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Unread 04-01-2013, 12:55 AM   #1
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The things we do for love

Recently me and my boyfriend got into a discussion. I showed him a picture of a Amyrose cosplay and i was planning on dropping the skirt and going to kneehighs instead and he protested. I gave him a deal, i'll keep the skirt as is if he goes as the sonic in the pic, which is mancandy cute. Which gave him the dilemma, get me in a miniskirt and be in a bishonen sonic cosplay or no sonic and longer skirt......He chose the sonic

Which got me to thinkin,

What sort of stuff have us cosplayer make our significant others go through for our craft?
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I don't have a boyfriend story(as I've never had a boyfriend), but my sister knows I absolutely hate pink. She convinced me to cosplay as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts telling me she'd do Namine. I hate pink but for my sister I agreed. She ended up not getting her cosplay done in time and I was stuck in a pink dress xP
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Unread 04-01-2013, 10:10 AM   #3
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I won't cosplay a character I don't like or a character is not in my list no matter what anyone says. I can love my bf, friends and family a lot, but I can't love any of them more than myself. I just can't o_O
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Unread 04-01-2013, 11:01 AM   #4
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You're saying you want a longer skirt but your boyfriend said no?
I mean, dress with what you're comfortable with hun.. It will show in pictures if you're uncomfortable.
If your boyfriend's not okay with that, you may have a bigger problem D:
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Unread 04-01-2013, 11:40 AM   #5
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Hmmm, well my boyfriend has never protested to any cosplay I planned on wearing. I guess the most he's ever done for me is cosplay as Cilan and Adachi for me because he knew I would be happier with him as my cosplay partner (since at that time I didn't have many cosplay friends). It worked out though because now he enjoys cosplaying so it was a win/win XD
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Originally Posted by AshofRebirth View Post
You're saying you want a longer skirt but your boyfriend said no?
I mean, dress with what you're comfortable with hun.. It will show in pictures if you're uncomfortable.
If your boyfriend's not okay with that, you may have a bigger problem D:

Though, in my personal experience, the most I've done for a significant other is offer to do a costume with them...that I know I will enjoy doing. If I know I won't enjoy it, I'll tell them and won't agree with it. If they fight with me about it? I fight back. If they keep trying to force me into something I don't want to do, there's obviously a bigger problem to work out with them. Simple as that.
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Unread 04-01-2013, 07:27 PM   #7
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If you'll be comfortable I think it's fine because doing things that may be pushing yourself or not necessarily what you would have thought to do for friends or partners is a pretty reasonable part of life.

But if you won't be comfortable, if you don't like the idea of people seeing up your skirt and whatever, then don't do it. Self-sacrifice of that type for love isn't particularly noble, just hurting yourself. If you're not comfortable with people seeing your butt that's completely reasonable and something he needs to respect and not even try to push.

Not to be a sanctimonious butt-waffle, but I don't have a story like this because I really try my best to love a person for who they are and they choices they want to make - not who they would be if they liked and were comfortable with other things. I'm hardly perfect, but I feel it's important to try and recognise when you're failing.

I'm not sure what is the right choice for you - I read your other thread but only you know the right answer. If it's an issue of not wanting to show that, period, don't do it. If it's that you don't feel confident because of your size but otherwise wouldn't mind, then maybe if someone who is with you who can bolster you and make you feel better will turn out to be a positive experience in going out of your comfort zone and not caring what small-minded people think.

My friends and I are doing a Legend of Zelda group and it's not something I would have thought to do on my own. I wouldn't have picked the series and I definitely wouldn't have picked the character because I try to avoid costumes that everyone and their hamster have done because I'm a jerk or something, I don't know. BUT, I let myself think about it and really got into it - it helped me get over the "this is so overdone" thought and enjoy something that I probably would have picked if not for that mindset. I think that's an example of a "good" push. They weren't forcing me to do anything, just asking me to consider something and letting me come to my own conclusions about it.

If the shorter skirt is something you really wanted to do in the first place, but that you held yourself back from - then go for it ! But if you have no desire to do it at all period, don't do it. Like, if they suggested I do a Princess Zelda costume screw that I'm not going to dress up a pretty princess even if I was dead my remains would spontaneously combust so as to get away from it. I would be uncomfortable and even if I looked good and had positive responses I would hate life and would have spent a few hundred bucks on a costume I would want to light on fire.

At that point, I'd rather just light money on fire - it would be more fun.
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Originally Posted by AshofRebirth View Post
You're saying you want a longer skirt but your boyfriend said no?
I mean, dress with what you're comfortable with hun.. It will show in pictures if you're uncomfortable.
If your boyfriend's not okay with that, you may have a bigger problem D:
Actually im okay with it being shorter but i mainly was making a little longer due to my mom sometimes goes with me to cons and she really dislikes the "Slutisized" costumes.

