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Competition Question

I have never competed in a competition before so I have no idea what is allowed or not. I've read through different cons' rules, but have found no definitive answer for my question.

The question: What are the exact rules/expectations for making the costume? As it stands, my fiance and her mother will be doing most if not all of the work on my costume and I want to show it off so can I enter the competition to do so? It seems that there is no rule explicitly against this, but I want to be sure. I'm fine showing it off otherwise, but in that regard I'm not really sure where to go or how to do so either, lol.

Can anyone help me out here? Thank you very much!
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I think with many cons, if you didn't make the costume yourself, you can enter as a walk-on. Entering the competition implies that you want judging done on your work, and if it's not yours then it wouldn't be appropriate to submit it for judging (unless your fiancée wants her work judged, then she'd be credited with making it... idk).
Fret not, though! A lot of cons with competitions also seem to have an option for just walking down the runway to show the costume off, so you could enter that. I hope this helped ^^
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Your best bet is to email the director of the specific masquerade you wish to be in. What you are talking about doing is modeling a costume someone else made. Generally, this is acceptable, but judges like to have the costume makers present, so that they can ask questions about the construction of the costume.

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Thank you for your help! I'll look in to doing that. I don't think I'll that they'll be able to be present for the competition though. It'll be at a con on the opposite side of the country (I'm in the military and am stationed far away). I guess the best I could do at that point is get all the details from them before going.

Again, thanks for the help!
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Some cons will allow you to enter in the presentation category, which is generally for bought and commissioned work, or for costumes made my somebody else, such as a friend or relative.
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If you didn't make it, you can usually enter as an out-of-competition if you just want to have a moment to look cool on stage, and many masquerades will allow for a stage presentation entry but no costume workmanship judging. If your fiance is also entering the masquerade it can be entered for workmanship judging, BUT the award goes to them, not you, as they're the one who made it. As a rule of thumb, if you made/assembled less than half of it at a lower level of competition, you can't enter it for workmanship judging.
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Hmm, all interesting points and it was kind of what I was thinking. The reasons I thought it might be okay were that if one person in a pair made both costumes, the award would be for the group and that what if a person really couldn't cosplay for some reason, but made excellent costumes. Should they not deserve an award for their work even if it is truly incredible? I understand the showcase perspective, but the point is to earn them (particularly her mom) an award for their work. Something to say 'hey, look at this awesome work I can do.' I don't categorize it as a commission or purchased costume, but rather a team effort where everyone participates in their own way. I wouldn't be the one keeping the award anyways (if I even won one, lol) because I would just pass it on to them. Any ideas about that perspective?

On a side note, I'm really happy to learn of the integrity of people here. I was half expecting some jokester (or not) to come posting 'You could just not tell them you didn't make it.' Just an interesting tidbit.
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While I am no expert on every conventions rules about entering a competition with a piece not made entirely by you here is the rule direct from the masquerade rules for Anime Boston,

"◦ALL COSTUMES MUST BE HOMEMADE. Costumes purchased or rented, or any costumes made by a professional designer or seamstress, are prohibited from craftsmanship judging. Please inform the Masquerade staff if only one person in the group made all of the costumes. That person (as long as he/she is a member of the group and not a professional seamstress or tailor) is still eligible for a Craftsmanship Award. Even if he/she happens to be a friend or relative who is NOT participating in the Masquerade, he/she is required to be at Craftsmanship judging in order to answer questions."

So that being said first check with the convention your interested in competing at because if they rule is the same as Anime Boston your fiancé and her mother would need to at least be at the craftsmanship judging to answer questions.

Not on your comment of someone claiming they made their costume and didn't actually make their costume. The judge at Anime Boston have a series of questions they ask about the process that went into making the costume including types of fabrics, stiches, prop materials, time frame ect...that is someone didn't actually make their costume would have a hard time answering the questions in a truly believable fashion. Which is why it is good practice to write a materials list and write some notes on how long it took for certain parts of the costume to be made as well as an overall total. Progress pictures aren't always required, but it is also good practice to take some just in case and besides what if you need to repair something, but can't remember how you put it together in the first place those progress pics will be worth their weight in gold. Also reference images are great to have on hand incase the character is a little more obscure.

And there is my $.02 ^-^

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Wow. I'll have to go with that then, lol. I'll send an email just to be sure, but it seems I'm going to have to wait a bit before I can enter a competition. That's okay though. Just glad to have a more definitive answer.

Thank you all for your help!
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