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Unread 01-24-2013, 02:37 AM   #1
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Not good enough for nice photos?

I just have this weird thing that is going on. I've only been cosplaying a short time and I try to do my best (like everyone here haha) but... I still am scared asking people to do shoots of my outfits at con this year. I feel it's presumptuous to think that my CRAP outfits are good enough to get good pictures of....
Anyone else get this way?
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Unread 01-24-2013, 04:10 AM   #2
That's right, worship me.
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As sad as it is to say, cosplay is going down a road that is ALL about photography, and very little about the costume any more.

Since your costume's real life audience is limited to those who see you at an event, your photos are what the rest of the cosplaying population are going to know you by. So, an amazing shot of an okay costume will get you more international notice, rather than an amazing costume with okay photos.

It's horrible to sum it up like this, I know. But it's also heartbreaking to put so much work into something, and then not have the photos to really showcase it.

Now me... I have no problem with my costumes, but my face is too ugly to have good photos taken. But I find being willing to admit my flaws to my photographers really helps. I tell them what I don't like about my looks, and most see it as a challenge to try not capture what I don't want the world to see.

If you're worried about your costumes in shots, let the photographer know! This is their art, just as cosplay is yours.

My advice - it never hurts to ask. What's the worst that can happen? They turn you down. You just have to move on, and ask someone else, until you get the answer you want. ^_^
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Unread 01-24-2013, 04:29 AM   #3
S. M. R. T. I mean...
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It's never as bad as you think it is, really. Everyone has their insecurities whether they would admit it or not. You worked on your costume and you chose it, be proud of your choice and enjoy it.
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Unread 01-24-2013, 10:12 AM   #4
Rose of Battle
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I am always amazed by how good photographers can make me look in some photos. It's always a nice surprise and a good experience to have! I have a couple of friends who photographers, and it's a nice experience working with them to make really nice photos. You do the best you can on your costume, and they'll do the best they can to make it look amazing in a photo.

A nice photo of yourself is also a great self-esteem booster, or at least it has been for me.
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Unread 01-24-2013, 11:57 AM   #5
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I haven't read all the other comments yet (rushing to get ready kinda), but I'm a beginner cosplayer I would say... Well. I took a long break and now I'm back, but I know how to do craft and sew.
I still ask for photoshoots if I can and feel my outfit is at least DECENT. My reason being just so I can have nice picture to look and kind of.. uh.. "critique" myself? And to store for future purposes.

Otherwise, I almost never take pictures of my own cosplay because my camera isn't that great and I always forget. And then oh boy. Hunting down pictures that people took of you at a convention is some real task. And most of the time they're amateur, blurry pics.

So yeah. I like photoshoots for practically, I would say? It's really not that bad ^^
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Unread 01-24-2013, 01:06 PM   #6
Red Princess
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Hmmm, to me, I don't think no matter how horrible a cosplay is, if I feel like I worked hard on it and tried my best, then it's the best to my ability and I can't do much about that. And even if compared to others is horrible, I still would want pictures to be taken of it anyways. Because come on, I worked on it, money had to be used, etc, so there is no way I'm not going to not capture a photo of my best attempt at a cosplay.

Though rather a cosplay is bought, made amazingly/poorly, I want to take everyone's pictures (not possible, but a nice dream, haha). Because we all made some kind of effort to get the results and let's admit it, taking photos can be a lot of fun during a photoshoot. :3 I'm slowly trying to become a better photographer and be some kind of a service to the cosplay community, especially locally where I live. ‘Nice’ photos do bring out a pleasant look to a cosplay and the reason why I think a lot of people seek them out. And I don't think that's wrong, nor does it make me sad. To have 'nice' photos of cosplay you made/bought is always awesome (and also can make nice memories). :3

I say don’t be afraid to ask photographers to do a photoshoot with you! You may never know what they say and they could even end up overly excited. I mean, I would be super happy if a cosplayer asked me for a shoot and if I wasn’t so shy, I would ask anyone I come across with. Haha. I think photographers became photographers because they loved it so much in the first place. :3 So don’t be afraid to ask!
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Unread 02-19-2013, 03:06 PM   #7
All Rise!
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I've never asked a photographer to do a photoshoot for me, unless we were friends. Lets face it. Most con photographers are male and most cosplayers are female. So, I'm rarely asked to do photoshoots.... haha!

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Unread 02-19-2013, 06:06 PM   #8
The Ducktape Queen
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I have been asked by photographer to take photos and I have the same reaction. "who? ME?"

I think we all think lower of ourselves sometimes...especially at a con where there are 100s of beautiful cosplays all around you that are a thousand times better than yours (or so you feel).

