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Parents and contact lenses

Please help me! My mum won't let me buy contact lenses online unless they have been reccommended by an eye doctor. I am a 15 year old who has never had any problems with sight and i have neverr worn glasses or contacts. She thinks that if i buy lenses online that has been recommended by other cosplayers that the lense will stick to my eye. If this goes on most cosplays with crazy eye colours or anything not hazel will be out of the question and i need contacts cause i am very thourgh and detailed for cosplay. How do i change her mind please help me!
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Well, you're in luck because any site that you order from has to confirm the order with your eye doctor already. Even with a prescription, your eye doctor can tell them no or change the order on you if he/she doesn't agree.
If you want to convince your mother, go take the website to your eye doctor (have her call or go in person) and ask whether or not you can order your lenses through whatever site you have in mind. They'll either say yes or no, taking the decision out of both you and your mother's hands.

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In the US they have to confirm it with an eye doctor. In Canada I don't think they do. I notice the OP is in Australia and I don't know what the rules are there.

Anyways, do your research, scope out the quality brands, show your mom some references that support the safety of cosmetic contact lenses, and ask a doctor for a professional opinion.
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Contacts are not a "make or break" deal. You can still make amazing cosplays without having the right eye color for the character. I am unable to wear standard contacts, so I put all my work into my costume. I haven't heard one person complain that I've got brown eyes instead of XX color eyes.
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If you've never worn contacts before, it's important to check with your eye doctor first. Regardless if you have perfect vision, the shape of your eye is important too. If you get an examination by an eye doctor, you'll learn your basic prescription (power, base curve, diameter).

Once you find out your prescription, you can start convincing your mother about lenses online.
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It also depends on what type of lenses you need. When I need natural colors I can get mine through the eye doctor, your mom light b ok w that
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Most of the time nobody notices contacts unless it's in a closeup picture - and you can always photoshop that. You don't NEED contacts, they're just a fun and expensive extra.

You ABSOLUTELY NEED a fitting, otherwise you can permanently damage your eyes or even go blind. It's not something to play around with.

I feel like your mom is partially right. You should absolutely not be trying to buy contacts without a perscription. After you have a prescription buying on-line is fine as long as you make sure you're buying from a quality source.
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... I wasn't thinking about the shape. Yeah, you could mess things up badly. I'm new to contacts myself, can you tell? Just prescription soft lenses. :P

Which is why I said, do your research. Prove to your mom that you know the risks and are willing to do the responsible thing (i.e. get a prescription, if that's part of it).
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Hate to break it to you but your Mom is right to be concerned. Eye contact are not just an accessory, they are a medical device and you only have one pair of eyes. If you have never worn eye contacts before than they absolutely must be fitted by a professional (ophthalmologist, optician etc.). This is more than just eye prescription (or lack thereof) but also diameter, base curve, the overall shape and condition of your eyes.

And finally eye color is not a "make or break" deal as others have pointed out. There are plenty of people who simply cannot wear eye contacts, and what do you think people did before lenses were so easily available? Relax and have some fun with your cosplay, people aren't going to be looking at your eye color that closely. Anytime I wear my contacts I only get one or two comments on my eye color, it's your overall costume that is the most important.
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I didn't even think to check the poster's country. I still stand by my suggestion, assuming it's feasible. Go to an eye doctor and get a fitting done.
Make a compromise with your mother; buy the lenses, take them to an optometrist and have them inspect them.
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