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Unread 03-24-2013, 11:06 PM   #16
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I go to cons alone very often because most of my friends aren't able to attend (problems arising either financially or time-wise) but that doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy the cons XD the point of going to them alone is to make new friends every time I go to any cons alone (when I attend a con with friends, I almost always end up spending most of my time with them instead of meeting new people). It's alright if you're feeling apprehensive about talking to strangers, but keep in mind that others have the same mindset - like, they are willing to talk to others, yet feel shy about opening up first. In this case, if you start a conversation with them and manage to keep it going, you'll be able to make new friends to hang out with throughout the con

As for wearing one cosplay for all three days... Well, that's what I did for this month's Kitsune Kon 3 that I just came back from. People don't mind - as long as you keep the costume clean though: Say, if you get a smudge on it from eating, you might want to take care of it or change into a different costume.

Originally Posted by lapseof__reason View Post
also one of the biggest perks to going alone is doing whatever you want without satisfying the group. :P
This is indeed the biggest perks
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For the most part, I attend conventions alone - or at least spend the better part of them alone. I can say right now it's not nearly as fun without a friend or two. Most of my friends don't really attend cons to often, and when they do, they usually only go to hang around at the dealer room and then take off since they have no interest in panels and stuff. So they leave and then I spend time alone.

I can understand the not being good at socializing. I'm terrible at it. In fact, I'm a horrible hermit outside of cosplay who'd rather blend into walls than speak to anyone I'm not already familiar with. In cosplay is the only time I ever want to socialize really. It helps to find people cosplaying from the same series as you - you immediately have something in common! Attend panels that interest you, play the silly convention games - there are tons of things to do to meet people and come out of your shell!

Heck, sometimes people even come to you! When I cosplayed Derpy, I met up with a Doctor I'd never met before in the morning! He invited me along to hang out with his friends, and I did so for most of the morning until I met up with a couple of my school friends. Me and that Doc still maintain contact. :3
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You know what? I went to my first con alone and I LOVED it. That is where I met some life long friends. No one knew who I was, I could be exactly who I wanted to be without being judged by people who know me personally, I could be as outgoing and open as I wanted and not restrained by what my friends would think. I am normally extremely shy and awkward at meeting new people - even more so when I have my friends with me because I kind of cling on to them and let them do the talking. Being dressed up and not knowing anyone personally let me really BE that character and in turn, be someone who was fearless and had no trouble talking to people. I met other people from the same anime, we hung out all day, and it was one of the best days of my life. That was four years ago, and we are still friends today.
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I haven't been to a con alone but I have been a couple of meet-ups alone, most notably the 2011 Otakon Homestuck Draw Party. I was the only one in my group who liked Homestuck at that point and after hearing about the meet-up on tumblr, I really wanted to go. It was really awkward finding my way there since I wasn't in a Homestuck cosplay and I was sort of a newer fan of the series but as soon as I sat down somewhere, I struck a conversation with a few people who were also new to the fandom! I had a great time and my biggest regret is not remembering writing down everyone's user name.

For me and a lot of people, conventions are social experiences so even if you're alone at the start of the day, you probably won't be by the end! Just be careful when you're alone and always keep your guard up because even though most people at cons tend to be good people, there are some bad ones out there.
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I didn't go to Zenkaikon alone, but my friend that I went with left her wallet in the car, so I was alone while she got it. It wasn't long, but in the time she wasn't there I met some people, and we ended up spending the rest of the day together. When my friend came back she joined us too. So I may not be too helpful in the "I'm going by myself, what do I do?" part of the question... but in terms of finding some people to hang out with, look for some people around your age that are cosplaying from the same series as you are. Or go to a meetup/photoshoot, you'll find a lot more people there!

And for your other question, I wouldn't worry about wearing it all 3 days, as long as you can keep it clean. I saw a Seychelles and her cosplay was awesome, so go and wear it anyways!
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I usually go alone, meet up with mates for a bit but I do shit alone. Last con I was at I spent a few hours with photoGs I hadn't met before at the event talking, it's was fun. Outside of cons I'm not an outgoing person so meeting people at cons is something I really enjoy.
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I went to San Diego Comic Con alone last summer. Well, to be specific, my uncle was with me, but he was really just there because I wanted to go while visiting him on vacation. No one else I knew was there, but I ended up hanging out at a Homestuck photoshoot and having a ton of fun anyway. I love meeting new people at conventions, so I'm usually never alone for long, even when I leave my friend group to wander around.
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Originally Posted by AppleFritter View Post
For my first con, I think I'll be forced to go alone...*sigh*... I'm a little apprehensive about the idea of going alone. I'm kind of shy when it comes to associating with huge crowds of people, I feel like I may end having a rotten time because I won't be able to muster up the courage to find someone to talk to. Is there any advice you can share? Have you ever been to a con alone before? How did you deal with it and were you able to find people to hang out with the whole time?

Since I'm already asking a question, I might as well ask another one. Would it be alright to wear one cosplay for all three days? Do people do that or would that be gross? I'm not sure if I can afford two cosplays and everything that goes along with it. So, if I can't afford 2, should I wear my one cosplay all three days or only wear it one day?
I often only have 1 costume for all 3 days. If you're concerned about it getting dirty or smelly here's some ideas to keep your clothing fresh and nice (this is assuming you're at a hotel, if your at home just wash your costume >>):

-Wear clean undergarments each day
-Wash yourself prior to putting on your costume and wear an appropriate strength deodorant.
-Make sure your costume is freshly washed prior to packing for the trip, pack it in sealed plastic bags if you can do so.
-After wearing your costume prepare a room temperature bath just deep enough to fit your costume piece(s). From here you can use bar soap to gently clean any stains or stinky parts. Then leave your costume to try over the tub. Please make sure the fabric is appropriate for doing this however, delicate things shouldn't be washed roughly. You can try to pack or pick up a small amount of fabric wash to bring to the hotel as well.
-To get wrinkles out of delicate fabric or fabric you cannot directly iron, hang up your costume in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. Use a blanket to seal the bottom of the door and do not turn the fan on. The steam with take out the wrinkles.
-Pack something like a small bleach pen for the stark white parts of your costume that may stain in such a way regular soap or fabric solution wouldn't be able to clean.
-If your wearing something like tights or stockings try to bring two pairs.

