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Unread 02-12-2013, 08:47 PM   #46
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I sort-of have one :P

It was Orlando anime day, and my mom and I had only been there for a few minutes (we were there for only an hour and thirty minutes in total before we left) and I saw two Riku and Xion (Kingdom Hearts) cosplayers walking out the door. Oh my God, I scrambled desperately after them, all, "ADSKLJJFHAFDA RIKU XION~~~!!!!~~~!" They told me "Certainly~!" and smiled when finally caught up and mother and I got their picture. :'D They also invited me to come to something called, ("Operation: Kingdom Hearts," I believe? It was something along the lines, but it had to do with Kingdom Hearts getting into Disney World or something. Idk >>)

And just as my mom and I began walking back someone asked me for my picture.

That was the first time someone ever asked me for a photo. however...I posed horribly and my face twitched when I smiled (Because I was nervous and it was my first time posing), and when I look back on it now, it was embarrassing, but sooo funny at the same time.
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Unread 02-12-2013, 09:22 PM   #47
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Anime Vegas 2012. I was cosplaying as Honey-senpai.
I was in the Dealers Room with my friends, and by some silver tongued magic, got them to go along with a little plan I had.
I pulled out my iphone, set volume to max, and started blasting Caramell Dansen Speedy Mix.
We then proceeded to CaramellDance our way around the Dealers room. We went around twice and my friends started to get tired. I coerced them into going around once more.
And for whatever reason, EVERYONE in the Dealer's Room joined the line this time. We had a line of 100 people CaramellDancing around the Dealer's room for a good 10 minutes straight. It was GLORIOUS.
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Unread 02-13-2013, 12:16 PM   #48
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My friend and I were at Anime Boston 2011. It was the last day, and we were in the food court near the convention center. We were dressed as Kaido (her) and Ryoma (me) from Prince of Tennis (we decided to go with our comfy cosplays for the last day! ^_^). As we got up to throw away our trash, we ran into a group of Japanese girls who were taking a pics of a robot cosplayer. We stopped and waited till they were done because we didn't want to walk through the pic or anything.

Well, they turned around, saw us, and went, "Tenisu! Tenisu!! Tenisu no Ouji-sama!!!" and proceeded to take pics of us. XD We've never gotten a reaction like that before. I don't know if this is the "best thing that's ever happened", but it was pretty darn cute!
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Unread 02-13-2013, 12:51 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by PLUNDERNOOB View Post
It was my first cosplay fashion show, the second time wearing my psycho costume (thank god it was indoors, the weather sucked that day) and I participated in a cosplay fashion show. I was one of the last to come up, and though we heard the occasional applause it was nothing grand. However, as it was my turn my name was aannounced. Silence. Then I show myself and the audience started cheering like madmen. Definitely made my day.

afterwards, one of the judges showed up and told me that, despite me not winning, I had the highest score in act originality by far. Also made my day.
Mine was kind of similar.

First time cosplaying at a con back in 2010. Went as Dexter. I entered the costume contest and waiting in line before I went on stage, I got suddenly nervous as hell (being my first time cosplaying as anything and then putting myself on stage in front of a few thousand people lol).

Looking back at it, I was only up there for like 20 seconds, posed a bit and walked off. But the crowd loved it, even the announcer took a few extra seconds to mention that "this was an old one" before he called me up. I was told by a few people the next year that I was the only one they remembered going on stage haha. It elt pretty good aftewards putting myself out there like that.

The second was at the same con, just walking around, some girl ran up to me and gave me a big hug. She thanked me for her childhood and then ran off
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Unread 08-21-2013, 09:14 AM   #50
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There were two-ish (three if you include the first one in two parts xD) amazing things that happened at Anime North this year (Which was my first AN) ^^

The first was on Saturday, and for those of you that were there know there was a Black Butler voice acting panel with J. Michael Tatum. While waiting in line I got to know and befriend a Grell fan, and we became close pretty fast. Which then leads to the panel, and about halfway through she surprised me by asking J. Michael Tatum to 'propose' as Sebastian, to me, since I was cosplaying Grell. Then, in which Sebastian had 'made' a gum wrapper ring for Grell. So that really made my day on Saturday, and when we got back to the hotel, my other cosplay pals and I made a gum wrapper ring as a joke for me to wear to the signing the next day, and wondered if Michael would recognise it.

Which leads to Sunday xD
We were pretty late getting a hotel room, so unfortunately we got a hotel that was a ten minute drive from the con >< While me (cosplaying as Hatsune Miku), our Canada cosplayer, and our America cosplayer were waiting outside the hotel for my mom and our other 3 friends, most people were staring at us and giving us dirty looks before one man approaches us and asks us what we were doing, and we explained. He then proceeded to tell us he was on a holiday and then said "We don't have cool things like this in my country, I'm on a trip from Italy," and then asked us for a picture, stating he liked my hair. He was really cool xD And a little girl ran up and asked us what anime we were from, so she was really cute too X3 And part 2 of the proposal! lol
My friends and I FINALLY got to the front of the line xD I got my Sebastian and Ciel Ipod case signed and my Canada and America got their France picture signed (the rest of the group was at a panel) before I asked "Do you recognize this?" while holding out my hand. Michael laughed and told me he did before we got a picture with him, but then he stopped me before giving me a big hug and thanking me for being such a big fan and joking around about "Coming back after the proposal". I think meeting Michael though was the highlight of the weekend though ^^
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Unread 08-21-2013, 11:44 AM   #51
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hmm well i've only been to one con so far, this past Otakon, but I do have a couple of favourite moments from it.

