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Labrys's axe (P4A)

So I'm working on Labrys cosplay for a con that is held in September. It's going to be genderbend cosplay, since I don't really want to put myself in a dress (and a friend is doing genderbend Aigis). But anyway, I need a bit of an advice for the prop.

I actually do have a hang of the materials I'm going to use but here's my questions:

- I want to make the blade/s and the handle dismountable (is that the right word?) for transportation. What would be the best way to so?

My height is about 170cm so the prop is going to be pretty much as tall as me. But my ways to trasportation are pretty much bus or train only, and I want to make this prop easily moved around. It's going to be huge but even having the handle and blades separate makes the transportation easier.

- This is more about the materials. I'm most likely going to use some sort of plastic pipe for the handle (I don't know the English name) and either foam or cellular plastic (again, not sure if that's the right English term but it's the kind of 'foam' you use as a caming mattress). I have made quite few bigger props out of the cellular plastic thing (one big sword for exsample) and it looks pretty good when painted and coated. I was also thinking some sort of thick cardboard for the blades? I don't know what material to use for those pipe thingies tho.

Any help is appreaciated. I saw couple threads about this same prop but since neither of them were about my first question so I made a new thread.

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Find a cheap mop, broom, or push-brush where the head can be unscrewed from the handle. Saw off the mop part so you're just left with a threaded cylinder of wood or plastic that goes onto the end of the broomstick. Sand or rasp the edges clean as needed. Embed that cylinder into the ferrule (the part where the blade is connected to the handle) of your blade. Lock it in place with some epoxy adhesive (don't get any epoxy on the threads).

The name of the pipe you are talking about is PVC pipe. At that diameter, it is a little wobbly. A wood, metal, or composite broom handle will be much sturdier.

The technical name of the "cellular plastic" you're talking about is "closed-cell polyethylene foam". It's great stuff.

If by "pipe thingies" you mean the blue hoses, see if you can find 1/4'' or larger soft copper tubing. It should be sold at the hardware store in a coil. It is soft enough that you can bend it by hand, but once you bend it, it becomes work-hardened, so it won't bend back. This is good because it will give stiffness to the otherwise flimsy foam blade. Cut each piece to length either using a specialty pipe-cutter, or a hacksaw. If the tubing you get is too thin to match the prop, you can wrap the tubes in sheets of craft foam (technical term PVA-foam) to get the desired diameter. Use spray-adhesive to get the foam to stick to the copper tubing (or to get the foam to stick to more foam if you need to use multiple layers).
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I don't think PVC pipes alone would be appropriate as a handle. In the past I have used PVC pipes in conjunction with wooden dowels filling the center void. The wood adds a lot of stiffness to the structure by virtue of material properties and geometry.

I find that this sort of configuration gives a very strong structure, especially at the joint since you can have as long a dowel running into the axe head as you can muster and not just a threaded joint that would be a mere inch or two in length. By having judicious use of PVC pipes, unions and other premade joints you can make all kinds of collapsible nonsense. I made a Nami staff that came apart into 3 pieces with little issue using this method.

Additionally on this thread I hypothesized how to make all of the components of the axe using previously used techniques that I have tried out on other props.

Good luck and happy cosplay!

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Thank you so much, both for the ideas and help!
Yeah my English is not very skilled so thanks Verdatum for the proper terms!

I was actually thinkin about a broom to use as the handle, but wasn't sure about how it would work. But yes, it sounds and actually is much better idea than pvc pipe.

I shall get on work as soon as I can. Thank you again both!
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