As for going alone it's a mixed bag. I've gone alone and felt both lonely and happy at various points. I am not a very outgoing person and don't make friends easily so things can get a little tough for me. I wouldn't advise not to worry about it and simply go with the flow. You may find yourself opening up more then you imagined and you never know how it could go. Focus on having a good time, not on if your going to be lonely.
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Personally, I think you should find someone to bring with you if you have never been to a convention. I have wanted to go to a convention for years but I waited until someone would go with me. It just seems really unsafe to go to a convention of large crowds with tons of people you don't know all by yourself the first time. Maybe it's just me.

I have went by myself to a convention before, this was a convention I had been to already. It's easier to make friends and do what you please, but it's difficult to keep a conversation with someone you met at the con without feeling like a lingerer. Wear a cosplay you feel safe about wearing if you are by yourself. The best part of being alone at a convention is doing whatever the hell you want at any time, but this also can be the worst part since you have so much free time you almost don't know what to do.
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Smile Dont Wanna Go Alone

I really dont want to go alone. It will be boring. V.v TELL ME IF UR GOING TO KAOTIC CON !!!
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I go to conventions alone about half of time because a lot of my friends are flakes and I'm not about to let their inconsistency stop me from having fun.

I have to admit, the first time I went to a con alone, I was a little apprehensive, just like I was the first time I cosplayed and none of my friends did. But once I got there, I stopped caring, met new people and had a blast. Thus began a long line of my single con adventures.

This year at ALA was probably one of the best. By then I been going to various So-cal cons long enough that I was friends with a few of the other regulators and we'd wave, hug, maybe hang out for a while and then go on their way. I went to whatever panels I wanted and met a REALLY fantastic guy which I hung out with the rest of that day. Despite my extrovertness, I am not very skilled in the act of flirting or even looking like I'm interested. (I'd like to blame it on the guys in high school who would hit on me as a joke so for a few years after I would never believe anyone would ACTUALLY hit on me, but that was six years ago, so I think I'm just naturally awkward.) But it was certainly one of my favorite convention memories! Never would have happened if I had to babysit all of my friends!

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I'm usually alone because my friends don't cosplay
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I've never been to a con by myself before but I have noticed that the friends I go to cons with make my con experience kind of lackluster. It's mainly because we don't hang in the same fandoms. We do make sacrifices for each other, but the second one person gets tired, everyone else has to drop plans too. It can be a pain.

I may be attending two cons alone this year (one big, one moderate) but I have been to both in the past so I'm not too concerned right now. I'm not a socialite either so starting up convos is very hard for me as well, but when I'm in cosplay, I find it easier to socialize among people who also enjoy the same series. I'm actually excited to go to these cons by myself so I can do what I want and maybe meet some new people. I've been wanting to for a while, but it's harder to make friends when you're already there with other people.

If it's your first con, I'd advise to bring someone along if you can. If not, try to find out times for meetups for your favorite series. Everyone's kind of in the same boat about meeting new people so you'll probably make a friend or two!

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I have only gone to cons alone. I love the freedom of being able to go wherever I want to go whenever I want. I also never deal with drama. I find it easy to meet people so I never get lonely and if I ever get bored I'll just find a spot and play guitar which typical leads to meeting people. I have met some awesome people doing this and it has led to outside of con friendships and hanging out. But while I do enjoy seeing and meeting up with familiar con friends, I prefer to arrive and leave solo.
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Question 1: I'm not a professional Con-goer, but in any social situation that involves large group of people there are some tips you can find useful and also rewarding in a way so you aren't feeling anxious at a convention going solo:

1. Be positive! - Put on a friendly smile and if anyone makes eye contact always be the first to say hello while going about your business. People love outgoing personalities and tend to talk more when they themselves feel at ease with you.

2. Have a plan - Have your own plans to visit certain venues at the convention. If you have a goal to look at art, get in line for a guest of honor interview, or just want to make rounds to see whats going on, get to it! Being busy helps you to look less alone and is also rewarding so that you do what you want at your time.

3. Talk to the hosts - A lot of conventions include different venues, showcases of art, stores etc. If it's within reason and the hosts of those venues look free enough to start a conversation, go for it! It also is a great way to learn more and more about what others do and may inspire you to do some things of your own to host your own venues or tables. It's a great way to network and make new friends.

Question 2: I don't attend many conventions and haven't cosplayed much, but I believe it is okay to wear the same cosplay more than once for a few reasons.

1. You came to the convention to be a certain character, so embrace it!

2. Although the same people return to the convention, new people arrive as well so chances are they will see your cosplay for the first time.

3. It's a great way for people to remember who you are and make new friends.

Considering what everyone else has been saying here, you want to keep your look (and hygiene) fresh at all times. It's not all about the look but how you carry yourself as well, so always have enough energy to be as outgoing as you can be in your cosplay.

I hope that my input wasn't repetitive and hope it helped
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