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Prince ALI
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Kelley, I'm interested in the packer that you have. Could I get a link? My sis and I are doing 2-D and Murdoc cosplays and we are considering packing.
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I know the original question of this thread has already been pretty much solved, but it's a boring night here so I'm just going to answer as if this were a general discussion sort of thread.

Honestly, I feel like this is an individual issue. I will tell you, though, that the prevailing school of thought in the drag and male illusionist community is that if you are performing as a male, always wear a penis. This is kind of an exclusionary school of thought, because honestly you don't need a penis to be a man, but I can see where it comes from.

I personally have started wearing a packer, though honestly, it's not for any aesthetic reasons, I just don't feel comfortable presenting as a man if I don't have it dangling about, but I think this stems from me being trans and now wearing the packer en homme. There are occcasions where I won't wear it because it looks silly or feels weird. My Petyr Baelish costume would be impossible to wear the packer with, because I can't wear boxers with the leggings because they bunch, and without boxers I have nothing to hold the packer in place (the leggings aren't tight enough of on their own, being historic leggings). But you mostly can't even tell if I'm wearing it.

Ironically, the only costume I've ever worn where it actually shows is when I've cosplayed as David Bowie. XD

"I don't have to conform to the vagaries of time and space...I'm a LOONY for God's sake!"

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Call me Dullcis
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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
A small semi-flexible athletic cup won't be terrifying in your face PENISPENISPENIS, but it will give a good general suggesting of a shape. Cups come in different sizes, you might even end up getting a "child" size one so that it doesn't look like you put a piece of field armor in your pants. It's also good because it won't go anywhere.
I would go for a female jill (female equal of the jock strap) for hockey players! I play ice hockey and crossplay, and these are padded to fit a womans pelvic bone unlike wearing a male cup that will dig in (girls dont wear them in hockey games because getting hit with one on will cause internal bleeding in your woman parts, which just really freaks me out so I refuse to put on a mens cup). Most come attached to shorts but can be easily taken out; Bauer, Harrow, and Easton are all good brands.
These should give you some padding without being like BOOM INTSA-PORNO DICK!!
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