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Musty wig smell won't go away!

I have a black Scruffy L which I originally bought for L, now I'm pulling it back into a ponyail for Miroku. But the styling isn't an issue.

The issue is that my wig has started to smell. It smells stinky and musty, like an old lady's house. That's the perfect way to describe it, it smells like old people. I'm not sure why, because I haven't worn it much and I only put hairspray and a bit of hairglue in it. I've washed it with shampoo and with dishsoap, thinking maybe it was sweaty, and it smelled fine, but once it dried it went back to being smelly, though not quite as bad, but it's still very strong. It's not, like, stored in the box musty, it's unbearable odor musty.

Is there any trick to getting it to stop stinking? I don't just want to cover up the smell with perfumes, because then everywhere I go I'll smell like a cloud of stink and jasmine. Should I just keep washing it over and over and hope that eventually the smell is defeated? I've tried putting baby powder it in in case it was oily, I've washed it with dish soap and with shampoo, I've been airing it out for weeks and it still reeks.
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Huh, that's strange. Well, I'd try to wash it again and (if it's possible) leave it outside in the fresh air for a while. That's really all I can offer for the moment. <__<;
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Maybe try Febreeze on the inside of the cap? It probably wouldn't work on the hair fibers, but if the smell is in the the mesh and elastic it should help a little.
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probably a frackpants
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Sounds like you might have a little mildew or something similar going on: the wig cap can get those, especially if a wig is stored before it's completely dry. You want to wash your wig again, VERY thoroughly, with something that's designed for mildew and bacteria. This probably means something that's originally designed for bathtubs and showers. WEAR GLOVES. And rinse thoroughly. Rinse until you're sure all the cleaning stuff is gone, then rinse again.

A warning, though...while I've tested damn near everything in my bathroom on a wig and none of it seems to faze wig fiber in the slightest, that may not be true for the wig cap and that's the bit of your wig that probably needs it most. Do a spot test on the cap before you dump the whole wig in a sink of tile-cleaner suds.
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Mildew smell

I think bathroom cleaner would be to strong for a wig. I read that you can clean a dolls wig here with shampoo and whie vinegar. http://www.hairfinder.com/info/cleaning-doll-hair2.htm
here is a second option this mixture was used to remove mildew from leather
1 cup rubbing alcohol
1 cup water
soft cloth
mix rubbing alcohol with water wip gentle with soft cloth dampened with mixture let dry repeat until mildew is gone!
I would start with the mild solution first and try the later last. Hope this works I have a wig that needs cleaning an will be trying to clean it soon. Also read that woolite is used for cleaning delicates!
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