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Goblin King Jareth Cosplay Help

I want to cosplay as Jareth from Jim Hensen's "The Labyrinth". I'm looking to buy the wig, the tights, the boots, anything and everything to make up the character. I really want to come out with something high-quality and cool. I can't sew to save my life, so any sources you can find or if there are any custom costume makers who are interested, I'm eager to work with you.

I know he has several costumes in the film, but I think I would like to do something a little different than the norm. It seems everyone goes with the classic "Dance Magic" look with the gray tights and white blouse, or his "As the World Falls Down" getup with the glittery blue coat. I think if I *had* to choose from the film, I would go with the "Within You" costume. But if I can, I hope to put together or have custom-made a new costume, something still obviously Jareth but different.

I'm 22 and female and it will definately be hard to pull off, especially since I look nothing like David Bowie. I hope to do a prosthetic makeup to fix that, but even so, I am still going to need help, especially with my shape and body. I'm open to advice as well as costume help. For example, is it possible to flatten my boobs and still have the illusion of an open collar so I can show off the pendent? What about the all so famous buldge? Do I just shove a sock in there or is there a better way?

The other issue is the wig. I've looked up wigs for Jareth and mullet wigs in general, and all of them are awful. Do I just buy a blonde wig and style it how I want? Any help with that would be appreciated as well.

Thank you all and I'll be in touch!
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I cosplayed this same character as well. can't help you much with the hair as my haircut worked well. There are binders for the chest thing, I used sports bras and unbuttoned my shirt enough to only see the top of the chest. Yes, the bulge is important. I just stuffed a men's sock, so it looks like you have the right idea! And you can use prosthetics, but honestly just strategic shading with makeup can make a huge difference.
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I used a Punky wig from Amphigory and trimmed it a bit. I have used either sports bandages or a compression vest to hide my chest. I highly recommend the compression vest, which is around $35 from Underworks. Much more comfortable and easier to wear. You can buy a "packer", which is a soft cock&balls, and wear that in your pants for a more authentic look and feel. (I had someone grab my ass in a Jareth costume, though not my fake junk.)
You can try creating the illusion of cheekbones with contour makeup, rather than applying prosthetic pieces. It depends on what you look like. Practice and don't be afraid to try weird things in the privacy of your own home.
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So... hope this isn't a thread necro, but this is one of the most recent discussions I could find! Did you make any progress on finding the parts for this costume?

I'm a male in my 30's and very interested in doing this costume, the one from the Magic Dance song. I can't find any tights that are as high as what he's wearing there, so I think I might have to do with a grey unitard with a v-neck, or cut the neck low in one. Then maybe create the pattern on the legs somehow.

I haven't had a lot of luck finding boots either they seem to be high heel type boots, but have a wide high heel part to them, and are almost knee high. I am not sure if any place sells things like them. I got some Russian tanker boots that are almost like these but the heel is only like 1" so no cigar.

I figure I can make the vest and improvise the shirt and sleeves, plus craft the amulet and riding crop, but finding the tights and boots has me blocked. The wig I can even probably find easily enough. The only remaining thing that I'm unsure about is the makeup.... not sure if I can get a good enough effect without removing my eyebrows and that's not really an option for me.
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