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Cool Long term fans, weigh in on the new game?

So the time has finally come and gone, and I'm hoping to get an objective assessment of what the hardcores think of DMC while keeping it relatively spoiler-free (Still haven't finished it!)

I'm currently on mission 14, so I can't yet speak on how the game ends but have a pretty good feel for everything else. I ordered my copy through gamefly so as to not officially support Ninja Theory, and with their repeated jabs at the long term fans and the character changes I stand by that decision.

However, those are literally the only things that I have a problem with. Other than the character designs and their personas (I.E. Dante acting like a super angsty teenager, Vergil coming off as a douchey leader of PETA rocking a fedora IMO) I really like the game. The combat system has stepped up in pretty much every way, the platforming is more fun than ever, and the level design is absolutely stunning to me. I barely had time to eat this weekend and my hands are cramped because I simply have a hard time putting this game down. They've weaved the story throughout each level in a way where I want to plow into the next mission constantly to know what happens, I haven't felt this excited since 3! And the points system to upgrade your moves is genius, in hindsight it's the only right way to do it, why should games punish you with finality on move purchases when you can jump around and try everything to see what works and build your character the way you see fit.

Anywho, don't want to make my post TOO long but I'm very curious for everyone to weigh in on their experiences.
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Unread 02-10-2013, 11:19 PM   #2
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I have to agree. I got sucked into playing this through in only 2 sittings because I couldn't stop myself. I feel that I'm one of the few people that actually likes the change in personality for the characters, but I've always been a weird one, haha.

Other than that, couldn't have said it better myself!
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Well after finally having gotten my Borderlands 2 Platinum, I am finally starting into new DMC. I've been letting my girlfriend play whenever she wants, so I've seen a good bit of the game so far even though I have yet to play any missions for myself.

From what I've seen so far:
-I'm definitely impressed by the level design, Barbus and Lilith's levels were really fun to sit back and watch, Lilith's especially as it reminded me of Rez.
-The upgrade system is very nice.
-The enemy designs are alright, but nothing spectacular.
-The voice acting/script is solid enough.
-The story is a little more believable now as characters have been fleshed out a bit more.
-Dificulty wise, still seems really easy to me, even my girlfriend, who is not normally a standout in the action game genre isn't having any trouble even on Nephilim, and back when I was playing the demo I was SSS'ing the two missions on Son of Sparda with ease.

Anyway, I'll post again when I have first hand gameplay impressions. I'm off to face my demons.
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Unread 02-24-2013, 12:18 AM   #4
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My bf and I actually love this game. We'll be cosplaying as Dante and Kat this year at numerous cons. I really couldn't get into the older games, I think because of the overly cheesy story/dialogue and style. Also I hated the camera work in the games. (Then again, I never played them when I was younger, which probably would have been the more appropriate age to enjoy them.) But I absolutely loved the art and style of the game. Had me hooked. There are so many things I love about this game and characters, and I'm super excited for Vergil's Downfall in March!

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So, after having complete the game on every possible mode, and being well on the way to a Platinum my only real complaint with the game is that it is unusually easy for a DMC game, even Dante Must Die only feels like a rough equivalent to maybe DMC4's Hard mode. Pretty much what I said in the costume thread about the demo held true in the final game as well:

"The game's difficulty is ironically lowered for me by one of the things I like most about the new system, the mobility. I absolutely adore how mobile new Dante is. Angel Dash, air dodge, Air Hike, 2 types of grapples, 3 different ground dodges, and an aerial dash attack similar to Nero's Air Streak on a Chakram type weapon demoed on the latest stream... there's really no excuse for getting hit except getting greedy with your attack strings.

The lack of a lock on is especially absurd right now seeing as L1 and R1 do exactly the same thing... If there is some use that wasn't available in the demo that will be assigned to L1 then fine, as it is now, not acceptable.
The new dedicated buttons and holding triggers for switching styles takes some getting used to but it doesn't bother me, the real reason I want a lock function is for the grapple system and because it opens up more available input combinations for additional moves. I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed or pulled myself towards the wrong enemy when there happens to be a grouping. Locking on to an enemy would eliminate that ever happening and would give access to inputs based on the 4 directions. More inputs>more moves>more style.

The air combat is ridiculous on the level that it is now; it is also another aspect that significantly reduces difficulty. Not much threat when all I have to do is launch>combo>jump cancel>grab>combo>repeat till death. Not gonna lie though, Helm Splitter>jc>Rake>repeat is stupid funny."

-Minor Spoilers Below-

Bosses too were especially easy, and their designs were really pretty uninspired. Succubus was just a big slug with a foul mouth, Bob was cool even though he's probably the easiest of all of them, Baby was a fairly typical mutant with a gross twist, then you have Mundus who is the slowest amorphous giant blob boss in the history of action games, and of course brother dearest who brings the standard "rival fight".

All in all Ninja Theory surprised me with how much fun the game ended up being. From the beginning I was in the "You changed my character? Screw your crappy game..." camp, now I'm ready to finish up the last few trophies in what was a fun game that I probably won't play again for a while, save for DLC.

Sure it doesn't feel exactly like a traditional DMC game, but its a lot better than what it looked like we were getting when the game was first debuted. A solid game that I'd recommend to other action game fans, after the price has dropped a bit.
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