. "Clean dojinshi" (doujin without explicit content) does exist, but good luck finding some...

I can understand why an otaku would choose to bring a baby to a convention, but it would be really tiring and you wouldn't be able to enjoy yourself as much. It'd be easier to find a babysitter and just go for the day. If you bring a baby, then I'd imagine that you would have to carry her/him a lot and/or avoid crowded spaces like the dealer's room. The outdoor rave could hurt the baby's ears and it could get too hot too quickly, so be aware. And please don't breastfeed in public without covering up. (Did somebody say "Oopai"?)

Stay away from suspicious people giving out free hugs (because pickpockets suck)!
Panhandling (begging for money) is illegal and annoying. Keep some emergency money set aside and don't harass others.

As far as I know, the TCC (Toronto Congress Centre) has free parking, but no overnight parking. *cries*
(Also, the TCC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Worth mentioning.)
Anime North 2012: Shadow the Hedgehog (SA2)
Anime North 2013: Tweedle Dee (Alice in the country of hearts)
Anime North 2014: Zidane (FF9)
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Ànime North 2016: Eren Yeager (AoT)
Anime North 2017: Kuro/Sleepy Ash (Servamp)
Anime North 2018: Peter White (Alice in the Country of Hearts)

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