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Question Ponytailing a wig (No clips, just a wig)

Yeah, so figures after I bought a wig I discovered the whole "Buy short wigs, and clip on the ponytail". Too late now, haha.

I don't want to stub it or anything like that, so please don't suggest it, because I know I can't do it.

I'm cosplaying Zero Suit Samus from Other M, and she has a ponytail. I'm not sure if it'd be considered a high ponytail, it's more of just right in the center of the back of her head. But this is my first time styling a wig, so I'm rather helpless here.

I remembered reading somewhere before, but I can't recall the website anymore, where a lady had said she gathered the wig at the nape of the neck and pinned it up so it gave the appearance of a high ponytail, but it wouldn't destroy the wig nor make it back heavy.

I have no clue how to do that, as she didn't elaborate any farther, and I lost the website.

Does anybody have some advice on how to make it look like a high ponytail? And what would happen if I just pull my wig into a ponytail? Would I hurt the wig, or is it just a pain from being back heavy?

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From personal experience it's hard to gather a long wig into a ponytail because unlike a human scalp you have rows of wefts to deal with as your do it. So if you do it without stubbing you have to gather the hair one layer at a time and tie that of before doing the next layer.

I base wig I recommend is this on in Platinum Blonde or Light Blonde.

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Unless you do some wefting or modifying, it likely ain't going to work. If you bought from eBay, in order to get wefts you'll have to buy a second wig to salvage wefts from, which is pricey, unless the store you bought from happens to carry wefts.

If you bought from Arda or Epic Cosplay, they sell separate wefts you can use.

If you don't feel like doing any of this, you're unfortunately going to need to buy a new wig. There are some at Arda/Epic Cosplay that are already in ponytails and were specially wefted to be that way.

I personally think this on from Epic Cosplay would work nicely, or the one Ani suggested.
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Good luck D:

AshofRebirth Cosplay

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D: I feared that.

Thanks everybody. I'll try to ponytail it tomorrow, see if I can do it without having weft issues.

If I can't, I'll definitely be buying one of the wigs you guys linked. Thanks for all the help. Lesson learned for future cosplays I guess, haha.
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Unread 03-21-2013, 11:50 PM   #6
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Wefting is definitely a pain in the butt!
If all else fails, buy one of the suggested wigs above!

OR for future reference/future need to make a ponytail wig where the ponytail conceals whatever you do to the back of your wig:
If your wig is long enough, you can also do this (I experimented with my wig for Rosalia from Sword Art Online and was successful):
Carefully and gently pull the hair back into a loose ponytail-secure it with a tie that matches your wig.
Figure out how high your ponytail needs to be on your wig.
Carefully lift the ponytail upwards along the back of your wig, making sure not to pull the bottom of the wig up with it or mess up the rest. (Or gently twist it up which can help with the illusion of pulled back hair).
Then take the loose ponytail and wrap another ponytail tie around it where you want the tail to actually start.
Clip underneath to keep your tail where you want it.
Take thread that matches your wig and sew the twisted bit to the back of your wig.
Remove clip. ( I left mine in because my wig was so curly it was easy to conceal it).
Style rest of wig and give it a good coating of G2b glued hairspray or whatever you use to keep your wig styled.
This way, if you want to reuse your wig for something else you can!
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Unread 03-22-2013, 09:26 AM   #7
oh modern man.
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meh, I've never had trouble with just pulling my long wigs up without stubbing them. This is an Angela 850 by New Look:
I just gather ponytails into sections and tie them off one onto the other. Like i'll start in the middle where I know I want my pony to be and gather a small section and tie it off with a tiny rubber band.
Then the next section I choose will be also be tied onto that pony, and just take layers that spiral/ripple outwards from my starting point.
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Unread 03-22-2013, 09:03 PM   #8
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Thank you all!!! I will definitely try those last two suggestions tonight. Hopefully it works!
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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Didn't go into a ponytail well, there was some issues with the way the wig was parted and wefted. But thank you guys for the wig suggestions, I will definitely buy one!
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