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Unread 01-30-2013, 07:04 PM   #1
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What kinda exercises do I need to do to look like this?

I look something like the first picture, and I'd like to look like the third one, toned.
I know I need to do cardio but I dunno what kinda strength exercises I need to do.
Please help!!
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Unread 02-01-2013, 05:19 PM   #2
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I would suggest lifting weights. Heavy weights. As a girl you are not going to get the bulky muscles like men get because you don't have enough testosterone in your body. Lifting heavy weights will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat even when you aren't working out. I used to be like the first picture and now I am more like the second working my way to the third. My workout consists of working out 5-6 days a week at least for 30 minutes.

I do three days of workout then a day rest and another three days, so most of the time I only workout 5 days but one week I workout 6 days. I do at least three days of weights which is 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. The weights I do is squats, 3x5 increasing the weights each time to the point where I can barely do the last one. 3x5 pull ups and 3x5 dips. For both of those I use weight assistance so I am only really lifting about 100 lbs. The best kind of weight lifting exercises are the ones that work multiple muscle groups such as squats, dead lifts, pull ups, push ups, dips, ect. I have this rope climb machine at the gym that you can change the resistance on and you sit on a bench and just pull the rope through a pulley system. It is very hard. In one minute I burn roughly 20 calories and it works everything in my upper body.

As for cardio I suggest high intensity training. So jogging for 5 minutes and sprints for 30 seconds is an example. If you use any type of machine just go harder for 30 seconds every 5 minutes or bump up the resistance. Anything that makes your heart rate increase for a little bit of time.

I also suggest looking into supplements and protein powders to help build the muscles. I've been taking creataine for the past few days and I have noticed a difference in how much I can lift. Its said you can notice a difference in a few days and I have. I suggest it as well.
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Strength exercises you need to do?

Some variant of the bench press
Some variant of the squat
Some variant of deadlift

Then you could include an exercise for the different heads of the shoulders like raises(front, side, rear), something for triceps(dips) and biceps(preacher curls), and lats(lat pulldown).

There's a lot you could do, but generally what's recommended is that you do compound movements, usually some variant of the big three, and supplement those with isolation exercises. You should train everything so it's in proportion, and to also avoid injury because one muscle group dominates another in an exercise.

And while creatine can work, don't waste your money if you're not serious about lifting. It's not some magical potion. Just starting out you don't even know how much you can possibly exert yourself to need creatine to provide you that extra energy. Save your money, fix your diet, buy more protein, and learn the basic lifts before worrying about supplements.
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