As for doing it for the point was if you wanted me to go MORE slutty then you sir must share in the "fun".

Alo people have mistook what i was saying about this thread it was an, what have you had your significant other do in the sake of a cosplay.

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Unread 04-02-2013, 11:58 AM   #9
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^What Kelley said above. If it's something you're actually comfortable with, then go with it. If it's the kind of subject you can joke around about with your boyfriend, then that's fine. If he's really pushing it and you don't want to do it, that's a different issue. But it seems like you're actually comfortable with the shorter skirt, in which case there's nothing wrong with joking around and asking him to join in.

But I will add one caution... if he's not into cosplay or really shy, making him wear a costume might make things less fun for both of you in the long run. If he's uncomfortable at the con, you'll both be unhappy. (I speak from experience on this one, dragging my husband to things he wasn't really interested in and it ruined both of our experiences).

As for things my husband has put up with... mostly he just has to deal with with me trashing the living room in the week leading up to a con, during that last-minute cosplay scramble. He's definitely the tidy one in the relationship and I can tell it drives him nuts when I have all my costume projects lying out. He usually doesn't say anything unless it starts getting really bad, and I try to make things easier on him by cleaning as much as possible during the process, and by cleaning up the living room really well before I leave for the con. (Though heaven help me if I miss a straight pin that fell into the carpet and he finds it later by stepping on it. I try to catch them all, but every once in a while one slips through.)

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Unread 04-02-2013, 12:33 PM   #10
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My boyfriend demanding that I maintain wearing a mini skirt when I expressed wanting to make something I'd be more comfortable in would be the end of our relationship. I don't 'bend' for my boyfriend with my costumes, I am not dressing up to please him and will not do so in the future. If he thinks I am going to dress up in something I already expressed not being comfortable in just so he can get his rocks off he can count himself down one girlfriend.

Also, your icon makes me barf a little.
Though probably not for the reason you're thinking.
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I don't do much for love. My ex wanted me to cosplay something from MoHS with him (bunnysuit lolwut), and I told him I was cosplaying Ciel instead. In the end I went with Drossel, but whatever.

It's kind of funny that you forced him into mancandy Sonic. Nice bargain you made there.

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My gf and her friends LOVE this series called DRAMAtical Murder. Oh goodness~ it's the only thing I have been hearing about for a couple of months =n= And I really dislike the series. It's not the series I dislike, it is because my gf promised me to go as several characters to go with my characters @ AX last year, and she spent sooo much time on Aoba (Character from DRAMAtical Murder) I ended up cosplaying alone the entire con! I WAS NOT HAPPY D<

Anywayz~ she has been making it up to me, but a couple days ago she came to me with a proposal that included me cosplaying as a character called Noiz from DRAMAtical Murder. And she would be making the whole cosplay, free of charge for me. I of course said no right away. And have been saying no, I really don't want to cosplay from this series (You have no idea how much this series has been angering me.) But then she said the words that will always get me:
"It would let me know that would have finally forgiven me, and would make me so happy."
This whole time I am thinking she just wanted me to get kicked in the pride or something.
But her happiness wins over my pride any day ;; I even agreed to pay for what is left of the cosplay.
So I guess I am going as this Noiz fellow some time soon TTuTT;;
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Unread 04-02-2013, 02:41 PM   #13
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I think the closest we ever had was when I was cosplaying Catwoman, save there was a slightly reverse mindset as to what you're going through. Before that I had only done crossplay, so to be cosplaying Catwoman it was a whole new step for me to be wearing something so skin tight and revealing. Let me say that my boyfriend and I are both very jealous people, and the cosplay attracted a different kind of attention when I was wearing it.

Even then my boyfriend was very supportive, although over time I could tell that even though he went through massive amounts of trouble to help it flourish, it still bothered him that I was getting a different kind of attention from guys. I finally told him that we needed to talk about how he really felt about it, and if it made him uncomfortable we needed to negotiate so that he wouldn't feel that way.

I don't consider this bending backwards for my boyfriend. If you're in a relationship it takes two people to make it work, negotiations are necessary to make it successful. And not only is communication vital, but acting on a consensus is essential. As he put it very understandably he thought that if I decided to wear Catwoman to the con like I was planning to, it would in a sense not be very enjoyable as it could be for him since he'd have to stand there watching guys flirting with me.

So I sold it and bought another cosplay. I don't regret the decision at all. It's just one of those things I had to do because I value my relationship over a costume any day.

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