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Help with leather gun holsters!

I'm cosplaying Babydoll in March and have been having trouble with her holsters. I bought my whole costume with the holsters included but they're not very accurate, look kinda cheap, and are a little big on me. A big problem is when I holster the gun it also makes it droop to one side. I just really don't want to wear them :/

Luckily I found a used one that was custom made with 100% leather for $10 on eBay (a miracle I know!) that originally sell for $200 on etsy. The problem is they are also just a bit too big and tend to slip off my shoulders. I think its because the straps the cross on the back are too big/long and possibly because the shoulder straps are too long as well.

The thread in one spot has also come apart but it's not noticeable right now.

Any suggestions? I can't afford to buy a new holster and I don't have the skill to make one either. Is there any way I can fix this myself or have it repaired at a reasonable price?

This is a reference picture of another cosplayer and how they are supposed to look.

Thanks for any help!
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This looks like it would be pretty easy to fix, especially the cross in the back. What have they used to secure them? My assumption is they've used leather rivets that hammer together and look like this. They're similar to denim/jeans rivets but are longer to account for the thickness of the leather.

So all you'd need to do is cut off the original rivets (from the back, if you don't have any tools use the little cutting section on a pair of pliers to mangle your way in and cut them, or you can drill them out from the back with a drill bit that is a tiny bit larger than the rivet hole), and then shorten the cross straps, recut, punch new holes in the cross straps and rivet it back together.

If the shoulder straps are too long and the holsters are sitting too low on your torso, the quickest way would be to put in some new notches higher in the shoulderstraps and retie the thonging. The holsters themselves will hide the excess and the original holes. If you do this make sure you're careful with your cutting so that the leather doesn't risk tearing, and you might want to consider reinforcing the back of the new notches.

Hope that helped. :/
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Agree with Nostrum. I have a Crop-O-Dile (Scrap booking tool) and it's so powerful it punches leather like butter, see if anyone you know owns one to borrow and make quick work of that job.
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On the place where the leather has come apart in the second photo, you can probably get away with just fixing that with contact cement. You brush it onto both sides of the leather, let it dry, and then press them together. Then you whack it with a wooden or rubber mallet or the spine of a large book, or ya know, whatever. In a pinch, you could alternatively use rubber cement, it just isn't as strong.

Chances are it is stitched in such a way that the fray won't increase. If not, or you want to properly fix it, you need to do a saddle stitch. It should be pretty easy to find saddle stitching instructions on Youtube. As long as the holes are pre-punched, it's almost as easy as lacing up a pair of shoes.
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Thanks for all of the advice, hopefully I will be able to fix them up without any problems!
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