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What fabric would be best? [dog-tier Jade Harley]

Alright, So I'll be cosplaying Jade's God-tier outfit, as seen in these images:

I have no idea what kinds of fabrics would be best. There's a bit of added difficulty, as I'll be wearing it to Otakon this summer, in what is practically guaranteed to be intense heat. I'm not too concerned about the skirt fabric- I can wear long pants in heat and be okay. It's the hood and shirt I'm worried about. For the hood especially, I know I'll need something at least thick enough to hold some shape (the long tail bits will have stuffing in them to help). The hood and skirt also need to at least sort-of match texture-wise, since they seem to be made of the same fabric in-comic.

On a side note, would a petticoat of some sort be needed/helpful with the skirt? It's got that bell shape going on, but is also swishy so... I'm not sure.
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The fabric and hood could be one fabric as long as the fabric of the shirt matches texturewise. So you might use a woven with a Twill weave(Like Denim) softer hand in a Cotton or rayon blend (Possibly with a little bit of Poly to keep it from wrinkling) for the hood and skirt. Then go with a Poly cotton or poly rayon Knit for the shirt that has a similar textural appearance or similar hand/drape (Hand- how it feels/looks to the touch)

Hope this helps

P.s. as for the petticoat, as long as the skirt is pretty sturdy or material that has some body to it, the skirt is a line and has no fluff that a petticoat might give. I would put horsebraid hem tape in the bottom. If you cannot locate that, your local store might have this stuff called "Banroll" which is traditionally used for waistbands, but since it's fixed with a thermal resin to be stiff I use it in hems I want to stick out but not be obtuse. In otherwords, no big fluffy petticoat but it sticks out the way I want it too without too much fidgeting with it.
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You could just use black kona cotton if you're worried about heat. A thin "tropical" black wool would also work.

I would avoid polyester like the plague if you are going to be wearing this in the heat. Wool has the same anti-wrinkle effect but won't make you sweat like you're in an oven so long as you keep it light. I've worn both materials in the summer and after having worn a poly-blend pair of pants in 80F weather, I've pretty much cut the material out of my daily wear and would only consider it for a costume if it needs a "plastic" or "space age" look that can't be accomplished any other way. Maybe people have had better experiences, but I would take slight wrinkling over feeling that bad again, it was just so gross and sweaty.

I don't think you'll need a petticoat, but you can make the skirt and see how you feel after that. The skirt is very full and will have some body just from that.
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