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Need advice on Sora cosplay!

This is my first post here, and I think I accidentally posted it to general chat but I couldn't find it when I searched it so...? Anyway, here it is (possibly again, because I'm a fart).

I'm cosplaying KH1 Sora. All I have so far is a binder.

I've heard this one is good (http://arda-wigs.com/products/jareth), but lightinthebox also sells a Sora wig for under $20 that I think, with a bit of styling, could be good. How's the quality of lightinthebox's wigs? Also, any other wig suggestions? I'll be using Saeru's guide here (http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=112871#) unless there's a better one out there.


Again, using Saeru's guide (http://cosplay.com/showpost.php?p=1886172&postcount=3). Was going to grab some clown shoes and another cheap pair of shoes and wing it from there. Suggestions?

Jacket, jumper, gloves:

Fabric suggestions? Guide suggestions? Is there a pattern out there? And there's only one website that sells the big zippers, right? If anybody has the link to that and wants to post it here that'd be awesome.

Belt, pouches:

Again, material/building suggestions?


I was going to buy plywood for the handle and the blade itself and PVC for the pipe part. Must I really cover all the wood in spackle or papier-mache and then sand it? Also, anybody know how to get the tapering on the blade without sticking your hand far too close to a chop/radial arm saw? Suggestions for the detailing (all the round bits near the handle; also material for the grip on the handle) would be awesome. Also any guide suggestions are much appreciated.

Necklace, keychain, crown chain hanging from belt:

Wood and chain? Or, since they're such a small pieces and would be difficult to carve, should I just use foam? Or should I invest in premade crowns/a Mickey head from somewhere like eBay?

If you read this whole megalith, so much love. If you reply, even more love! Any and all suggestions are hella appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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Hey, I've done 2 sora cosplays (as well as the one I just gave up on due to money and so forth) so far, so I think I can help ya here.

Do NOT buy the LITB one. That site is horrible and a scam site. The jereth, while being good, isn't needed on price. They also sell a wig called Jaguar. I've used it for both (and was gonna redo for this latest one) and this was the result:
Obviously not the BEST styling ever, but you can see it still is plenty good enough.
Oh and get warm light brown color.

Or get a punky wig (don't know the best place to get those anymore though) in a light brown

I can't tell you too much on the shoes..I used her tutorial too and altered it for what I had already. I used dress shoes for my Limit Drive Form cosplay, so I used different colors, but I didn't find the same clown shoes she has, so I went to party city and got red ones. I had to make covers for the right color. This is my result so far:
Obviously again, not finished but you can see that they aren't bad at all. I just used vinyl rather then the foam/fabric combo.

For the Kingdom Key? If you want, you can PM me for a tutorial on mine:

Necklace you can see in the pic. I used cardboard and layered crown cutouts to make the charm..The chain is a white plastic chain I painted with silver spray paint. I put 2 "pin backs" (when you get a pin it's the thing like a safty pin in the back of it) and glued them on the back, that way when I want to put on and take off the necklace all I have to do is open the pin and it comes right off.

For the chain I'm guessing now that you are talking about kh1. If this is true, I have to take back the wig color above..I don't know for sure if this is the version you want so..If you want KH1, the wig color would be a slightly darker brown, like spanish brown for that wig..Anyway onto the chain. You can make this out of anything really. I would make it out of clay. Get silver sculpy and make a ton of little crown shaped and put holes in the tops and bottoms of them so you can put circle links in there (these would be just like you would see on a necklace that holds the clasp onto the chain). Then also attach it to the belt. By micky head, do you mean the one on the keyblade chain? Because that's where that is, not on the belt chain..You can make one like mine out of cardboard layers. then that white chain I mentioned above, you can cut one in half so you hace a U shape then stick it in between layers of cardboard when you are glueing it.

Anything else I would be glad to help you with. And if for any reason you can't do any of this yourself, I am a commissioner. I am also selling my keyblade and limit form cosplay (this means the necklace too, which I can sell alone) if needed.
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