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Guild Wars - Melandru

I just love the art of Guild Wars so natually for my upcoming costume, I decided to do a GW costume. It was a very tough choice because I love so many. But I finally decided on Melandru. I just love the nature-like design and how her body seems to be carved from wood.
But I am finding I might've bitten off more then I can chew. ^^;

The con's not til October so I have plenty of time but I am seriously stuck on some parts. I have a brown leotard that I'm going to use. And as far as all the tree roots growing from her body, I work at a craft store so you know those little pic-o-rama diaramas you can buy fake trees and grass for? Well I'm basically using that. ^^

I just don't know how to go about making the bark/roots that are entwined around her legs. I don't know how to use much as far as materials go so wonderflex, vacuuform, plastic, etc is pretty much out of the question. All I know how to use it paper mache, craft foam, etc. I was thinking maybe craft foam velcro'ed to the bodysuit? But then that might wrinkle/tear when I walk...

Ugh, I just love this costume so much and want to do it SO badly. Can someone give me a bit of a starting point?
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Hi, GW fan here XD I always loved Melandru's avatar the most ^^ Let's see...those roots are pretty 3d, I'm not entirely sure craft foam would look right (That's the stuff that comes in the thin sheets, right?) Maybe a different kind of foam, like the stuff you have to carve, would work, just carve the front and the back separate and make them connect to eachother somehow, so youll have a form-fitting root and still be able to put the costume on? It would probably look pretty good to do the same to your boot covers, make the roots integrate into eachother so it's hard to tell where the boot ends and your leg begins....that is a lot of carved foam/ whatever you have to use for this costume, I applaud you for trying it o.o I'm sorry I'm not much help, hopefully someone else will come along with better advice.
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this is a quilting technique where two layers of fabric are sewn together first, then a small cut is made on the back side and the section is stuffed. Little kids costume muscle suits are made with this technique, as well as some really incredible fine art quilts. The best part? it can be done with stretchy fabrics! I'd start with two unitards, do a crapton of sewing, then stuffing, then paint over the top for the finer details and color changes.
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maybe this technique can help you http://ermelyn.deviantart.com/art/Ho...orns-303352485 looks pretty good
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