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Originally Posted by Misseeriechan View Post

Read more carefully ppl. the OP says the photographer's goal was specifically to make... you know what, just go to the quote & first post and read them both again.

As a foot note; I like this photographer and their message
Cosplay does not equal consent. <<This is a link)
If there wasn't a rising problem there wouldn't be a need for this PSA. Please do pass it along if you like it.
Hey Miss. I am going to say that I appreciate the message you are trying to get across.

I would also like to say that I don't think you are getting that message out the right way. I also don't think it is that relevant to the original topic. I'll address the first part of my topic and then the second.

Harassment is wrong on any level, regardless of why it is perpetrated, why someone thinks its wrong, or who it is perpetrated on. I think you're focusing on the wrong aspect of the problem. Of course cosplayers dislike the harassment, anyone should dislike it... because it's illegal. Instead of taking pictures to try to 'educate the creepers' you should be taking pictures of Security or Police holding the signs and educating women (or anyone) that they shouldn't put up with it. Sexual harassment is serious and people need to be taught they society won't allow them to get away with it. People caught in the act of trying to take inappropriate pictures should be reported to a convention security officer or to an actual police officer if available. These people should be banned or taken legal action against as shaming them will do very little because they obviously should know better already.

Now that is for true harassment. Snapping just a regular picture without being too inappropriate may be annoying and rude, but it's not illegal. No one has a right to privacy in a public space.

Second, the photographer in the OP DID ask the model if she wanted to. Do I think this gives Cosplaying a bad name? Not at all. He's making a Niche magazine for a Niche group of people that already like this, not creating a new one. Might someone come across cosplaying porn and get the wrong impression of it? Maybe, at least at first. But chances are, they were ALREADY looking through porn. At that point does it really matter what the porn surfer thinks? When you do a google search for Cosplay, you don't pull up just a list of hundreds of Cosplay porn websites. You pull up a list of authentic sites, articles, and explanation of the hobby itself. Someone would have to be horribly ignorant to somehow stumble on random cosplay porn and think this is what defines the word cosplay.

Those are just my thoughts on it. I read the entire article and applaud the efforts, but it should be approached as something that is ILLEGAL not something that is ANNOYING or INAPPROPRIATE because that is what it is. Its a problem that is rampant everywhere, not just at a convention.
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Furries got a bad rep because the mainstream was extremely unfamiliar with them and they still have almost no presence in the mainstream.

Hate to break it to ya'll but nerd culture is becoming pop culture. most people know what San Diago comic con is, or at least Big Bang Theory. People already associate cosplay with trekkies and the 501st and western comics, they think Borge and slave Leia and Catwoman. They don't see photo's of Comic Con and think, wow what a bunch of sex freaks; they think NERD!!!!
Right now Anime still has a bad name because most peoples first assumption is you like tentacle porn and has that in anyway affected or ruined your cosplay experience? if not, then maybe you should stop being so concerned about who is or isn't the right kind of people to be associated with.

the subconscious slut shaming in this thread has given me a headache
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