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Double Layering Spandex

I'm about to embark on making a white bodysuit for my Sarah Kerrigan costume. We all know that white fabric can be a pain when it comes to being see through, especially when it's skintight. I've read on a few blogs that when using a light colored spandex people sometimes double layer it to make it look nicer. Since I will be running stretch piping through this suit, that means a lot more seams than a normal bodysuit, which makes me kind of worried about it bunching and looking worse than if I didn't layer the stuff. Does anyone have experience/advice for double layering spandex?

This is the fabric I will most likely be using -Fabric 1-. I could also try to use a slightly thicker type like this -Fabric 2-, but I'm not sure if it will be thick enough to get the desired effect. Here's a picture of a cosplayer who I think did a particularly bang up job.

TL;DR - Tips on double layering spandex without it gathering, also any general advice from people with bodysuit experience.
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Basically if you want to limit the amount of caught fabric in seams and such, sew it like 2 Bodysuit and don't apply piping to one, then turn the one without piping inside out and slip inside of the other one, Like a lining. Join the two layers at the neck and all hems/ sew the back opening to the closure (I imagine a zipper of some type)
et voila lined non nakey bodysuit
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The reference picture looks like something you'd want to make out of Wonderflex or Worbla.

If you don't want to do that and want to make a body suit, I'd go for neoprene. It's nice and thick and will be opaque without you having to fuss with it.
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@Ichigogami: That's brilliant! Thank you, I think that will help out a lot.

@Kelley: Yeah, there's definitely armor pieces she wears over her suit (chestplate, shoudlerpads, lower arms) but the rest is definitely a suit. Here's a link to a short video where you an see how she moves. I was thinking about doing neoprene originally, but after only being able to find one kind and not being pleased with the sample I got I kind of scrapped that idea. Also I would be wearing her to DragonCon (August in Georgia -_- ). If I could find a style of neoprene I really liked the feel of I would consider it though. Do you know of any sources?

Another question for you guys: You can definitely see it in the video, and kind of in the picture, that there are lines running through her suit that glow. Those lines are where I would be incorporating the stretch piping into, as I'm not going to attempt to do the lighting on a stretchy suit. The question is do I do an electric blue piping to mimic the look or do I just do a plain grey? Here's some examples: -Grey- -Blue-
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