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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
I think making a costume which accents your body type is what takes cosplay to the next level. It fits tightly where it needs to be. It fits snugly where it needs to be.
After all, clothes are just there as a tool to upgrade your appearance and likewise for cosplay.
The most defining characteristics of anime character or anything are their curves.
I'm going to take this to another, similar, place and say that I like it when a cosplayer breaks free and modifies the costume to suit their body rather than modifying their body to suit the costume. I feel like there's a mindset that a costume has to be "screen accurate" all the time or it's not acceptable. The fact is that we don't all have the same body type as the character. A good costume belongs to the wearer, not to the character it is modeled after.

Also, interpretation of empty space. The nature of animation and graphic novels means that a character is drawn smaller than life size and simplified. No one wants to animate/repeatedly draw out lots of detail. A faithful cosplay is "accurate," but there's not enough detail to fill all the extra space. It looks empty. Even if they don't appear on the original, I like to see epaulettes, shoulder boards, military cords, beadwork, trim, contrasting highlights, ruffles, patterned fabric, lace, etc.
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Patience is a real virtue when its comes to this craft. Many of the costumes that really stand out on this site have literally taken months to even a year or more to make. That is the amount of time you will need to make something of high quality especially if you are new to craft of making cosplays like I am. Never be afraid to ask for help from others who have done it before which I am also doing so I can both make and learn how to do it myself at the same time.

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Props always make a cosaply better in my opinion. Having a wooden star fish if you're cosplaying Fuko or the London A-Z book if you're Sherlock can really make a difference. I always smile when I see a reference to the show/book in the costume.
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What always impresses me is when people do stuff the difficult way. It just shows the love and devotion on a whole different level if someone for example makes an automail for their Edward Elric cosplay instead of just covering the hand with the gloves or crafts that pervy book for a Kakashi cosplay.

I'm also a big fan of doing stuff the authentic way if it's possible. Finding out how an actual kimono looks like before rushing to make something close enough. Doing a bit of research on the type of clothing of the time if it's a historical series.

A good makeup is also something I like, because it's my own weak-point. So I respect anyone that can do it really well.
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Originally Posted by Oniigiri_Basket View Post
Having a good wig is really important. It doesn't matter how great your costume is, if your wig looks like it came from Party City or Wal Mart, it's going to make the whole thing look mediocre.
Along the lines of this, some cosplays look made really well, and then they have no wig. I would rather not see a crappy wig on a costume, as I explained to a friend the other day, wigs can make or break the costume, but it also bothers me when there is no wig. Now in some cosplays, regular hair looks fine. But most of the characters I see around cons need a wig.

I also feel that props and amazing attention to detail will make a costume so much more. I am working on Veran right now and I don't have a prop, so I'm paying close attention to small details here and there. But I am also debating on making a prop, I was thinking about getting one of those rubber balls from walmart or something and covering it in that loose flowing fabric like they do for the Halloween cauldrons. I was thinking if I could make a little 'fireball' I could use that as a prop and use it for great poses!

In reality it really is the small attention to detail, props, wigs, good quality items. People will be able to tell if you just threw the costume together with no thought and care. That's why I make sure I have at least 3-6 months to work on my costumes before the cons because I do not want to be that person rushing at the last minute. My amaterasu was not rushed, and it looked really good considering it was my first made cosplay. I am redoing her to make her better now that my skills have slightly improved and that I got inspired to add more detail like more layers and beading/embroidery and a small pair of angel wings. But as long as you take your time and care for your cosplay, it'll look amazing!
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I'm looking for things that makes a cosplay really stand out, because I'm going to start entering serious competitions soon, and at some point I really do want to win. So far what I have found out is that lights makes even a simple costume look amazing! And of course there is attention to detail. An eye catching costume should look good when you see it from across the room, but a really great costume should also look amazing up close. You need something to catch the eye, for example an armor, a big dress or lights. But when you get up close, that is when you really should get blown away because of the attention to the little details.
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Originally Posted by Larcenciel View Post
The things that I notice are:

Oversized costumes
Full suit costumes
Costumes with working lights
Big gorgeous dresses
Underdone characters I know

Those are usually my "eye-catching" things.
I agree, those are usually the costumes that seem to stand out. However, small details that can be seen up close can also pull the costume together ^^
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