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Unread 07-09-2012, 03:01 PM   #1
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First custom costume - Zelda OoT little girl costume

So this is the first real attempt at me making a costume. And by that, I mean, the first real-effort attempt. heh.

When my daughter was 2, I made her a little black dress and a big read bow and made her up to be Kiki from Kiki's Delivery service, but that was about as simple as a costume can get, and it was kind of crappy because I didn't have a sewing machine at the time and did it all by hand - hah. But she was two, so she certainly didn't care.

Now, she's 6, and she wants to be Princess Zelda, since her little brother is going to be Link (Haven't started that one yet though, but he's got let accessories to worry about).

Last halloween she was Peach from Mario, but we used a really AWFUL store-bought costume. This year, I want it to be GOOD, not some super-cheap pos bought from a costume store with a thread-count of -10.

So I'm aiming for a mix between the Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Oracle of Seasons dresses (which are basically identical anyway).

So these are the two ref images I'm working off of -

So far I'm just working on accessories/armor. The sewing part is actually where I'll probably hit the most road blocks. I've got a sewing machine, and I've got some level of experience with sewing, but I've never come up with a pattern on my own. I don't know if anyone can point me in the direction of some kid-sized dress patterns that might work for this, or if I'll just have to work through it on my own.

Anyway! On to the accessories. I've got the crown mostly done - I still need to make the back piece and attach the chain and maybe a small elastic band or something, so it can be placed around her head.

And I've started the shoulder pads too. I modeled these in Zbrush and Maya and I'm using my Makerbot Replicator (Plastics exturder printer) to print them.

This is the lower part of the right shoulder armor - the part that goes over the bicep area.
Before leaving for work this morning, I set the printer to print the left shoulder piece. Tonight I'll work on printing the upper parts that go over the actual shoulders.

Next I need to actually model the rest of the pieces, because I haven't gotten to that yet, but I did all of this over the weekend, so I think I can get pretty far by next weekend. Once all the pieces are printed, I'll do a paint pass. My daughter is super excited. I just hope I don't stumble over the sewing part - lol.
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Hey - sorry to reply to my own topic, but wanted to add in a question for any of you who might stumble across this posting.

Are there any good search engines or resource sites for searching through the various clothing patterns out there?

I've gone through a few of the specific manufacturer websites where you can kind of search their own patterns, but the ones I did go through had fairly crappy search engines/preview options.

Seeing as this is sort of your guys' specialty, I thought you might have some good sites to recommend.

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i really like simplicity patterns. they're very easy to follow and joanne's has a pretty regular $1.99 pattern sale on them. i did a quick search on the simplicity.com website, found a few that might work out. i especially like the third link. you might have to modify them a bit to turn them more zeldaesque... but it'd give you a starting point. there's a bunch more patterns to sift through so you might even find something better hope this helps!

and btw... the accessories you've made are amazing!




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Unread 07-10-2012, 12:38 AM   #4
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Thank you for the help!

After going through all the major ones like McCalls, Simplicity, Vogue, etc. and finding nothing but summer dresses with low open necklines, someone pointed me towards http://vintagepatterns.wikia.com/ and I was able to search out-of-print patterns with a surprisingly functional search engine!

I managed to find a children's dress pattern with semi-flared bottom and a mandarin collar that I feel confident I can modify to match Zelda's collar pretty spot-on. And then I found a seller on Etsy who had one for sale in the right size, (and for only $3!) so I'm happy with that!

I went with 'Simplicity 3588 Childs Dress or Jumper Sizes 3-8'

I'm pretty confident that I can come up with the dark-pink part of Zelda's costume on my own without the need for any extra patterns, it was just the bodice/collar part of the main dress that I was really worried about having to improvise.
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Those accessories look awesome! May I ask what kind of printer you used? :3 I'll be learning Maya soon and would love to be able to do this with it!
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I'm just going to assume that my previous replies got eaten by some form of new-user moderation and post again. I've got a lot more to post now, anyway.

The printer I've got is a Makerbot Replicator. It's the dual-extruder version, so it cost $2,000, but I'm sooo loving the thing.

I've got a couple vids on youtube of the makerbot while printing the pauldrons for anyone who is curious to see it doing it's thing.




So, anyway! On to the progress report!

Just got these done tonight.

These are a bunch of little accessories from the front-center chest part that stretches between the cauldrons.

And the center piece

And the cauldrons themselves

Another picture of the pauldrons can be found here: from my DeviantArt page

Here's the first pass at the crown (I actually intend to start over on it, though - so this one will just sort of act as a play-crown for my little girl now)

Obviously, it's not intended for me, but my daughter was already asleep when I finished it and I forgot to nab a picture of her wearing it today, either.

The chain in the back has loops for different size-points for the clip to connect into, so it can fit on my 6yr old's head, as well as mine. heh

Uhm, that's kind of it for the moment. I've already started connecting the shoulder pads and the front bits together, but I haven't taken any photos of that yet, since it's still in-progress.
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Or at least - mostly. I don't have the strap on the back yet, so it can't actually hold itself on yet, but this was just to make sure I hadn't made it too big or too small and would need to make adjustments.

It's really coming along. I'm excited - she's excited.

I was never willing to try making any sort of costume like this before because the accessories part would always be too daunting, but now that I can print them out with my makerbot, it's really neat. Wooo. I need to work out a system for doing larger things, since I'd have to break them into pieces so that they'd be small enough for the build platform. Now I want to make something that I can actually wear- lol.
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*Making Zelda as well* You're making me want to buy a Makerbot for myself~ *Tired of playing with clay. Can't wait to see it finish.
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Unread 07-22-2012, 03:02 AM   #9
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I decided to re-do the crown I'd made before, since I wasn't happy with it.

New one is a much closer match to the Ocarina of Time crown, and I prefer the faceted gem inset, over the cop-out of painting the area red like I did before.

Anyway, I'm much happier with this one than the old one. Took me a lot of tries to get the prints to come out right. It kept screwing up and I finally had to set the speed down by half.
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Unread 07-22-2012, 03:43 PM   #10
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Holy crap, this looks amazing! You're doing a fantastic job so far.
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absolutely amazing!
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That is absolutely amazing! A friend and I are going as Link and Zelda to a dance, and I think I'm going to try to use mutual friend's 3D printer for the crown at least (sounds much less painful than attempting to sculpt out of foam).
I don't want to sound like a leech, but is it possible for me to use the model file? I'm fighting (and losing) with Anim8or right now...
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