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Star Wars - Kir Kanos - Advice

tl;dr Any and all advice on making Kir Kanos costume

First time poster, so please forgive me for any errors or discrepancies.

I am hoping to make a right proper costume of Kir Kanos from the Star Wars comics 'Crimson Empire'. I have been doing a bit of research and have not found any good instructions or guides. I have come here to ask for advice about what materials would work best for the costume.

I have a minimal amount of costume creation skills as I have only done a costume of the fourth incarnation of The Doctor (Tom Baker, the one with the scarf). However my friends and I are rather resourceful and should be able to make most of this costume with a bit of guidance, advice, trial & error and time, lots and lots of time.
If it makes any difference I am 6'7" so sizing might a bit of an issue, which is why I hope do this all on my own as buying things and hoping they will fit usually does not work.

Here are some reference images of Kir Kanos:

I am just looking for any and all general advice on what materials would be best for each component of the costume.
For instance with a bit of research I have found the cape/outer robe is usually made out of velvet or velveteen. However Kir Kanos' is a bit different from other guards as his is usually kept swept back like a cape. What would be the best way have it function as a robe that covers the front, but can also be thrown back as a cape but not look bundled?
As for the red outer armor and belt, what would be the best material to make this out of? My friends and I have already found a pattern for the helmet which uses a paper method for crafting (The name of which has escaped me) and would this be a suitable method for the armor as well, or will foam or metal have better results.
The black suit under the armor seems to be skin tight so would something along the lines a wet suit work? Or something like latex be better? And what would be the best way to achieve the red trim along the sides of the arms and legs.
The boots seem like they will be rather annoying as the reach past the knees. I have very little idea on how to make those.
My friends and I believe we have the weapon and helmet worked out, but again any advice would be useful.

Again, as I am new I hope I am doing this right. I merely seeking any and all advice.
Even general observations about the character design can help. I have been looking at reference picture for a while and been putting ideas together, but I could have easily misjudged or not noticed something.

tl;dr Any and all advice on making Kir Kanos costume
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