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Unread 02-21-2013, 10:40 PM   #1
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How do you deal with long car rides to cons?

So, I'm going to be going to a convention in about a month that's a ten or so hour drive away from me, and I'm generally not a fan of really, really long car rides. I'm not driving, and it's going to be me, two friends, and one of the friend's mother (the latter being the driver.)

I was just wondering, do guys have any particular games you play or ways to pass the time during car rides to cons? Sometimes my friends and I will play Uno (which gets frustrating when in a moving vehicle after a while), or we'll play word games, the "one word story" games, ridiculous singing, etc., but it can only keep us entertained so long. So how do you guys pass time?

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Unread 02-21-2013, 10:58 PM   #2
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Take sleeping pills if you don't want to hate everyone in the car by the end of it? I honestly don't know how to answer this, I have never had a ride over 4 hours that was even the slightest bit enjoyable after that point. I still shudder every time I hear Hips Don't Lie because someone decided to play it on repeat for 6h of a 9h drive.

I don't know, bring a bunch of songs that are fun for groups to sing, like Bohemian Rhapsody and Paradise By the Dashboard Light.
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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:00 PM   #3
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Well I'm the one usually driving so...

I agree with the taking sleeping pills.

The best thing to do on a car ride is sleep. It makes time go by much faster. When I go with my friend's family to AnimeNorth(where I don't drive) I usually have my iPod and DS with me so I just listen to music and play on that when my friend and I don't want to talk to each other.
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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:01 PM   #4
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Well.... My friend and I managed to learn the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme in Japanese on our most recent car ride, and thoroughly pissed my mother off in the process xD

We usually split our time singing, squealing about how awesome the con will be, playing I Spy or similar things, and sometimes we'll bring our DS' or other gaming systems and play those. (But most of our car trips are only 3 hours long, at max. I've never had to fill ten hours with singing and Pokemon.)

We watch movies on our laptops too, thats a really great time killer.

EDIT: Definitely agreeing with the sleeping pills, especially if its an overnight ride! I've had to take trips up to Michigan with my little brother (12+ hours from where I live), and I have to knock myself out before hand, otherwise I'll want to knock him out halfway through the trip.

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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:41 PM   #5
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Make absolutely sure you stop every few hours. Get out, stretch your legs, change seating arrangements. It doesn't matter if your car is packed full with props and stuff and repacking is a pain. If you don't move every now and then, chances are someone will be executed by the time you guys arrive.

I don't count quiet time as bad. If everyone is just listening to music and staring pensively out the window (except the driver), it almost makes the time go by faster for people like me who can only handle so much people-time. On that note, don't rely on the radio to always provide good music. Bring mixed CDs, bring an MP3 player attachment, bring some alternative source of music that will not let you down.

Snacking is a legitimate form of entertainment on a car ride.

Unhelpful post here, bro.

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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:42 PM   #6
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A 10 hour car ride? Man.. I don't really know. That's brutal.

I recently went on a 14 hours car ride, an I was definitely going crazy by the end of it, and that's WITH switching out driving part of the time. If you have the ability, I'd say pit stops to get out of the car and walk around for a bit, eat and do whatever are a must. Things to do in the car though? I brought a ton of junk food, a couple books, my iPod, a sketch book, and my laptop with a few pre-downloaded movies.

That trip has made me swear off ever doing long road rips, or if i have to, no more than 8 hours in the car. Period. I hate being cooped up that long.
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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:43 PM   #7
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Well I've never travelled far to a convention as I live in a small country but I've been on long trips before.

Usually what I do is charge my ipod and have at least four hours of songs on it. I listen to that on my ipod which really helps pass the time. If you have anything you can play a DVD on too, that can help. Or try to take a sketchbook and draw some art some of the way. It really helps pass the time.
Otherwise sleeping is good if you have the ability.
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Unread 02-21-2013, 11:49 PM   #8
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My friends and I play anime/vidoe game character themed 20 questions. Are you a girl? Yes. Pink hair? No. Blonde? Yes. Shoujo character? Yes. Ect ect ect (It gets more complicated and is super fun) Took them sooooo long to get Sailor Moon I was so disappoint it was so obvious XD
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Unread 02-22-2013, 12:09 AM   #9
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I've done car rides like that before. For con car rides, I usually surprise my friends each con with an absolutely insane mix-tape style CD. It's become a bit of a tradition. We do a lot of singing, and quite a bit of banter. Laptops and portable gaming systems are quite common as well. We're all very conversational sorts though, so it's not hard for us to fill a car ride with singing and banter alone. I'm usually the driver for con trips, though. Trust me, driver gets last call on driving and music matters, even though I usually relegate music-duty to navcom. You want the driver to be as happy and focused and comfy as possible for a long ride like that.
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Unread 02-22-2013, 12:37 AM   #10
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That's a painfully long car ride :/ Depending on who you're with, that can change the options. If you're with family, I say sleep and maybe bring a mp3 player. If you're with friends...time to blast some music and sing along ^.^ That's what I do anyways for long trips XD
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Unread 02-22-2013, 01:05 AM   #11
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How do I pass the time? I drive. I will never drive in Alabama again though....SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY STRAIGHT LINES!
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Unread 02-22-2013, 01:40 AM   #12
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I haven't been on a long car trip to a con but I have been to every state in the US in one extremely long road trip of 1 and a half months. Most of the time I ate whatever was around me because it was so boring. I gained 40 pounds that vacation... Other than that, I am pretty creative so me and my sisters just made up a buncha games (like building a fort out of our noodle boxes and having war with between the middle seat and the back seat), make up stories (we did a sentence rather than word), and listen to music. The games really depend on what you and your company would like though. It was kinda hard to sleep since I hate sleeping in cars but it definitely is a time killer. I sleep on planes a lot since I do a lot of traveling.
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Unread 02-22-2013, 02:03 AM   #13
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Every year my group makes an 8 hour trip for A-kon, and we usually have two to three cars. So sometimes we have walkie talkies that we tell jokes through or dumb stuff. In the car itself we talk and listen to music. Usually discuss cosplay stuff, the bands that will be at the con, what we expect of the con... If I'm in a car with a cosplay partner, we talk about posing or things we can do that will make us stand out. We also talk about our contest entries. But generally we talk about all sorts of stuff. There's always stops for gas and food, so that gives you time to stretch. I can't sleep in cars, so I can't say anything on that.

The longest trip I've made for a con was 16 hours from Memphis to Orlando for the Star Wars Celebration. It would have been better if one of our friends that went with us didn't want to listen to all the Star Wars movies on his iPod. And the fact that he's a heavy smoker, so every time we stopped he smoked two or three cigarettes before getting back in the car with four non-smokers. That was a bit tough.
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Unread 02-22-2013, 06:49 AM   #14
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Make sure everyone has a way of playing Four Swords on 3DS or whatever.
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Unread 02-22-2013, 06:59 AM   #15
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Music seems to do the trick usually. Also what the OP already said: Playing card games or word games (except that in the former case the driver wouldn't be able to play when driving)

I don't mind long hour drives. I could drive for 5 hours straight, stop for a while for food/rest/etc., and then go on for another 5 hours, and I won't get tired of it. I guess it's the scenery that I enjoy while I drive lol
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