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Rise of the guardians cosplays

Ok, this is half joking, half serious.

Starting with Sandman:
First, find a really large one-z. Preferably gold, or mustard, or yellow. Mostly, aim for a sandman colour. Next, find gold sparkles and sand. I know you can find gold colored craft sand at most craft stores (Michael's, Johanne's, etc...). Put a tarp on the ground, and pour the sand and glitter on it. Put the one-z on and cover it in fabric or Tacky glue. Roll around on the sand tarp, making sure to get the sand-glitter all over the one-z. After the one-z is dry, twist the one-z around counter-clockwise, and do the same with the legs and arms. Secure them with a rubber band around your ankles and wrists if necessary. Get a gold ascot or cloth and tie it around your neck, and tuck into your one-z.
Now, for the face, just paint it gold-ish, and add shadow to the places needed. Maybe wear amber contacts.
His hair... Ok, so it's pretty simple. get a wig and spike it in that star shape.
If you were wanting whips, then I suggest long chords or rope, and smothering them in sand and glitter previously mentioned. For more of the dreamsand look, cut very small sections from the rope and let them flow (also add glitter and sand). Attatch the roped to any kind of handle. If you're super short on money, you can very nicely decorate two of the cardboard rolls toilet paper goes on.. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it works quite well

Next, Bunnymund:
Ok. So, there are a couple ways of going with this.
1. Locate a fuzzy, fitted one-z or something like that. Preferably gray or white... Blue-ish gray. So, for this part, you just need to copy the designs on the bunny's arms and such things with a sharpie or other permanent marker or fabric paint. Now if you chose a white one-z, then just dye or paint the necessary parts gray-blue. For the feet, make shoe-covers out of whatever you want, just make sure they're walkable. The face, I recommend painting your jaw and around the mouth white, and use fur for the rest of the face. Making a mask shouldn't be hard... With the fur, imperfections won't show much. Use any bunny ears or make them yourself with wire (hangers work fine), and fur. The tail can be made easily. Just make a ball of long fur! And gel it into shape... Make his arm and foot braces out of leather, and use a wood burner for the designs. Get two boomerangs and decorate them accordingly. And finally, get some eggs. Preferably not real ones... They won't last long.
2. Get a bunny stuffy (preferably grey-blue), and decorate it to look like cute Bunnymund!!!

Tooth Fairy:
Okay, so first you'll want to find one of those suits (like the GreenMen suits, but BLUE!!!). BLUE!!! It covers your face, so make a nice hole for your face. Paint the suit In blue, purple, green, and yellow colours. next, either roll around in glue then assorted feathers of said colours above, or do that AND THEN go over the feathers with a sewing machine. Ok? Ok so, use ribbon or something for the long tail feathers. Simple?
The headpiece... Make a tinfoil headpiece, making sure it goes down your nose to the tip. Cover it with fabric (blue-green!!!) and paint it. Add feathers, and DO NOT forget the large yellow feather!!!!
Purple eyeshadow, fake lashes, and purple contacts should complete the look!
Wings... Get several wire hangers or lots of thick wire. Bend the hangers/wire to the shapes of the wings. Next, pull thin purple or pink or blue tights over the wire outline. If you want, you can add further detail by painting lightly where there are different colours. Also, add GLITTER!!

North (Santa):
Get a red coat, and add black fur lining. Get a blouse and Russian pants. Get a sash, too. Black boots. A fur hat to match the black fur lining on the jacket. Now, it's so simple... Simple, simple, simple... Get a white beard. And a white wig. And put them on.
Now, if you don't want the jacket, then use markers (sharpies might not be a great idea, but they work the best...) to make the 'naughty' and 'nice' tattoos

Jack Frost :
so, first, get a navy hoodie. Then, get fabric glue and silver glitter. Use the glue to make the designs, and then POUR THAT GLITTER OVER THE WHOLE GLUED PARTS OF THE HOODIE!!! Then, when it's dry, shake it off outside to get rid of any excess glitter. Yep... Simple
Now, for the pants, get some brown skinny pants. Scrunch them all up and put them in brown die for the old leather effect. Also, rubbing it with sandpaper after it's dry is a good idea now, trim the bottoms of the legs a bit, and use the sand paper to rough them up. Paint white fabric paint on them, and maybe some leftover sparkles from the hoodie. Don't forget those strings! Use leather chords or thin strips of fabric (STRONG FABRIC). Wrap them around the bottom half of the Jean legs.
For the hair, get a white wig. Style appropriately. Maybe colour some roots blue. If you get one, but it looks darker than you wanted, I find that spray-on hair co our from halloween stores works fine. The one I got added a frosty sparkle, too
Use white powder or theatre makeup to make your skin paler. Also, I find that using a blue eyeshadow as blush adds to the coldskin look. Also, use a bit of black or blue eyeliner, and use mascara on the top half of your eyelashes. (maybe a light shade...? But only if needed). Add white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them more open, and also add white eyeliner to your waterline to get that big eye affect. If you have big lips, cover them with concealer, and line your lips to be thinner. If you have light eyebrows like me, make them darker with either an eyebrow pencil, OR black, dark blue or dark brown eyeshadow (no sparkles or shine)
For the staff, I would go with a long, real stick, and then screw the rest of the pieces needed for the curve. I found a stick that naturally had the curve at the top!! WOOHOO! nature is awesome!
ALSO! If you want to walk around or dance in bare feet, but don't want to get them dirty or roughed up, then go to any dance store and pick up some toe undies that match your skin tone. They're like dance slippers that go on your toes, and are almost invisible!

So, these are tutorials for people who maybe don't have as much time or money. I did almost all my shopping at thriftshops. And since I can't sew to save my life, I used whatever things were available to me, and ended up with amazing cosplays! Sorry, this post might not make sense, because I'm not great at explaining things.

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Okay. First, make or buy a long black dress or jacket or robe (if needed, cut it to be the right neckline). Next, paint your skin gray (or get a gray body suit) and also your face. Use a light gray as a base and go over some places with darker gray.
Now, put on some black tights and slippers (or TOMS work quite well too!)
As for the hair... Either dye your hair black and slick it back, or get a wig and style it for that slicked back look.
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