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Unread 03-09-2013, 12:36 PM   #1
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Is this a good idea for females crossplaying shirtless males?

A while back I was thinking of cosplaying as Kamina from Gurren Lagaan. Back when I wanted to, my friend asked me how I'd handle the whole being shirtless thing. I said that I'd wear Kamina's normal outfit, but my own personal addition would be adding bandages from my stomach to my chest area. I'd wear my binder under it, and the bandages would just be apart of the costume and not actually the thing keeping my chest flat.

I told her if I wanted to I could also put some fake blood on the bandages and make it seem like I was cosplaying an injured Kamina, but only if I felt the need to.

I've actually seen photos of a few other girls do this, as varying characters! I personally like the idea, but I've also seen girls wear a skin-tight skin-coloured shirt and blend it into their normal skin with the use of accessories and makeup.

I was just curious what everyone out here thinks. Do you like the bandage idea, or the skin-coloured shirt idea? I'm just asking for opinions, I think it's an interesting topic.
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It's an interesting idea, but it would kind of look more like a tube top or something moreso than how he has it. His bandages go only just below his chest. Covering up to the chest that high would kind of seem out of place IMO, but I dunno. I was also going to say cleavage would also be a problem, but if you do the undershirt thing, I suppose that can be fixed.

For character accuracy, the skin-tight shirt idea would be the route I would go personally, unless your chest is really saggy.
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I would also suggest the skin suit, it would be easier to bind underneath it and you could paint on ab definition
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