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"I stopped eating white things...anything refined from a box, or a can, or a bag."

"I stopped eating white things...anything refined from a box, or a can, or a bag."

That's a line that I heard from a very skinny, model-esque drag queen named Willam Belli during a radio interview after he was eliminated from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4.

Here is the video interview [Adult Language]

No one can deny that he has a bangin' body, either as a boy or a girl. But his statement confused me.

- If you don't eat anything white, is that the basic idea of anything that has a white form (bread, rice, milk, yogurt, etc.) or is it just the white variant of that item? Meaning whole grain wheat bread is okay, brown rice/wild rice/red rice, etc is okay?

- If you don't eat anything from a bag, can, or box, what do you eat? Where can you buy things that aren't in a convenience package of some type? Or is that a very exaggerated and definitive way to say that he eats only organic products that are made with fully natural ingredients sold at a natural foods grocer?

- If you don't eat anything refined, do you use any kind of sugar in anything? Is organic sugar okay? Are sugar replacements okay? (stevia, splenda, honey, agave nectar, etc.)

Other things I don't understand about diet

- Where do you get bread and baked goods that don't contain lots of sugar or refined items? From a local bakery?
- How do you eat out with friends? Only get a salad?
- How do you deal with the frustration of realizing how much NASTY, artificial ingredients are in 80% of the stuff that's on shelves

Can anyone give me some educated guidance on this? I'd love to have a bangin body and the exercise isn't really a problem because I know how to push myself. I just looooooove eating. Food is so goooooood....and I really like chocolate and soda.

Thanks everyone! I hope this turns into a good discussion!
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The idea behind the no "white" diet is the idea of cutting out all refinied and processed foods which do have GMOs and way too many additives; basically, he's eating clean.

Most food products that do have the white variant, such as white bread, are overly processed and highly unhealthy for you and your digestive system (here, I would consider researching what excessive processed gluten and additives can do, since that is a very long discussion otherwise.)

You can eat things that are obviously in containers. The idea is to start researching and reading all the labels of what you are actually buying. Most canned items are high in sodium and preservatives that actually go toward weight gain, even if it is a healthier selection such as navy beans. I had this misconception when I first started to try and lose weight and eat healthier. Read the label, most canned foods either have excessive sugars (which are the processed ones, such as fruit in high fructose corn syrup) or have the sodium amounts. Like most beans or vegetables in cans actually have an average serving size of 2-3.5 servings in one can and each servings size has usually at least 30% of the daily, standardized sodium amount. Be careful when reading cans and bags, etc. because the serving size often goes missed and after eating a whole can of fruit, veggies, etc. you could have maxed out one of your daily limitations already!

Organic sugar sources and organic sugar replacements are acceptable because they don't cause as much of a spike in blood sugar/glucose, but you do need to be aware of what non-organic sugar replacements may consist of: there are some pretty nasty chemicals in western foods now-a-days. I generally stick with stevia (or any other product that has been verified as organic and non-GMO.)

For your other questions,
1. There are many natural stores, but even stores like Wal-Mart generally carry more organic, natural products. I use a store called Nature's Pantry. Nothing passes that store outside of local, organic produce and every other product you could possibly imagined, so as long as its verified organic and non-GMO. As for bread, you can make your own with unbleached, unadditive flour and sweeten with honey and make light and fluffy with almond milk (I cook a lot of what I eat now.) You can also purchase bread made out of gluten-less flour, such as rice flour (although, I was not particular to the taste) or just purchase an organic bread meaning it was made from non altered wheat, etc.

2. Eating out with friends is tough. My family eats out a lot and it is still a constant struggle. Remind yourself of your goal, is the biggest motivator. Drink several glasses of water, avoid appetizers, look for more natural selections, not necessarily salads. Avoid the saturated fats! And eat slowly (hell, play with your food!) and make sure when you're about 80% full, that you stop and just drink more water.

3. I learn to look for the local, organic produce and food selections. True, it is more expensive, but my take on that is, is worth to have organ failure, cancer, etc. later in life because you simply did not want to eat better? Which is more expensive?

Food is great! Believe me! I'm American and food is my culture (as it is in almost all other cultures.) But if you love eating, then you should feel good about what you are eating. I love me some diet soda, but aspartame is not something I want to keep continually feeding my body, so I've been slowly switching over to zevia soda which is not all that bad. And organic chocolate is not really hard to find, but still, go lightly with sugar.

As recommendations, I would say try larabars (they are made out of dates, sea salt, and whatever other ingredient needed for flavor.) They are delicious and great for the digestive tract and keep you full. Well, good luck! If you have any specific questions, let me know. I was just trying to find a basis since there was so much in your post.
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panda0920 - Thank you very much for the information. Very useful.
Kohppa - Thank you for bringing this up.
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when i hear, "dont eat anything from a box, bag or can"

i think, make it your self, like dont buy a pasta dinner,
get egg, flour, tomatoes and some lean meat, and make your own

fake sugars, i tried to make koolaid with splenda, and its freaking nasty
it claims to be just as sweet as sugar with less, but its not,
spledna will NEVER taste like normal sugar
also fake sweetners like aspertame, breakdown into chemicals like formaldehyde

honey is one of those "disputed, superfoods" i think it brakes down to,
it is good for you, but its really easy to have too much

its the same thing as the "fat free muffin" and "bites" ordeal,
the fat free version leaves you less satisfied, bites make you think you ate less, making you actually eat more,

eat the real thing, enjoy it, and keep it to a minimum, use it as your "reward" for keeping on
a healthier diet
honey nut cherios are healthier in the end, if your going to put 3 tbsp of sugar on the regular cherios anyway

as for "white" foods, panda covered that well

bread is the esiest thing to make...if you like biscuts, its just flour and egg, maybe a little milk, just like dumplins, just fry them instead of boiling

i never liked eating out, especially as its my luck that my food is ALWAYS brought to me rare
even after i tell them to make a note letting the chef know to burn it dead
that and i eat the same foods cheaper at home,

if i eat out, i go for places like stevie b's (pizza buffet) eating out is rarely going to mesh well
with your diet, so use it as your "eat what you want" meal

the problem most people have in terms of thier diet, is simply that they have no clues
as to what thier taking in at all, calorie, nutrient, fiber, anything
some people falsely compensate with daily multi-vitamins, but that dont change the fact your diet sucks

calorie count is important, but knowing how much fiber, iron, salt and citric acid
are in your diet is just as or more important
know what you eat, know what you need, it makes things easier
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