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Can't keep weight off?

Hi. I don't know if this post has already been made.
I am 15 years old and weigh about 200 lbs. I need to lose weight badly, both for cosplay and my own health. I want to get down to 180 lbs by May for Anime Boston, but I seem to have trouble keeping weight off. I have tried cutting down, but school lunches do not help. I don't get a chance to work out a lot as usual due to school. I am going to have more after school time by mid march, and our school has a fitness center.
Everytime I lose the weight, I gain it back. Any tips on keeping it off?
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Try and work out everyday even if its just some push ups or sit ups , I have a busy lifestyle too but I try and make time by getting up early in the morning or doing it at night before I take a shower. For food I would say make sure you cut out all unhealthy foods. Substitute certain meals for healthier choices, for me instead of cooking fried chicken I make baked or grilled chicken, and if I need to cook with oil I use something healthy like coconut oil. Also try substituting sugary drinks with water , it cuts out a bunch of calories and your kidneys will love you for it. If you are wanting to loose weight fast try cutting carbs. ( here's an article about it http://articles.mercola.com/sites/ar...-body-fat.aspx)
That is pretty much all I have for tips. Best of luck to you , I'm wanting to loose some weight as well.

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Have you tried packing your own lunches for school?
My school also has a salad bar and fruits for those who don't want to eat the government's meat patties. :/

It's all about routine, honestly. Once you lose the weight you have to keep on working out and eating right in order to keep it off and lose more if so desired.

Also know that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are building a lot of muscle, that could be another reason for small weight gain.

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Hello op, the only thing i can say about keeping weight off is consistency.Basically its like this if you eat in a calorie surplus your going to gain weight if you eat in a deficit your going to lose weight.Lifting weights will help a lot because your body will become more muscle then fat.Are you looking to lose fat or just lose weight?Depending on which you rather do you will have to approach it front different angle.Please let me know if you what your goal is and i will try my best to help.This is our page that is all about cosplay and fitness http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fit-DB...3640255?ref=hl
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Small life style changes would turn out to be great help!
For example, cutting down on soda and replacing with other alternatives such as water and tea is good. There are lots of healthy snacks to choose from and/or protein bars that can help fill hunger in the afternoons.
Good luck!
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I think your problem is that you cannot maintain the weight you have after you loose. Try controlling your diet whenever your exercising schedule gets disturbed. Try eating less or no carbohydrates.
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Do you have a smart phone? You can use calorie counters like myfitnesspal that log you food intake to see how much you're eating.

Definitely bring your own lunch to school! It can be a hassle, but school lunches are usually high in bad fats, and high in sodium with few-to-no fruits/veggies.

Also read labels on foods! Just because something is listed as "healthy," "fresh," or "all-natural," doesn't always mean they actually are healthier. Food companies put these labels on to up their sales, and don't care about the consumer's health.

Are you able to exercise at home? Maybe get an aerobics DVD? Walk your dog?
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