getting my autograph from TMR.. I'm a bit shy and I was nervous that I would get all starstruck and not be able to say anything to him. but as I walked up to the table his handler was like "Oh I recognize your cosplay!" and then Nishikawa looked up and said "Ohhhhh D. Grayman! Sou desune!!!!" all excitedly. I was so happy that he recognized it and it broke the ice so I was able to tell him he should come to my area for a show next time he's in North America (he promised - I realize they promise everyone just to make people happy and it's likely BS - but it still made me grin like an idiot)

another nice cosplay moment, we were in a hurry to get to our next .. something, i dunno, a Q&A panel I think. We just crossed the entire lobby and were getting onto the escalator and I get grabbed from behind by the Millennium Earl lol. she says "I just chased you across the whole lobby, I need a picture with you" it was pretty awesome lol. I felt bad that I didn't notice her trying to get my attention that whole time but it was a nice compliment that she chased me that far for a pic since it was my first real effort at cosplay (I did one the day before but not one that I put a lot of work into)
(also my friend had to awkwardly come back down the up escalator hahaha)
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Unread 08-21-2013, 11:48 AM   #52
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I have a photo of my best moment from a con right here:
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Unread 08-21-2013, 12:14 PM   #53
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Best Cosplay-related:
Last year at Dragon*Con I went to the Webcomics panel. I got there minutes before it started and I was trying to quickly find a seat. I was dressed as Death, so I wasn't exactly blending in. One of the people on the panel looked out and went "Hey! There's Death!" and it was so cool.

Totally forgot. 2011 Dragon*Con: I was the Tenth Doctor from The Christmas Invasion for the Parade. A couple of teens called out from the side saying I'd better have a satsuma with me. When I pulled it out of my pocket, they were so happy. It was so cool!

Best Con memory period:
John Barrowman's cute little tushy. Seriously, he comes out for the panel, stands up on the chair, and pulls his pants down to show off his comic book undies and wonderful butt underneath it.
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Unread 08-21-2013, 12:45 PM   #54
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Lol I have a lot of short stories.

At Anime Expo last year I got sick so I was sitting most of the time, I was dressed as Captain Yoruichi from Bleach, not a lot of people knew who I was OR thought I was SoiFon, my boyfriend bought me a cat plush and I was playing with it and someone asked for a photo playing with the cat XD. I never did find that photo but just being asked while I was pretty down and feeling sick made me feel a lot better.

Fanime last year, was my debut of my Korra cosplay, a group of people walking by turned around amazed and someone in the group yelled "KORRA CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?!" It made my night.

Same con, same year, same cosplay, lol, one of my hair tubes for Korra fell out and I went to the bathroom to fix it. On my way out a girl walking by did not expect to see Korra coming out of the bathroom and flipped, she had a huge fan girl moment and almost fell over. XD I had to ask if she was okay.

At Kinyoobi this year, I was taking photos of my friend in her princess Vanellope outfit with King Candy and Krillin's (DBZ) English voice actor said HIII and then proceeded to photo bomb. It was awesome!!! He's such a great person.
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Unread 08-21-2013, 12:56 PM   #55
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I would think that this falls under 'best thing to happen to me at a con', though it still makes me nervous. This past Animazement, the Japanese VA for Gon (Hunter x Hunter) and her mother had a panel that I attended. I was cosplaying Rarity and noticed how they both pointed to a Fluttershy in the room as people were still coming in. Eventually, they saw me and both pointed to me as well (while still speaking Japanese). After the panel, they had an autograph session that I got in line for immediately afterwards. When it was my turn to get an autograph from them both, the mother (also a VA in Hunter x Hunter and the voice of Luna in Sailor Moon) noticed my Sailor Moon bag and commented on it. Then, the VA of Gon got excited to see me dressed as Rarity and asked to take MY photo! ^^;;;;; I was so nervous that my wig might have been out of place or that I'd look weird. To this day, I still have no idea what that picture looks like, but she seemed to like it very much. I didn't realize at the time that MLP was becoming a big hit in Japan.
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I guess the most recent one for me was at Anime Midwest, I was walking with my sister, (I as Merida and she as Mayuri from Bleach) and someone comes up behind me, puts there hand on my shoulder and Says over my shoulder, "You're oh so very brave" I had no idea who it was, though I thought it was a guest becuase I saw an impromptu autograph line earlier.

Fast forward to after the con, I find out that it was Chuck Huber he was a guest but he was not in the program book.
It was funny for me.
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Unread 08-21-2013, 04:28 PM   #57
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Maybe every time I met online friends in person, this years happened in the funniest way I could ever thing about.

There was this cosplayer who I first took a picture 4 years ago and then I've been looking at her cosplays. I've been watching her Deviantart account and I've been trying to be her friend without results, and when I finally gave up I took a pic of her in a con in this year and suddenly she asked me:

"Excuse me, are you Mau from Deviantart?"

Then we became friends
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