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Cheek prosthetics?

So, for Otakon this year, I'm working on being The Joker - and this sort of feminized mish-mash of Jack Nicholson's and the Animated Series (mostly because the plaid on Jack's pants is terrible to find, and printing custom gets expensive).

But I'm looking to Jack for inspirtation on the makeup.

Now, I have high cheek bones, but not particularly wide, and while rigid collodion is a good start I'm finding I'm still not overly happy with the effect yet.

As you can see, Jack's cheeks are pretty durn wide in this role.

And while my first attempt wasn't *bad*, I can tell I'm just not going to get the exaggerated cheeks and overall expression without some build-up in the area.

Last night I did an attempt at finding a prosthetic that I could attach and blend onto the apples of my cheeks and my cheekbones to add some width and some roundness/volume, but I'm just not finding anything that isn't attached to a nose or something.

Could anyone recommend some sort of putty or wax that I could use for individual applications, or a known existing prosthetic (I've already checked many of the monster effects sites to no avail)?

The makeup pictured is just Mehron clown makeup with rigid collodion to enhance the lines that already form when I smile, but I'm thinking I'll try PAX for the staying power, so anything I use would need to be compatible with being painted over to be made white with the rest of my face, ha ha.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. :3
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I think your attempt looks pretty good ! I think it's as good as you're going to get without creating your own latex prosthetic from scratch. You can do a LOT by just shading your face, too. I know it's harder to do when the over-all base is pretty much white, but you could use a sort-of blue for shade.

I think the thing about Jack's makeup is that they've moved the "apples" of his cheeks up higher and wider - this is him doing a huge smile without all that to note the difference : http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__...kNicholson.jpg .

There are multiple prosthetic pieces used in his particular makeup.

You could look into gels - I'm not sure how well they'd hold up in a high-movement area, maybe someone who's tried it can chime in - but they're direct application and re-useable if you're careful.

But depending on what you look like when you crack a HUGE smile, you might not need any of that. I mean, it's not really important that your cheeks be smiling when you're not - and I'd wonder how the collodion distorts things when you DO smile as big as you can ?

These guys :


Are just using their natural mouths, slightly over-drawn and using shading to enhance any expression. While not as over-the-top as Jack's, they'd be fine for the Animated Series look since although he's drawn with a giant mouth, it's just a mouth without makeup extending it.
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Well, the thing with the collodion is that it turns all of those high traffic areas on my face basically immobile - I couldn't smile very wide at all during that attempt because I'd let the collodion dry with my mouth relaxed. :P That was one reason I figured a prosthetic in the area wouldn't be hurt too much by movement, just because my facial movement is already going to be fairly hindered.

I'll have to try out a run where I let the collodion dry while I smile, though, just to see how that holds up and forms. Since I still have quite a while before the final run it's worth a shot. Plus, we'll see how makeup looks with my wig (which shoooould be shipping soon), ha ha.

I'd been looking at this set in case I do decide to order something as we get closer, though.

Not sure how well that would work, though, as all I really want is the cheeks, and trimming those things down is very much terrible.
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