Take the compliment and try to build your confidence. I"m in the same boat, every cosplay I feel a little better about my skill level, and every year a feel a little less self-conscience about my looks. :P
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Unread 02-19-2013, 07:46 PM   #9
Eli Ebberts
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Photogs can do amazing things! They make my costumes look better than they do! And anyway once you get better or more experienced you're gonna wish that you had some nice photos of your costumes so that you can show them off or see the comparison. (:
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Unread 02-19-2013, 07:50 PM   #10
Love Way Connection
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This is pretty much how I feel right now haha. So far I've only had close friends take photos of me, but I'd really like to work with someone that actually calls themselves a "photographer." But I'm afraid that they'll either be disappointed come photoshoot time or disappointed with the end result OR they'll just flat out say I'm not good enough. >.<
But I'm going to forget about this fear and ask some photographers when Anime Expo rolls around, if they're willing to do a short photoshoot with me. I guess you'll never know until you try! ^_^ Good luck to you !
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Unread 02-19-2013, 08:48 PM   #11
Kazuto Kirigaya
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My face always looks fat in pictures. (I seriously hate being black and having black features). At the moment I don't feel even close to good enough for a photo. And most people who take pictures of me always seem to catch my bad side. Every photo of me looks disgusting.
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Unread 02-19-2013, 11:47 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by Melanie View Post
As sad as it is to say, cosplay is going down a road that is ALL about photography, and very little about the costume any more.
I think it depends. It's really how you make it work for you. I get what you're saying tho, because I do think that generally speaking, someone can become more known as a cosplayer now-a-days by posting tricked out images on the internet versus simply winning a contest for making a really detailed costume. At least, I think you do reach a LARGER audience with the former...

But I mean, if you make something, whether or not you think it's really good, there's nothing wrong with wanting some cool pictures of your work. There's swag in that: You made it, no one else will ever replicate that look or that moment. That's legit. Count it.

People have different strengths. There are cosplayers who "costume" really well, and cosplayers who "role-play" the part really well, too. Many do both nicely (Yaya Han is a very strong example of this). I'm sure you could categorize that dissection even further, but either way, I think photography can be tailored to highlight any cosplayer's unique talents and strengths. That's one aspect of cosplay that makes it a true art imao; it allows everyone a voice.
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I think that if the photographer is offering timeslots for photoshoots then it is perfectly acceptable to ask for a desired time. Otherwise I'd wait for them to ask me or ask a friend to take shots on my own camera.
I like having photos so I can see my own progress, personally. And I'm always the one to want to snap shots of my friends Nothing to feel bad about.

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Originally Posted by nyokun View Post
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Unread 02-20-2013, 10:41 AM   #14
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Oh man, I feel this way. Even when my friends are offering them out I feel too scared to ask because I'm really just an extremely average cosplayer and I don't want to waste their time u_u
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Unread 02-20-2013, 02:07 PM   #15
it's a sparkly!
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photographers are people too and they have time constraints and their own lives and their own preferences.

My comments in this are not based on looking at anyone's cosplays or judging them, I'm just trying to help for those who consider themselves to be beginner.

I think it helps to have a decent camera of your own and a friend or sig other who can take ok photos of you with it. Start with that. Then you aren't counting on others or feeling crappy if someone nebulous body of photographers don't ask you for a photoshoot.
When my husband first started costuming at a con, he didn't understand why even though a decent amount of people took photos of him at the con, why when he came home, he could never find any online...

Basically, unless you take the photo yourself or are good friends with the photographer there's no guarantee you'll ever see the photo. I've done shoots with "famous" photographers before and some very talented ones. There have been a couple shoots where they just never EVER posted photos from it. They just couldn't be bothered even though our group obviously bothered to all make costumes and get together and get dressed for his shoot...
And then many photographers where I'm lucky to get one or two photos from them even though we shot with them for an hour and got dressed just to shoot with them.

I feel very lucky to have a couple friends who will spend a lot of time shooting with me and then will give me a lot of nice photos. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I'd end up doing!

But I never depend on some random photographer I don't know just seeing me and somehow thinking I'm amazing and asking for a photoshoot. That's like standing in the middle of a crowd and hoping that someone will ask to marry you or something. You have to reach out to photographers who are going to the con you are, or who live near you, etc. I usually only do this for costumes that I'm particularly proud of or want to do some kind of epic photoshoot with.

Some photographers do free shoots for just about anyone and you should look into those photographers! I'm not sure if they still do it but Lionel (lionboogy) and EuroBeatKing do a lot of shoots for folks of a variety of skill levels, etc. I'm sure there are more.

and as to photography being the road of cosplay... well a great photo can make an ok costume look more amazing and an amazing costume look epic. As someone who loves good craftsmanship and loves crazy detailed costumes... I still really appreciate great photography and I'll typically make great efforts to get good photos of my costumes. I'll go to great lengths if a good photographer is willing to spend time photographing me in a location that will result in good photos. After all the work of the costume, I feel like having a few great photos of it is kind of the culmination. But then I've been going to conventions and cosplaying since 2000, sometimes I get tired of the convention situation and I would rather do photoshoots and hang out with a small group of friends than a large convention.

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